Monday, February 27, 2012

Emma Mills Finished!

Emma Mills 1839
The Scarlett House "Emma Mills 1839"
Fabric: 40 ct. Vintage Navy Bean
Threads: GAST and WDW (1 over 2)
Started: 2/16/2012 - Finished: 2/26/2012

I made one change in the threads - I used GAST Mountain Mist instead of CC St. Bernard. My St. Bernard was very close to my GAST Dried Thyme, so I thought I'd use something a little lighter. I had so much fun stitching this sweet little sampler.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Little Break from Ann

I started this very sweet sampler last week...

Emma Mills by The Scarlett House
40 ct. Vintage Navy Bean, GAST and WDW (1 over 2)

It's "Emma Mills 1839" by The Scarlett House. Faye started her too. Great minds think alike! :)

Here's where I left off on Ann...

Ann Grant

I got all of the border finished (inside and out) and started working on the inside again. As soon as I get Emma finished I plan to get back to her.

I also ran up to my sort of LNS today and got some threads. I think I've finally decided to use the original called for threads for Christmas Garden...

Christmas Garden

Katrina and Lois have inspired me with their beautiful samplers so much! The linen I've decided on is 40 ct. Vintage Lt. Examplar. Now, I can't wait to get started... Ann may have to wait a little longer. :)

ETA: Faye has now finished Emma Mills! It looks amazing!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

More Ann Grant

I'm still working on Ann. Every time I start to feel a little bored, I pull up Margaret's beautiful framed finish (scroll down) for inspiration.


That tree took forever and I'm so glad to be past it! I'm a little over a third done. I'm really going to try to stick with it. We'll see how long it will last - I'm already feeling the urge to move on.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Ann Grant Progress

Ann Grant
Ann Grant, a photo by Nicole's Needlework on Flickr.

I decided to get Ann Grant back out after finishing up Sarah E. Brooke. I'm really loving it!

Via Flickr:
Progress as of 2/2/12

40 ct. Summer Khaki (over-dyed with tan rit dye), AVAS and various hand-dyed silk threads (1 over 2).