Monday, April 26, 2004

I finished another scissor keeper! I like the way this one turned out much better (and there's no hair in the scan)! It's Spring Keeper by Drawn Thread...

Drawn Thread Spring Keeper

Yeah, now I can say I've finished two Drawn Threads, LOL!

UGH, I'm so sick though!! I hope it goes away Friday in time for my trip! I just got over a cold and caught another one right on top of that one. No fun, at all! Well, I'd better go, kids are acting crazy!!!
Stitcher's Five
Stitcher's Five for the week of April 26th, 2004
Kitting up
1. Which do you prefer, Kits or Charts?
I prefer Kits.
2. Why?
Well, if the mood strikes that I'd like to start project it's always nice to have it all ready for me. I especially like it if the pattern calls for unusual or hard-to-get items.
3. How do you organise your materials before you stitch?
If I'm kitting the project myself, I put my floss in baggies on a ring. If it's already kitted, I will put the thread on a floss palette. I have a plastic butterfly that I like a lot, it doesn't wear down the floss like the cardboard ones can.
4. Do you do anything to the sides of your fabric before starting?
Sometimes I will zig zag the edges on my sewing machine, but I usually don't do anything with them.
5. What do you do with the leftovers when your done?
If it's silk or hand-dyed thread I'll put them in floss baggies with my other specialty threads. If it's DMC I'll either throw it away, if it's not much, or keep it with the chart.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Well, now I can say I finished a Drawn Thread! I stitched one of the little freebie scissor keepers today. It's Bee Keeper...

Drawn Thread Bee Keeper

Just ignore my hair in the scan, I shed worse than a dog! LOL!

I also got some more done on my Marriage of Minds Sampler. Well, not much else going on here. I gotta start getting ready for work soon. Fun, fun!! :)

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Only 8 more days!!
I'm so excited about going to California, I just can't wait now!! I was excited, and then nervous (about flying), and now I'm excited again! It's going to be so much fun!!

I finished Baby Bug Ball last night. I think it turned out pretty cute. It's a little busy, but still cute I think. :)

Shepherd's Bush Baby Bug Ball

Well, now I'm just back to my Marriage Sampler. Can't wait to get that one finished!! :)

Monday, April 19, 2004

Playing catch up with the stitcher's five...

Stitcher's Five for the week of April 12th, 2004
Favourite Themes:
1. What is your favourite theme to stitch (i.e. primitive, fantasy, samplers, etc)
Samplers, Primitive, Shepherd's Bush (pudgie's and sheep) :)
2. Has this always been your favourite theme (i.e as your tastes change)?
No, not always. I went through a big Lavender and Lace/Mirabilia phase.
3. How many WIPs/UFOS do you have currently in this theme?
I have 3 WIPs in this theme (I think I have around 8 L&L and Mirabilia UFOs).
4. And how many finished?
In my picturetrail album I have about 90!! I didn't realize I had that many finished!!
5. Name three favourite designs in your overall favourite theme.
SB's Queen Bee Sampler, Dresser Drawer Hearts, and my current WIP Baby Bug Ball.

Stitcher's Five for the week of April 19th, 2004
Specialty stitches:
1. Do you like to use specialty stitches when you stitch?

Yes, sometimes and sometimes I prefer just plain stitching!
2. Can you do a perfect french knot?
I don't know about perfect, but I can do one! :)
3. What is your favourite stitch?
Hmmm... Long arm cross and satin.
4. Are you currently working on any projects with specialty stitches and if so which ones?
Currently I'm working on The Marriage of Minds by Drawn Thread and it has many different specialty stitches like Rose, Leviathan, Ray, Satin and Florentine.
5. Name a specialty stitch you would most love to learn how to do.
Colonial knot, I learned a long time ago, but forgot. I'd love to learn how to do it again!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

I finished Egg by Shepherd's Bush! :) I started this one after I finished bulb. I started this one on Easter (4/11) and finished on 4/12.

Shepherd's Bush "Egg"

I left the word "egg" off and the bird button. I wanted a more simple look. I also started a new Shepherd's Bush, Baby Bug Ball. I fell in love with this right after it came out last year and I finally got around to stitching it. It's coming along really nice.

Well, dh went back to work again today. He's made through a whole day almost, so that's good! :) I did have to go down there on his lunch and give him a shot. I'm hoping he just has one more tonight and that's it!! He's goes to the Coumadin clinic tomorrow to find out if his blood is thin enough. Hopefully for him it is! I go back to work on Saturday. I'm so glad I work at a place where I can take off when I went. I'm very thankful for that! Well, that's all for now!! Write later! :)

Sunday, April 11, 2004

I finished Bulb! :) I stayed up until 1 am stitching and got it finished! I think it turned out pretty cute!


Well, Jake is crying so I'd better go!! Write more soon!

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Well so far I've given dh 6 shots of the Lovenox. Let me tell ya, it's not fun being the bad guy! I just hate hurting him, but I know it's to make him better. Still, it's no fun at all! Still working a little bit on Bulb, I'm working on the big B now. Not getting very far though. Oh well! We went to the coumadin clinic yesterday and dh's blood is not thin enough yet, so more shots and higher doses of the coumadin. They said he'll probably be on it for at least 3-6 months. He has to go back to the clinic on Tuesday.

Well, not much else going on, just taking care of dh and the kids! :) Hopefully I can get some stitching done tonight! We'll see....

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Well, we been having a ton of fun lately! Dh went to the Dr. Tuesday and the clot had started to spread up, so they put him in the hospital to start him on blood thinners. They had to start him on injections of Lovenox, and he was mainly in there to learn how to do it himself when he got home. I'm actually the one doing it for him. He hates needles!! So I'm taking off work again to help him out. I feel guilty because working in a grocery store this is our busy time right before Easter, but right now dh comes first!! The doctor said he's free to resume regular activity. He was on complete bedrest with bathroom privilages while he was in the hospital. So he goes to another doctor on Monday and he goes to a Coumadin clinic to get his blood tested tomorrow and they'll see if they need to adjust the dosage and see how much longer he'll have to do the injections. Poor baby, I just feel so bad for him!

But I'm also grateful it's not worse. There was an older man next to him in the hospital room who was a lot worse off. I felt so bad for him. Hopefully we won't have to go into another hospital for a long time. It's just way too depressing! I did get some stitching done while I was sitting there with dh. I've been working on Shepherd's Bush Monthly Musing Bulb. I've got U and L done so far. I'll post a pic soon! :) Well, that's all for now!! Jake is yelling "Mama" from his crib! :)

Thursday, April 01, 2004

A small finish...

I started it yesterday while waiting for dh at the doctor. The clot has not spread thankfully. He goes back next Tuesday and they're going to check it again. He's so bored sitting at home and is just ready to get back to work! He's mad that the people he works with are taking all of his cases. I told him there will always be more cases. Poor thing!! Hopefully they'll give him the ok to go back sometime next week.

Bradley got accepted into Pre-K! We got the letter today. It feels so strange to think my baby is going off to school in just four short months!!! Now I know why a lot of people home school... it's hard to let them go!!!