Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Here is a slideshow of my stitching accomplishments for 2009.  My goal for 2010 is to get more things framed!!

I hope you all have a very happy and safe New Year's Eve!  And a very Happy New Year too!! :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Home from Florida!

Hi Everyone!  I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas.  We sure did!  We went down to Florida last Saturday (12/19) and just got back on Sunday.  Before we left my dh brought in a box and told me it was a microwave for his parents.  I thought it was a little strange because I know they have a microwave, but didn't really think too much of it.  We let the boys open their presents early (Nintendo DSIs) for the trip.  After that my dh asks if I'd like to open my present.  I was very confused - I told him not to get me anything!  He then says the big box is really for me.  I was so shocked!  I was even more shocked when I opened it and found just what I'd been hoping for, but never in a million years thought I would actually get.

Vera Bradley mini laptop case
Vera Bradley Mini Laptop Case

Computer in case
Acer Netbook

New Computer

I'm loving it!  It was perfect for our trip.  I also got spoiled by my parents and in-laws.  My dad got me a Jo-Ann's gift card, which is already gone.  I got some pewter Gingher scissors, a battery operated travel Ott-Lite, two of these French General Journal Sets (one for me and one for my mom) and couple other things like needles and threaders.  

I got just a tiny bit of stitching done.  I haven't stitched since last Sunday (12/19), so I'm really going through withdrawals.  I got block #7 finished on CaHRH, so I'm halfway done with it now!

CaHRH block 7 finished!

CaHRH 1/2 done!

I also had a package waiting for me when I got home.  The last ornament from the exchange I was in.  This one is from Chris.  It's so pretty!  Thank you again Chris! :)

Ornament made by Chris

Well, now I have to decide what I want to stitch.  I'm thinking of working on block #6 on CaHRH or maybe getting back to Paradise Lost.  It doesn't really matter - I just need to get stitching!! :)  Write soon!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gifts from Friends!

I received another wonderful ornament in the mail recently. This one was from Karen (AZ). She stitched it over one on hand-dyed linen! It's just beautiful! And finished beautifully too!


She also included a couple of goodies! There was a chocolate bar, but the kids ate it before I could take a picture. Thank you Karen! I love everything!


I went to Amy's yesterday for a little Christmas get together. We exchanged gifts and also an ornament.

Amy gave us all one of these cute gift card holders that she made into a needle and scissor holder. I just love it! I added the scissors and threader.



There were also candy canes with this, but once again my kids ate them before I could take a picture! :)

For our gift exchange I got Amy. You can see what I gave her on her blog. Myra (no blog) got my name and she got me a Brenda Keyes chart "The Contented Mind" and this very nice lantern. I just love it!


Karen (SC) got my ornament and I got hers.  She stitched a design from the new Blackbird Designs book.


Here it is on the tree...


I just love it Karen!  Amy was originally going to get this ornament, but at t he last minute Amy told Karen to let me chose between the two she had.  Well, I just couldn't resist this one.  I felt so bad after the fact though, so I have promised Amy that I will make her one!! :) Karen also made these sweet little fobs for everyone.  She is so talented!


I have been stitching a little bit.  I have been working on block seven of CaHRH and I also started something new - Prairie Schoolers Christmas Alphabet (pictures are in my flickr album).  I'm loving it, but I had to put it aside for a little bit because I started working on a model for Lisa, designer of The Primitive Needle.  I'm determined to get it finished before we go to Florida again next Saturday.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Gifts from Shelleen and Ruth!

I received two great packages from Shelleen and Ruth recently.   The first is Shelleen's.  She stitched an adorable penguin ornament for me....

Ornament from Shelleen

And here are the goodies she added to the package....

Ornament and goodies from Shelleen

Ruth stitched two ornaments for me!  They are both so sweet!



The pink flamingos were a joke within our exchange groupChris said that she would like anything, but pink flamingos for her ornament.  Of course she got pink flamingos! :)

Here are the extras Ruth included....


Thank you to both Ruth and Shelleen for your great packages!  I will cherish the ornaments always! :)

Friday, December 04, 2009

CaHRH Block Eight Finished!

I was determined to get this block finished yesterday.  I was so determined I stitched until I poked a hole in my finger.  I hate it when that happens!  And it's not the normal poke in my finger from the point of the needle.  That finger has callused so much that it's no big deal when that happens.  It's when the back of the needle pokes into the side of my finger, which is not callused.  I have a bandaid on it now, but it still hurts when I stitch.  Maybe it's a sign that I just need to spend today cleaning instead of stitching! :)  Especially since my in-laws may be dropping by sometime this weekend on their way back from New York.  

Anyway, here is my pic of a completed Block Eight...


And here is the whole thing...


I did make a few changes - I made the eyes and backstitch on the face dark brown and I made the lady's hair a little darker.  Other than that it's all as charted.  Well, I guess I'd better get cleaning!  Write soon! :)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

CaHRH Block Eight Progress

I've been stitching away on block eight of Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow when I realize I'm using the wrong green for the lady's dress!  


The correct green is on the right, the wrong green on the left.  You can see how much I've already done in her skirt and sleeve.  The problem is the symbols for the greens are so similar.  There is a white "8" in the lighter green, but it's not showing up on the chart.  It's just showing up as a white dot.  So it looks like I'll be spending some time frogging today.

Here is a picture of the whole thing so far...

CaHRH as of 12/2/09

Write soon! :)

Edited to add: I took out the dark green and put the lighter green in. I was going to leave it, but then my anal, picky side took over and I had to take it out! :)

My Tree

I put up my tree up yesterday.  The kids were so happy when they got home from school.  I didn't put one up last year because we were going down to Florida for Christmas.  Well, we are going again this year, but I decided to do it anyway because Bradley was so disappointed last year. 


I have been stitching on block eight of CaHRH.  I'll probably take a picture later today.  I finished the man caroler and now I'm working on the lady.  Write soon! :)