Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I could never resist truffles....

0294 Chocolate Truffle

Elann just came out with it's Chunky version of the Peruvian Highland wool. And at $2.25 a skein I just couldn't resist. I bought enough to make Banff from the Winter 03 knitty. I really would've loved to get every color! They are all so pretty!! I've been getting so much pink and purple lately that I thought I'd better go with a more neutral color. I'm still trying to decide on my Ribby Cardi. I heard they are going to release more colors in January and if they have more Raspberry I'm just going to do a solid cardi in that color. And then I will definitely be on a yarn diet!!!!

I ended up frogging my Karlsro sleeve. I thought I was doing it wrong... turns out I was do it right. And then each time I started I kept messing up! Argh... so I thought I'd better work on something simpler... like buying more yarn!

I talked to my friend from Burma today. She said there are like 8,000 missing in her country. I hope all her family and friends are safe. Her mother was worried about her sister that lives in Japan, but she is fine. It just goes to show how vulnerable we really are and how we really do need to live each day to the fullest. Going to hug my kids and hubby now!


I decided to start Karlsro (not Karlsboro, as the Knitting Garden has it) from the 1st Noro Cornelia Hamilton Collection. I had originally started the Raglan Sweater w/cable detail from the 1st Debbie Bliss Noro book, but I just wasn't happy with how it was looking. So I ripped it out and started the other. Here's my progress so far...


I need to get some addi circulars though. The needles I'm using are driving me crazy. So I'm off to the yarn shop today to find some!

I also want to mention how terrible I feel for those affected by the tsunami's in the Indian Ocean. I just couldn't even imagine what they must be going through right now. I have friends from Burma and Laos, so I know they must be worried about their family and friends in the area. My thoughts and prayers are with all of them.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

I have the best husband in the world!! Here's what I got for Christmas....

Nifty Swift


Ball Winder

I love it!! I wound 5 balls in no time! It's been a great Christmas so far! :)

edited to add some of the yarn I wound... Koigu KPPPM, Cherry Tree Hill Supersock and Cascade 220...

wound yarn

Thursday, December 23, 2004

I have been knitting somewhat. I have actually been in knitting limbo. I want to knit something, but just not sure what I want to knit. I worked a little bit on Gloria....

Gloria as of 12/23

I worked a little bit on my Clapotis....

Clapotis as of 12/23

Here's a close up of my two little drops....

Clapotis up close

Well, I got some yarn. Even though I had decided I wasn't going to buy any for awhile I couldn't pass this up. I got Black for Mariah and Blue for Chicknit's Eyelet Cardi. Can't wait! :)

Well, as I was writing this my darling sons were fighting over scissors and I ended up taking my two year old to the hospital for 5 stitches. What a fun night! Thankfully he's a trooper and did great, screamed quite a bit, but got over it in a hurry. He's sleeping peacefully right now. My poor baby, you just don't realize how much you really love them and how much you'd do for them until they get hurt. Hopefully he heals fast! Write more soon....

Monday, December 13, 2004

I know I haven't Blogged in awhile, but I have been knitting. I decided to put away my Ribby Cardi for awhile until I decide what color I want to do for the sleeves. I'm not happy with the Claret either. :( I wish I would've gotten enough Raspberry to do the whole sweater. Anyone out there have 3 skiens of Raspberry?? :)

I started Clapotis from the Fall 2004 issue of Knitty. I kept seeing so many gorgeous ones around the internet and I had all of this pretty Koigu just sitting around...

Here's my progress so far....

Clapotis as of 12/13

Here's a close up of the colors....

Clapotis close-up

I'm using Koigu KPPPM in 436 with 2 strands held together. I can't wait to start dropping stitches!

I also started Gloria. The pink (DB Cashmerino Aran #602) I got in the mail was not exactly the color I thought it was, but I'm still liking it. I'm having a lot of trouble picking out colors on the internet lately, (I need a good yarn shop close by)! Here's my progress on Gloria's Left Front...

Gloria with Flash

Well, not much else. Still sick.. it's all in my chest now. Fun! I'm guessing we got the flu because if it had been just a cold I think it would've been gone by now. Kids are asleep, half the house is clean, I'm going to KNIT!! :)

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Here's the purples...

Purple yarn

and the Reds...

Raspberry and Claret

Sorry about the flash glare! :) Well, now I can finish the right front of my Ribby Cardi.

right front RC

Still trying to get over this cold. I almost went to the Dr. yesterday, but I figured it's just a bad cold and it's got to run it's course. Thankfully Jake is feeling better too. But unfortunately since I babied him so much while we were sick he is refusing to go in his crib. This is how my 4 year old stopped wanting to sleep in his bed. I'm just way too soft-hearted because I usually give in. But then I think they won't want to sleep with me forever right? :) Well, off to knit some! :)

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Butterfly is finished! But it really needs to be blocked. I haven't blocked anything yet, so I'm deciding how I'm going to do it. Wet it completely? Spray it? Hmm... I'll think I'll decide later (do I sound like Scarlett?). We have all been sick here. I mean I have been so sick! It's just a cold, but it's a BAD cold. Hopefully it goes away very soon! Anyway here's my Butterfly....

Butterfly Finished

I tried it on and it fits pretty well, sleeves are a little long, but managable. I'll get a picture of me in it when I don't look and feel like someone has ran over me (and the sweater) with a truck. :)

Monday, November 29, 2004

I finished the back of my Ribby Cardi!

Ribby Cardi as of 11/28

Sorry this picture is so bright. My camera can't take a normal picture it seems! Well, I'm getting ready to start one of the fronts. Write more later!

P.S. does anyone want to watch my kids for a couple hours???

Saturday, November 27, 2004

I started my Ribby Cardi yesterday. It is knitting up really fast. I'm loving it so far!

Ribby Cardi started 11/26

I'm doing the body in the Raspberry and I'm going to do the sleeves in the Claret when I get it. Well, no news really, Jake's diaper is smelling a little ripe, so I'd better go! :)

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Well, I have a confession to make... I'm just not happy with my color combos for the Ribby Cardi. I tried, I really tried to like them. Tried to take happy pictures of them, but it just didn't work. So, I'm going to try again... (I know I said I was on a yarn diet... I'm going to be selling some stuff on ebay, really!). Here are my new color combos... and I think I'm definitely going to be happy, and if not, well, I guess I'll be selling some more yarn on ebay! :)

Dusky Purple Wisteria
Dusky Purple and Wisteria
(I actually stole this combo from a blogger, and unfortunately I can't remember who. When I find them, I'll give them credit). I just love the purples together!
I found her! It's Donna from Random Knits. Thanks Donna!!

Claret y5221722
Claret and Raspberry

Now hopefully my picky self can get over it already!! Well, we had a nice thanksgiving. DH and I and the kids went to my mom's and had a yummy dinner, which I'm still full from!

Here's a picture of my mom and the boys
Now that's something to be thankful for!! :)
Woo Hoo!! 2nd Butterfly sleeve is done! I put all the pieces by each other and this is how it looks...

Butterfly before seaming and collar 11/25

Now I've got to do the collar...wish me luck!! :) I'm really excited though... especially now that I can see how it's going to look. I know I'm going to LOVE this sweater once it's done!

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

My yarn from Elann came today!! :)
Antique Rose and Raspberry
Antique Rose & Raspberry
They're actually pretty close in color, but I still think it would be cute once it's knit up.

Eggplant and Dried Herb

Eggplant and Dried Herb. Dried herb is not very bright, but the more I look at them together the more it grows on me.

Here's a picture of them togther... don't they look happy? I know I'm insane!!

All the Colors together

I decided to use that Noro Silk Garden I got for the enterlac scarf to do Gloria. I tried the scarf and decided that I needed a lot more practice on yarn that's not so expensive!! I also found some pretty inexpensive Cashmerino Aran on ebay to go with it. Here's what my color combos will look like...


I think it will look pretty... I hope it will look pretty. Ok, so now I'm definitely on a yarn diet!!! This is it for me for awhile. I've got plenty to keep me busy! Well, it's getting late I promised dh a good breakfast tomorrow morning and then we eat Turkey around 2 pm! Yum! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Here's my progress on my Shawl Collared Sweater. It's coming along much better this time (20th times a charm). :)

SCS as of 11/22

And I started a scarf for my step-mother...

Scarf started 11/22

It's the Irish Hiking Scarf. I'm just using Blue Wool-Ease. I'm thinking of making another Coronet in the blue to match. Hopefully she likes it!!

Well, we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. Bradley is learning all about it in school, so we have to do it up right! :) I'm making the sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and the pumpkin pie and my mom is making the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. Yum! I can't wait!! I told Bradley we'd put up our tree after dinner, so he is all excited. Having kids has definitely made me more excited about the holidays, especially now that they know more about them. Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow and Friday. Sometimes I wish I didn't work in retail!!! One day..... :)

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Autumn Leaves....

Autumn Leaves from Backyard Tree from neighbors yard

These were taken from my backyard and my neighbors yard. We have reached our peak here in Georgia. Every year I'm just in awe of the colors! :)

My mom got me my Christmas present early yesterday. We went (without kids) to Barnes and Noble and she got me Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It has a lot of cute, fast and easy projects. I started the Airy Scarf yesterday. Here's a pic...

Airy Scarf

I'm using Madil Kid Seta that I got at Yarn Garden in Dallas (now located in Acworth). It was hard at first to knit with such tiny yarn, but now I'm starting to get used to it. I think it's going to be a pretty scarf. Well, not much else. Have to get ready for work soon. Fun, fun!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Autumn Sunset...

Sunset 11/17

Autumn is definitely my favorite time of year (hence the blog name). I just had to capture this sunset from my back yard the other day, so pretty!!

Well, I should definitely be sent to an insane asylum. I started that stupid sweater AGAIN! I messed up twice on the cabling and it was just driving me crazy. I think this is like the 10th time I've restarted it or ripped back, and it's definitely the last. If I can't get it right this time I'm selling the pattern and yarn on eBay!!!!

Well, not much else. I did start my 2nd sleeve of Butterfly today. I really love this project, I will be sad when it ends!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I finished my first Butterfly sleeve!

Butterfly - Sleeve one

Sorry this picture is very blurry! I took it no flash, so I could get the colors right. Well, I finished that sleeve, and still working on SCS, although I had two mini boo boos. This sweater is so mean to me! LOL! :) Hopefully they won't show once I get a little more done. Well, not much else. Can't wait to get my order from Elann!! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Look what my mom made me! :)

Bag my mom made

Here's a close up of the lining...

close up of bag

It's the Lined Bag from Debbie Bliss's Simple Living book. She did mine with Lion Cotton. Thanks MOM!! :)

Monday, November 15, 2004

Are you sick of this sweater yet? :)

Shawl Collared Sweater again - as of 11/14

I'm finally back on track... can you see my boo boo? If you do, don't worry, I'm leaving it, I'm embracing it! LOL! :)

Here's a close up of the cables....

close up of sweater


I got a couple things in the mail today from Yarnela.

New Stash!  Debbie Bliss Noro 2 and Silk Garden

It's Debbie Bliss's Noro 2 and 4 skiens of Silk Garden in #86 to do the Entrelac Scarf in the Donna Kooler Encyclopedia of knitting book. Can't wait to learn this technique!

I also have some stash I got last week that I didn't take pictures of until today.

I got two Jane Ellison Books...

Jane Ellison Books
Laines Du Nord and Queensland Collection

Here's the sweater I plan on doing out of the Laines Du Nord Book...

Sweater and yarn

The yarn is Laines Du Nord Guinco in color number #543 (dark royal purple). I just love the sweater! Well, I think that's it for now!!

P.S. Got the yarn for my Ribby Cardi, I got the pinks and the green and purple. I'm thinking of making one for my sister-in-law. :)

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Should I jump?

Should I jump on the Ribby Cardi band wagon?? Can I resist? It's such an inexpensive project and so cute, that I just don't think I can resist!

Here's some colors of Elann's Peruvian Wool that I'm thinking of...

Antique Rose and Raspberry

Starlight Blue and Malt Heather

Dried Herb and Eggplant

There are so many combinations I could choose, How do I decide? If anyone is reading this, please comment on which colors you like! Thanks!! :)

Friday, November 12, 2004

I undid the Shawl Collared Sweater. I must be too much of a perfectionist and that is something I need to work on within myself. I need to read knitting without tears again. She says if we want it to be perfect we should just buy one off the shelf. But I haven't gotten to the point yet where I can embrace my mistakes and let them be. To be totally honest this is the sweater I wanted to do and I think it would be more on my level. So I am now thinking of using my yarn for this sweater. I'm still trying to decide. But I figure there's no point in making myself miserable. Last I checked knitting was supposed to be fun! :)

edited to add: after I calmed down a little I decided to restart that stupid sweater. And of course I had a mistake, but I'm leaving it!! I'm not going to worry about it! By the way, it's the back! Who's going to be looking at the back? :)

I keep messing this sweater up. Maybe I wasn't meant to knit this sweater right now?? I had to take it down a few rows again...

SCS - 11/11

I put it away for awhile and worked on my socks a little bit...


Woo! How exciting! :) I am anxious though to get to the heel of the sock, which I haven't done yet. I also started the first sleeve for Butterfly...

1st Butterfly Sleeve

My mom had Jake spend the night with her, so I was able to clean a little and knit a little. It was very relaxing! I need to finish cleaning, so that's all for now!!