Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Yeah! I finished one Klaralund sleeve!!

And I started the 2nd one tonight. I've been watching the Atlanta Braves double header against the Mets. They lost the first one. :( Hope they win the 2nd. Just in case your wondering I'm a HUGE Braves fan. :) I got playoff tickets for home games 1 and 3. I really hope they can make it to the NLCS this year! Go Braves! :)

Well, in other news... I've caught a cold, so I'm OD'd on Tylenol Cold. I hate being sick!! It's no fun! And I found out I have to work 34 hours next week! Yikes! It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't already have a full-time job at home with a 2 and 4 year old! Oh well, it's just one week. I'm making the schedule next week, so I'll be sure to give myself less hours along with a note to my manager that I can only handle about 20-24 hrs/week. And I'll leave out the fact that my knitting will suffer if she gives me more than that! LOL! :)

Write more later...

Saturday, September 25, 2004

I'm a copy cat! I had been looking for a good knitting bag, but just hadn't found one yet.... until I saw this post by Annie on her blog "The Knitty Gritty." So I went to my local Vera Bradley retailer, which happens to be right near Cast on Cottage. And found the Toggle Tote in Classic Black. It's not as big as the one Annie got, but I thought it was the perfect size for me. And since I'm such a copy cat I took pictures just like she did! :)



That's all for now! I finished the 2nd side of my Klaralund and now I'm working on the 1st sleeve. Well, write more later! :)

Friday, September 24, 2004

Yeah!!! I feel like I'm truely a knitter now! I've finished my first sweater! I seamed up my raglan tonight! Here's a headless pic of me modeling the sweater (I had a funny look on my face, I think it was from sucking it in so much, LOL!).

And here's a front view... a little better expression. :)

Yippee! Now on to finish my 2nd side of Klaralund, just a few more inches to go! :)

Ok, Someone in Atlanta beat me to the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk! I went to Strings and Strands yesterday to get the the Coral to do Lara, and they only had 3 left. :( She said someone was there on Saturday and bought 14, just what I needed! They had the dark blue, light blue, black, green, etc... but no colors I was really interested in. So I bought the book and then got out to the car and remembered I could also use the Cashmerino Aran. I went back in and saw this one...

The color is wine and I thought it was very pretty! So I got 10 more to go with it...

Hopefully it will look pretty when knitted up, I think it will! :) I also got the Rowan Magazine #36 I love these designs....




Notice they're all purple, why do I like purple so much?? Oh, and I got some sock yarn... can't forget that sock yarn! LOL!

I did get a little bit of knitting done on Klaralund yesterday after I came back from taking bradley to the hospital last night. He had an ear ache and I was planning on just waiting and taking him to the doctor in the morning, but he just kept crying and I can't stand to see my baby in pain. So I took him in and they gave him some drops. He's doing much better today! Anyway, here's a pic, I'm almost done with the 2nd side...

And that's it!! I'm going to get some yarn today at String of Purls so I can seam up my raglan. and maybe some number 7 addis, if they have em stock. Well, that's all for now! This has probably been my longest post ever!!! :) Write more later!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I've been working pretty steadily on my Klaralund....

The colors aren't exact, but they're pretty close. I wasn't sure if I like the turquoise stripe in the middle at first, but now I think it's growing on me.

For some reason my kids seam (lol, thought I'd leave that typo) to be doing everything they can to get into to trouble today... Bradley colored on my new rug with crayons, jake took off a poopy diaper and had it everywhere. They are just trying me tonight! :) I've amazingly stayed pretty calm though. Bradley is now in bed, hopefully for the night and Jake is fighting it. I know he's tired, but he just won't give up!! Well, not much else. I'm pretty tired myself, I worked 8 hours without a break today... not fun! Oh well, just one more day and I'm off for 3 days! Yeah!! Write more later!

Monday, September 20, 2004

I finished the knitting on my raglan the other day. Now comes the hard part... trying to figure out how to put it together!! Sally Melville is going to be on Knitty Gritty on the 24th, maybe she can give me some pointers. The title of the show is "Don't Sweat the Sweater." I've definitely been sweating it! :) Here's a pic of the pieces side-by-side...

My Noro Silk Garden came today! Color #37, very pretty purples! And my Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton - Noro Book 2 came, so I can join the Klaralund-Along.

And I've already started! This picture is pretty dark, but I think you get the idea! :)

Well, not much else! My darling 4 year old is wanting me to make muffins for dinner. He's not spoiled, really! LOL! :)

P.S. I called Strings and Strands today... they have the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in. Can I resist?? :)

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Tropical storms are not fun! We've had a ton of wind and a ton of rain! I'm ready for Ivan to head on out! I think he's on his way, I hope he's on his way! I was at my mom's earlier and went home in between bands... I should've just stayed with my mom, she's much more sympathetic than my dh. Who just falls asleep during it all! I did get a little knitting done... I'm about 1/2 through my 2nd sleeve.

I'm on my last ball of yarn and hoping I don't run out!! My mother-in-law just sent pics of her back yard... it looks like it's falling into her canal. That's not good! I'm sure they will be glad when Hurricane season is over (they live near the Gulf).

Here's someone else that can sleep through a storm! I wish I was that lucky! LOL! :)

Well, not much else! Hoping I can get more of my last sleeve done tonight! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I've recently discovered Bloglines thanks to Kerstin of At My Knits End. It's such a great idea! It definitely saves time when I'm trying to catch up on all the blogs I read! Here's a handy dandy button to sign up...

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I've been working on my 2nd sleeve. And waiting for my Noro Silk Garden to show up.... :( Hopefully it comes soon! I'm so anxious!! There are a couple other projects I would love to start... I think I may have to sell some more stuff on ebay!!

The two projects are Butterfly or Eloise by Jane Ellison for Noro (click here to see these), and Lara by Debbie Bliss using the silk Alpaca. I put the button on my blog (look right) as hopeful thinking! Wendy has started her Lara early... it's so pretty already! I just noticed a button for a Butterfly along at Rose-Kim Knits. Oh hurry up Birthday, wait no, don't hurry, I'll be 30! AAckk! Oh well, I can take comfort in my knitting. LOL! :)

Monday, September 13, 2004

I finished my sleeve!! :) I'm so excited, it's really coming together! Just one more sleeve to go and then I get to sew it up!

Here's my sleeve...

And here's the sleeve next to the body...

Well, that's all! Just had to share! :)
I got a chance to check out String of Purls in Marietta today. It was a pretty cute shop. They had a lot of Berroco, Crystal Palace, Thaki, and others. Here's what I got...

I got 4 skeins of Berroco cotton twist to knit the "Not-Knit-Round Scarf." And I also got a pretty shawl pattern, along with some #8 addis. They have knit-in's every Thursday (except this week), so I think I might bring my scarf project to the next. I'm nervous about knitting in front of others though. Silly, I know, but I am! I'll just have to get over it! :)I'm almost done with my first sleeve for my raglan. It's taking much longer than I thought it would. I'm really worried I'm going to run out of yarn! I hope not!!! :) Write more later!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Here's a pic of 1/2 of my first raglan sleeve...

It took me a few tries to get it right. My brain wasn't fuctioning and I couldn't figure out how to do the increases in the 2x2 rib. I finally asked someone on the knitty BB and they told me it's ok to have 3 or 4 knits at the beginning that the 2 knits on the end were the selvage edge and to basically ignore them. It all made sense after that!! So now I'm almost done with the increasing. I just ran out of yarn, so I thought it would be a good stopping point to take a picture.

I'm finally starting to feel better. I took so much medication yesterday that I felt so spacey at work. I made a few mistakes at the end and it delayed us by about 20 min getting out. Thankfully I'm not counting cash today and I should get out on time! Should being the key word there! :)

Ok, I splurged again... I just have no will power I swear! I bought some Noro Silk Garden in #37. Gorgeous Purples! I just couldn't resist!! I bought it for the Klaralund Knitalong. I'm such a sucker for knitalongs! :) I can't wait to receive it!!

Well, not much else! Gotta get ready for work!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Yeah!!! Side two is done!! :) I realized I was doing the SSP (Slip, Slip, Purl) wrong. I was really doing a P2tog (Purl two together). So I did it right on the second side. I really can't tell the difference that much so I'm not going to fix it. I'll just make that the back side! :)

Here's a pic of my finished side two, which will be the front....

Well, I ended up waking up with a migraine today. I took some excedrin, but was feeling very sick to my stomach, and I had to go to work. I got to work and threw up... fun, fun! I had to wait until 9 am for someone to releave me, and thankfully she was very understanding. I came home and watched the DIY show Knit one Purl Two and knitted. Very good for a headache! I'm feeling better, but still have that nagging pain in my head, which will probably hang around for a week. Well, not much else... going to start on a sleeve!

P.S. My dad sent this pic...

I thought it was pretty cute. :)

Sunday, September 05, 2004

I finished one side of my Raglan Body-Hugger!

We drove up to North Carolina to see my Aunt's cabin in the mountains. It was so pretty!! The views were unbelievable. She also has a lake view lot with lake access and it's absolutely spectacular. Unfortunately my camera finked out on my, so I have no pictures. I had a bunch of cute ones of the boys, oh well. What can I do? My dad took some, which I'm sure he send to me. Anyway, I finished side one of the raglan on the way home from the trip today. :) I started side two when I got home.

I took my step-mom to Roswell yesterday and we went to Cast-On Cottage. They had a lot more than I realized. I went there when I had first started knitting and I didn't really know any of the yarn names yet. Well, my nice step-mom treated me to some yarn and a Jo Sharp book.

I got a skein of Koigu KPPPM P203 (just can't resist it), a skien of Noro Silk garden #53 and two skiens of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in Alabaster. She asked if there was anything else I wanted... a knitting basket, a book. I was like yes, of course! But I chose to be nice and not take advantage of her generosity! :) I'll be kicking myself for a few days! LOL! :)

Well, I feel for all those who are in Florida like my brother and in-laws thankfully they're on the west coast. Although my in-laws had there neighbors pool screen go through there screen. I just hope Ivan stays far away, it would be just terrible if another hurricane were to hit so soon after the last two. Makes me very glad I'm living in Georgia right now. The Aunt we went to see has a house right where the hurricane landed, so hopefully her house is ok. It's supposed to move up this way, a little to the West of us, we'll probably get a lot of rain! Hopefully no flooding... I guess I need to buy that umbrella now! :)

Well, not much else... write more later!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I think I'm finally done cleaning (for a moment). I finished all the laundry today. The only thing left is touching up the walls where there are scuff marks. And then I can knit! :) Here are a couple future projects I'd like to do....

This one is the Flower Washcloths from the Weekend Knitting book. I got the Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille in Fuschia. I thought it would be a bright and cheery color. :)

And this one is Seed Stitch Shoes from the Debbie Bliss Baby Knits book. I got the Wool/Cotton in the pale pink. We just found out I'm going to have niece in December. So of course I have to knit a bunch of pink things because this will be my BIL and SIL's first girl (she has 4 boys). And my MIL's first girl grandchild. Everyone is pretty excited!! Well, not much else! Write more later! :)