Saturday, April 30, 2005

Not Much going on here....

I've been working a lot this week, crazy hours. I meant to knit some on Gloria's right front, but fell sound asleep snuggling Bradley (4 year old) last night. I left two tv's on and all the lights... oops! Guess I was more tired then I realized. I did go shopping a couple days ago at Knitting Emporium... got a couple things...

New Stash

I got two skeins of Artyarns Supermerino in this springy pink and green colorway and the new Summer Interweave Knits. I thought I could sleep in this morning since I actually have the day off, but a storm came through and woke me up before 7 am. Oh well, so much for sleeping in!! Well, not much else. We're going to a wedding today... I'm debating if I should get my nails and toes done.

Ooh, ooh, I forgot... I was bad.... I ordered some yarn for Alison's Nothin but a T-Shirt.

Tinkerbell - Joy

6 balls of Tinkerbell Rowan Calmer for the main color and 1 ball of Joy Calmer for the contrasting color. I can tell this is going to be a fun/challenging project for me! I also orderered another Rebecca Magazine because Knitting Garden never sent mine out, either that or it got lost in the mail, which I doubt. Oh well. I just know where I won't be ordering from again.

Well, that's all ... really, that's it! Write more later, hopefully I'll be finished with my 2nd front of Gloria soon!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Gloria's Back is finished!

I was determined to finish this back today. I managed to get it done while Jake was taking a nap! :) Here's a pic of Gloria's back...

Gloria back finished 4/23/05

Now I'm going to cast on for a front, yippee! :)

Spring Socks Finished!

I finished my socks last night. They are so soft! I just love that knit picks yarn! Here's a picture of them on my feet...

Spring Socks Finished!  4/22/05

And a picture of them off my feet...

Spring socks no flash
sorry this picture is a little blurry

I woke and started working on Gloria's back some, just a few more inches and I'll be done with it. Then I'll probably start the other front.


In other personal news... my dh got his award the other day for being shot. He would never complain to his co-workers, but he told me that it's not the award the officers normally get if they've been shot. They usually get the Medal of Valor and he got the next one down, a new medal call the Blue Star. It's a very nice award and I'm just grateful he's alive to receive an award, but once a I was at the ceremony I knew what he meant. It was all politics. There were three people who got the top award (none were shot or hurt in any way). Two did deserve the award, as they were in a dangerous shoot out. The third (in my opinion) did not. One of the wives on stage was almost crying and I was thinking... what is she crying about?? Did she have to stay for 3 days in Grady hospital? Did she have to give her husband 16 (yes 16) shots of Lovinox to her husband in the stomach because he developed a blood clot? I didn't cry, or get teary-eyed, I have been through a lot and had to stay strong and hold it all together for everyone, and I guess I still feel that way. Now if they would've had me talk that might have been another thing. Anyway, it definitely helps writing about it. I'm glad the ceremony is over and hopefully I won't have to go to another one unless dh gets promoted or wins a fitness award or something! :) That's all for now... write more later!

Monday, April 18, 2005

One sock done!

I finished one sock last night while watching the Braves game. Unfortunately they lost. :( Their relief pitching has not been doing to well lately. Oh well, what can you do? Here's a picture of my sock, which is not a loser!

Spring Socks, 1 done! 4/17/05

And like a good girl I cast on for the 2nd sock right away! In other news... I found the greatest Sony walkman on clearance at Target the other day. It plays the radio of course and it also plays 3 TV stations (abc, fox & nbc). It's so awesome! I think it's the neatest little invention. It's the little things in life that make me happy! :) Well, that's all for now! Write more later!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

More sock...

Not much going on here lately. I finally got a day off, so I'm pretty much lazing around. Here's some sock progress....

Spring Socks as of 4/17/05

I just love this yarn, it's so soft! Well, not much else. I really gotta get started on those dishes! Fun, fun!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Old Wip, New Wip

Well, I finished the left front of Grace and decided to put her away for a little bit. I got Gloria back out and started working on the back. I realized the back is in medium and one of the fronts I did is in small. DUH! Oh well, the back will be a little wider, but I'll make it the same height. Hopefully it will look ok, it's just 4 extra stitches. Here's a pic of the back....

Gloria Back as of 4/13

I also started a pair of springy socks yesterday. I'm using Knit Picks sock yarn in the Stargazer Lily colorway. I'm so in love with these colors!! They are knitting up so pretty!

Spring Socks

I went to another Braves game Tues. and unfortunately they lost. :( I had great seats though, we were in the 4th row right next to the dugout. I had to take dh because he pouted that he didn't get to go Friday! Well, not much else... going to knit my sock! :)

edited to add another picture of my sock, it's really moving along fast!

Spring Socks Growing!

Sunday, April 10, 2005


I had a blast at the game, only their parking situation is awful!! It was never so bad! Hopefully they get it fixed pretty soon! Here's a couple of pictures I took there....

Turner field opening day 4/8/05
turner field

Andruw Jones
Andruw Jones (my favorite player) up to bat

No, I didn't bring my knitting to the game, and I'm glad I didn't because there was a lovely puddle under our feet from the rain earlier that day. I did go to Strings and Strands yesterday and picked up a couple of books....

two books I got at Strings and Strands 4/9
Rowan Magazine #25 and Debbie Bliss Cathay

There are so many projects that I'm in love with in Both the books! Well, Jake is calling me, I'd better go! Write more later!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Grace is growing!

And she's still gotta grow about 5 inches!! This is a long sweater! But I know I'm going to love it when it's finished....

Grace Left Front 4/8

I finally have a few days off! It's like a mini-vacation! I'm going to the Braves game tonight, I can't wait!!! I'm going with a friend while dh stays home and pouts! LOL! Actually a person that I help get tickets a lot at work gave me tickets (very good tickets) for Tuesday's game, so I'm going to take my pouty hubby to that game! I'm such a Braves nerd! :) I'll be taking lots of pictures today... I just love the home opener, it's so much fun. Ok that's enough.... I'll calm down now! Write more later!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Debbie Bliss Grace

I started Grace again using smaller needles. I really like how it's turning out!

Debbie Bliss Grace

I'm using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in the Strawberry Cream instead of the Cotton Angora. I'm very happy with the choice! :) I started it on Monday when I went to the Cozzi-Cafe to knit. Yes, I finally made it! It was so much fun too. I met two very nice people and I had a lot in common with one because she also has two boys the same age as mine! So we had a lot to talk about (especially our potty training woes!). Well, not much else going on here... just work and more work! Oh I finished all the regular knitting on my ribby cardi... just have to put it together now and do the collar and zipper (or snaps). Fun, fun!

Here's a little picture of it...

Ribby Cardi - all parts done!

I may give it to my mom for Mother's Day because everytime she sees it she tells me how much she loves the color and so on... We'll see how it turns out first though!! :)