Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Sick, Sick, Sick!! We are all sick. It's been a few sleepless nights for me. The baby just wants to be held all night, and threw up the night before. Bradley has had a fever, so I've been trying to monitor that and make sure it doesn't go up. Now Bradley's eye is irritated, so I'm wondering if I should take him to the doctor. Ah, the joys of motherhood. I just feel so bad for them! Jake is doing much better today. He wouldn't even get down to play yesterday, and today he's running all over the place.

I did get a little stitching done over the holiday. I finished my Mystery VI needleroll except for some beads I was missing. After I get those I'll finish it into a needleroll. :) That's all for now! Hopefully next time I write we're all feeling better!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Oh man, I am still trying to catch up on cleaning since we got back from Florida. It seems like the laundry is never-ending!! I got the kid's toys all organized and to them it was like they had all new toys. Everything that was sorted was dumped into a big pile. Bradley keeps saying he likes his room messy. I give up!! My dad and his wife are coming on Saturday and I have to work all this week except Christmas day, so I was trying to get things done. Oh well, I'm sure on Saturday morning I'll just be cleaning like a crazy woman, and hope they come in the afternoon.

I put colored lights on my porch railings and over my door. All my life we always had white lights, so this was a treat for me! It's pretty bright, and my neighbors may think it's tacky, but I love it. Oh and the kids do too! ;) I have been trying to get a dishcloth knitted for my stepmom. This summer she asked if I'd do a couple for her and I finished one awhile ago and messed up on another. So I'm about 1/2 way done with a new one. I had one little mess up, but I'm going to keep going. I think I'm going to be giving Sophie's Roses to a friend who's going through a hard time right now. And I've been working on Mystery VI needleroll. I think I'm going to give that to another friend. I wan't to go hobby lobby to see if I can find some organdy ribbon to make it fancy.

Well, I think I've written enough for today! Write more soon!! :)

Friday, December 19, 2003

I'm so excited!! I got a C in the class, and that is fine with me! I still have a 3.0 GPA, so I'm happy. I'm so glad I passed, that was just weighing on me like a ton of bricks. My dad also sent my some money in the mail, so today has definitely been a good day!!!! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Well, I went down and took my final. I'm not very happy with how I did. And I can make excuses all day (kids, work, dh, etc.), but it's all my fault, I didn't study as much as I should have. So now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I passed. I'll know on Friday (hopefully sooner). Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Monday, December 08, 2003

I would've updated sooner, but it wouldn't let me! Anyways, I've just been taking care of the kids, working and studying! I'm not as stressed about my final because I found the answers and formulas to the review on the class webpage. If I would've just looked sooner it would've saved me a little stress. Oh well. I just can't wait for it to be over!!!! And I'm hoping they are giving really hard problems for the review and easy problems for the final! :) Haha!

Now that Sophie's done I decided to get my Shepherd's Bush Harvest Moon back out...

It's only been a WIP since about 1998. So I definitely would like to get it finished. I know once all this final stuff is over I'll be able to stitch more. I'm going to take a semester off and go to a "real" school in the summer or fall. That will give me time to look into a scholarship or grant and get my transcripts in. Online is nice for convenience, but I miss being in a real classroom with a real teacher!

I've got DS running around 1/2 naked. I'm really trying to get him potty trained. He's so smart, he's mastered the computer, so why can't he master the potty??? He's just stubborn. I've tried every bribe, every technique. So now I'm going to try the no pants route and see how that goes. I've got the floor cleaner on standby. Well that's all for now. I've blabbed enough!!

Oh one more thing. As you all know I count money at a grocery store. Well my mom just started today bagging groceries. It will be good for her to make extra money. She teaches art out of her home, but it's so unreliable. It's kind of weird having her work where I do. The good thing is we don't have to work at the same time because she watches the kids. So she will work 8-2 and I will work 3-close. Which is good because it gives pretty much all day with the kids and dh since he works 4pm-12am. Ok now I'm really done!! :) blah, blah, blah!! :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Yeah! She's finally finished! :)

Shepherd's Bush Sophie's Roses

Now I think I'll get my Celtic Summer back out! Not much news to report. I worked last night. I went in at 1 pm, did the schedule and closed the back office (counted $$). I did the schedule in 2 1/2 hours. A record for me! :) I was bragging a little bit because the others take alllll day to do it. It's silly how they milk it. I just can't do things slow when I'm at work. People are always curious if I'm that fast at home. I tell them just the opposite... very mellow. Especially when it comes to housework!

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Ugh, I'm so stressed about my algebra final. I put way too much pressure on myself. I feel like if I don't get at least a B that I'm a failure! I should just be happy if I pass!! :) I finished up my last lesson last night and now I'm putting my review problems on flash cards. Only I ran out of cards! I should take that as I can start studying tomorrow and relax today, right?? Well, not much else going on here. Wish we could get out of the house and do something. We are broke though. Still wondering how we're going to pay for christmas presents. I do get a bonus, not sure how much though. It's ok, I know it's only temporary. And hey, I can't complain, I have a roof over my head, heat, and plenty of cross stitch to last a loooooong time!! :) Well, that's all for today! Going to get things clean, maybe I can get Jake to take a nap and then I can get some stitching done! :)

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Thanksgiving went pretty well. It ended up raining all day here. My mom came over and I made a huge dinner. We'll be eating leftovers for awhile. My mom is scared of storms, so she left early thinking that it was going to storm. I looked on the radar and told her it was unlikely, but she was still all nervous. So I told her to just leave. She drives me up a wall!!! Other than that, it was a nice, lazy day. Dh's Uncle, Aunt, Cousin, Cousin's wife and 9 mo. old son stopped by on their way back to Colorado last night. They stayed for about an hour. We had a nice visit. They are really nice people. I wish they lived a little closer. They were in for quite a drive home, and were planning on driving straight through. No thank you!! :) Well, dh has been off and I don't seem to get as much stitching done when he's home. I guess I feel like I should be cleaning or something. Sick isn't it?? :) I have to get one more Algebra lesson done and then I'm going to stitch, stitch, stitch!!! :) Well, write soon!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Well, I started typing yesterday and something happened. it shut down my computer or something. Anyways, I think I was writing about thanksgiving. Chris's parents were supposed to be coming up. Chris called last night to make sure and of course they're not coming now. I was pretty disappointed. Especially after I bought $70 worth of food and cleaned like a mad woman all day. I can understand though, my MIL has health problems, and I think she been taking a lot of medication. Anyways, we'll have lots of leftovers! Any lonely people out there that wanna come for Thanksgiving?? :)

I started Celtic Summer the other day. I had been wanting to start for so long (about since it came out). I'm loving it so far. I love MLI's designs because they're so easy to read and stitch. You rarely have to guess what goes here or there. Anyways, I'll post a pic when I get a chance.

I woke up with yet another migraine this morning. Thankfully no nausea. I definitely need to see a doctor about these! One of these days I'll make that appointment. Well, I'm almost done with my algebra, I'm on my last lesson. Then I have to start studying for my final in December. I was almost feeling kinda sad that it's over. Even though it's so hard at times I still love learning new things. I think I'm going to sign up for another online class for the spring. Well, that's all for now. Write later! :)

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Ok, I'm doomed!! I only got a 75 on my latest math lesson quiz. I took it 3 times (the most they allow), and I got a 50 on the last one I took! Thankfully they take the highest score. It was just this one problem that I couldn't get through! And the problem with the quiz is it was only 4 questions, so you couldn't miss one! Ok, enough about that. I just need to study up on that lesson before the final. Well, I didn't get any stitching done, but I did knit a little. My stepmom wanted me to make her some dishcloths for christmas, so I'm trying to get a couple done for her. I don't know about you, but I'm the worst procrastinator when it comes to christmas. I always wait until the last minute. I'm so envious of those who can actually start shopping in August. One day when I have more money I'll do that. Yeah, right!! :) Well, I really need to clean. I let the housework slide while I was catching up on my homework. Oh I forgot I have to go see my gyn today. I had to reschedule a few times because things kept coming up. I'm nervous about going because I need to talk to him about some serious stuff, like my PMS that I've had for years and have never done anything about. I get pretty depressed and angry. I'm not a fun one to be around for those two weeks, and I'm finally ready to do something about it. And I also want to talk to him about some long term BC. I'd love to have another baby one day, but right now we just don't have the time, money, or space!! Anyways, that's all for now!! Write more later...

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Oh my, this is torture!!!! Nonlinear Equations. I have been working on this for a few days now, and I finally got through it. I didn't think I ever would. My brain is mush. Now I have to work on 2 more lessons before the week is up. How could I have let myself get so behind?? Anyways, no stitching for me. I felt too guilty, and now I'm just too tired. No storms tonight, just lots of rain. We can all sleep peacefully. Well, that's all for now!
I haven't done any stitching in the past few days. I've been working and trying to get caught up on my math. It's becoming ridiculously hard. I'm just so confused and wondering if I will ever really need this?? Oh well, I gotta pass it. I just need to know to pass!! The one good thing is I'll be able to help dh when he goes back to school. I'm feeling anxious because we're supposed to be getting strong storms today. My mother passed down to me her fear of storms (thanks mom). So I'll be going to her house to ride them out. I'm going to bring my ott-lite, so I can get some stitching done. I'll let her watch the kids! :) Well, not much else!! I'll let you know how it went tomorrow!

Friday, November 14, 2003

Well, we are starting to get back into our routine (if we have such a thing). I have been getting some stitching done. I've got 3 rose borders done on Sophie's Rose.

I have also started the Pam Kellogg Christmas Mystery, like Stitchy Jen. I'm still working on Part I, so I have not gotten as much done as her. I have to work all weekend and then I'll be off for four days!! Yippee! I have to catch up on my Algebra, I can't remember if I'm one week behind or two, and that's pretty sad! I'm taking 6 days off in December to go back down to Florida to take my final. Hopefully I pass!! :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

We got back from Florida late last night. I could not wait to get out of that car!! :) I'm so sleepy and I still have housework and the car to get unpacked and I have to work today. That's why my mood is set at challenged! Maybe it really should be unmotivated. I wish I could be soundly sleeping in my cozy bed like dh!!! Anyways, I haven't gotten much stitching done because of our trip. Hoping to get a little done on lunch today. Well that's all for now!! Write later...

Thursday, November 06, 2003

We are leaving for Florida tomorrow morning and I have gotten nothing done. I need to do laundry, clean, pack, and it's all a mess and I can't get my butt off the couch. I'm sure it's from working and Jake getting up at 6 am every morning. It's starting to catch up with me!! I wish Chris could just take the boys down there by himself. But I don't think he'd last very long on the drive! And I know I'd miss them all after a day... or two. I'm just so tired!!! I feel like I just don't get a break unless I'm sleeping and even then I get woken up at least once during the night! Ok done whining!! I promise!! :) I'm going to go put a load of wash in!

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Yeah I finished!!! It turned out pretty. I ended up using regular beads, and kinda wished I had used petite because it was hard to get them to all fit in some places! Here's the pic....

Now I think I'm going to get Sophie finished. She's feeling neglected!! :)
I ended up getting a lot done on my little freebie. It's almost finished except for the beads. I was thinking of using petite beads since it's on 32 ct. I haven't decided yet. It's really not my style, so I may give it as a christmas present. I'll post another scan when I get all the beads on. I got my supplies for the Quilt Mystery yesterday. The colors are so pretty!! Drema from Needlecraft corner had them all in baggies on a ring, very convenient!! :) Well, not much else... still trying to wake up! Jake woke me up about 6:30 this morning. I have to work at 2 today. I'm actually looking forward to going to work today, these kids are wearing me out!! Write more soon!

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

mmmm... comfort food! I just made my version of shepherd's pie, or since it has ground beef it's called cottage pie.

1 lb. of ground beef
1 medium onion chopped
1 can of corn
1 can of green beans
6 servings of instant potatoes
1 jar of brown gravy
6 slices of cheese or you can use shredded cheddar (I used munster)
1 tbsp of oil

heat oil on medium heat, add onion, cook until it starts to soften. Add beef, cook until brown. While beef is browning make potatoes according to directions on package. Add corn and green beans, stir. Add gravy, stir. Put everything in casserole. top with potatoes and then top with cheese. Put in 350 oven for 20-30 min until cheese is bubbly and you can see gravy starting to bubble on top. Eat with warm crusty bread. mmm, mmm! It's even better heated up the next day.

P.S. You can use any vegetables that your family likes.
I woke up with another migraine this morning. I took some Excedrin right away, so I'm hoping it doesn't become a full blown headache with the throwing up, etc. I think I'm going to be ok, just have the headache. I can deal with pain, but I can't deal with the nausea. I finally scanned my little freebie... it's just an unfinished border right now. I'm hoping to work on it some today.

Well, that's all for now. Write more soon!

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Application of Logs. Sounds like I should be learning how to cut down trees not doing algebra homework!! :) Well, I got a little more done on my freebie. I just love the colors, but worried that the cream I chose is blending too much with the fabric. It's bugging me! :) I think I'll just live with it because it was really just a test for me to see how I'd like stitching Chatelaine designs. I love how clear the chart is, and the instructions are pretty good too. Can't wait to start on my Mysteries! That's all for now! Write more later!! Back to the logs!!

Saturday, November 01, 2003

My Little Pirate!

We had fun trick-or-treating yesterday! It was Bradley's first time and my first time in about 13 years!! :) Haven't done any stitching, but hope to work on my little freebie. I did get my beads organized. I will write more on that later!

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Yeah!! It's finished!! I have finally finished my Key West Sampler!!

Brightneedle Key West Sampler

I got it done yesterday on my lunch break. I secluded myself in the back of the store and got it done. So.. that left me to start something new! I started a Chatelaine freebie Lady's Boudoir: Bluebell Fan. I accidently got the wrong green thread and my LNS didn't have a couple of the threads it called for, but I like how it's turning out anyways. I'll post a pic when I get a little more done. Well, I'd better get to bed... if I fall asleep right now, I'll get 6 1/2 hours. That is if no one wakes me up during the night!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Ugh, I have to start getting ready for work in an hour. I don't mind it so much once I'm there, it's just the anticipation of getting ready, getting the kids ready, taking them to grandma's, not being able to do all the things I want to do, etc. That gets me down. I do like getting my paychecks though! Well, not much else going on. I have definitely been bitten by the Mystery bug, I'm obsessed!! :) I want to sign up for the new christmas design and the quilt one! Argh!! I just don't have the $$ right now. Maybe if I get some Christmas money?? I added the links on the side for Chatelaine if anyone wants to get obsessed with me! Prinn I know you're already there! That's all for now!!

P.S. I did get some stitching on KWS last night. I forced myself to get more completed. Now I think I just have 6 more letters and a flower to finish! Almost done!! I'm going to take it to work with me today, maybe I can get it finished on my break!

P.P.S I found the smilies at

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I've been playing around with my blog today. I added a little bio and some of my favorite links. We're just hanging out around the house today. I could have sworn I just cleaned the whole house and did all the laundry. It's a complete mess again! These kids are like mini tornadoes!!

I've been playing around even more! I found Blog Skins and now I can't stop messing with this thing!!
Sunday was such a nice day, it was rainy and cool. Just a day to snuggle. Monday I had to get up early and go to work, it was good because I was teaching someone to do the schedule. They're realizing what a pain it is! :) I'm a computer nerd so I don't mind it so much. The only thing I mind is the people complaining once it's finished. Hey, get another job if you don't like your hours!! Just kidding. I really try to be fair, but sometimes it's hard. We have one girl (18) who just moved up into the front office and wants to go to the back office. She started crying yesterday when she saw two other women are training in the front office. She's so clueless. I tried to explain to her she needs to be patient. She's just young and immature and doesn't realize her time will come eventually, but she needs to grow up a little. But I can't talk because I was once just like her. I wanted just what she wanted so bad. I became a manager, have pretty much been there, done that. I decided to step down because I wanted a family (not easy working 50 hrs. as a mgr.). I had to work my way back up from a cashier. But worth it because I now have two beautiful boys. Oh well, what can you do?? One day I'll have a "real" job and will look back and laugh at all this silliness! :)

Sunday, October 26, 2003

I finished my Halloween Flip-it! Here's the pic...

Lizzie Kate Halloween Flip-it

Now I have to finish my math. Fun, fun! Anyone know anything about logarthmic functions? I was going cross-eyed earlier trying to figure all this out. I just need to pass, and then I can take classes in a real classroom close to home. I love online classes for their convenience, but I definitely miss having a class to actually go to, and having the teacher right there to help. Off to study!

Edited to add - I got a 97% on my quiz! Woo Hoo! Too bad I couldn't do that on my midterm!! :)
Well, I didn't go to the race. If you turn to NBC right now, you'll understand why! :) It's been raining all day here. I left the kids with my mom so I could get my homework done today and I ended up sleeping in until 10 am (would've been 11 if the time hadn't changed). I don't think I've slept in that late in years. I think my body needed it. I didn't work on KWS yesterday, I ended up starting Lizzie Kate's Halloween flip-it. It's so cute! They had it stitched at my LNS and I had to have it. I thought it would get me into the Halloween spirit! I got some more threads for Mystery VI yesterday from Elegant Stitch. They are just gorgeous! Well, that's all for now! I'm going to eat some homemade bread my mom made and maybe stitch a little or do math. Hmmm... should I be good or bad?? Where's that little devil smiley when I need it?? :)

Friday, October 24, 2003

I did not stitch at all yesterday! I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. I wouldn't let myself stop until it was done. I got the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and living room. Now I just have to finish laundry. :( I should've worked on my Algebra, but I just didn't get the chance. I'm really trying to get out of going to that race, so I can work on it then (and maybe a little stitching). I did up load a pic of my keywest sampler...

I have to work today, so maybe I can get some done on my break. Oh today is payday, yeah!! And I actually have some money leftover from last payday, it's a miracle! Ah, the joys of living paycheck to paycheck. One day, I'll look back and laugh. I just have to keep telling myself that! :)

P.S. I also uploaded my Guardian Angel WIP. Click here to view her.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

I got my buttons on my Bethlehem Christmas. So now I can officially say that it's finished. I think it turned out pretty cute. I didn't work on Key West last night, I ended up working on Guardian Angel by L&L. I love the colors in this angel, and it's a lot of solid stitching, I needed a break from changing colors so much! Well, not much else going on here. Have to finish up laundry! Fun, fun! :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

It's a beautiful Autumn day here in North Georgia!

The weather has been absolutely perfect! A little warm, but I can live with that! :) I just had to capture this picture of the fall leaves and the sun setting behind it. I got quite a bit of stitching done on Key West Sampler. I'm hoping to finish it up this week. I think I might work on Sophie tonight though. I went to my LNS in Marietta today, not before closing this time! Dh says "I thought you said you weren't going back there?" I said, "I did?" All innocently. I just can't stay away, they have just about everything I could possibly need. And so much inspiration! :) I ended up getting some of the supplies for Mystery VI. I then came home and ordered some more things online. Now I just wish I would've ordered the whole kit online, it would've been so much easier. But I did support my LNS somewhat, so I feel good about that. I'm saving all my reciepts, so when I get some birthday money I can put it towards my credit card, which definitely doesn't need anymore charges!!! :) That's all for now, write more tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

mmm... this is what I had for dinner tonight Elvis Presley's Grilled Peanut butter and banana sandwich. It sounds gross, but it was yummy!! :) Oh by the way, I only had one, not 15! :)
I finished Bethlehem Christmas, but didn't get the buttons on yet. My LNS rearranged them a different way, and I loved how they did it, but I don't remember how they did it! :) It will be a good excuse to visit! Here's a link to my finished BC..

Bethlehem Christmas

I scanned this pic, so it's not blurry. I signed up for Mystery VI. I just love the colors and the idea of doing a SAL with a large group for a year sounds like a lot of fun! I don't know if I'm going to order all the threads at once, but I may get them a little bit at a time. More excuses to visit my LNS! :) Well that's all for now. Jakey is crying, so I'd better go! :)
I'm so happy! I got a lot of stitching done yesterday. I stayed up way too late, but now I'm almost done with my SB
Bethlehem Christmas. Sorry pic is a little blurry. I just have the little wise man pudgie to do yet and I will have another UFO done woo hoo! Next I'm going to either finish up Sophie or finish up another UFO, Key West Sampler by Brightneedle. I've got the house, some of the alphabet done, I'm working on the palm trees. I love this design because I wish I was living in Florida!!!! One day!!

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Yeah!! I finished another UFO!! :) Only 19 to go I think?! :) It's Redbird Sampler by Bent Creek. I messed up in a little section, but was able to put in a different stitch to fix it. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Here's the pic...

Bent Creek Redbird Sampler

I'm going to work on Shepherd's Bush's Bethlehem Christmas chart, another one that I started last year. Hopefully I can get that one done soon and then back on to Sophie! ;) Write more later, have to get ready for work soon. fun, fun! :)

Saturday, October 18, 2003

I finally uploaded my little mania.

Heart in Hand Monthly Mania

I scanned it a little crooked! Oh well! :) Going to work on my redbird sampler a little before I have to start getting ready for work today. Bradley is yelling at his apple juice, funny kid! :)

Friday, October 17, 2003

Oh I'm so mad at myself! I took my midterm online today and I only got a 75%. I wish I would've studied just a little harder! Oh well, I'll just know when it comes to final time I'll really need to study!! See, instead of browsing the aisles at Hobby Lobby, I should have had my nose in my notes! But after dropping the kids off at grandma's I just couldn't resist a little me time! I was so excited to see they've started carrying Mirabilia kits there. I was just thinking before I saw them that I wished they carried Mirabilia. They also added some new L&L kits. I came very close to buying Spring Bride. I saw it stitched up, and let me tell ya the pic does not do it justice. Somehow I resisted it! :) I wish the kits were on sale this week instead of last week!!! Oh well, next time they're on sale I'll have to go for it! ;) Even without the sale it's still a good deal because the chart and needlepaint threads alone are about $36 I think (the kit was $46). Well that's about it for me. I'm going to try and finish up another UFO and then get back to Sophie! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2003

I finally uploaded sophie to my computer, but it's not the latest pic. The border on top is actually finished now.

I finished my October Mania, it turned out pretty cute! I just need to upload that pic now! :)
Well, today is my Saturday! Yeah! Saturday will be my Monday, boo! The joys of retail! :) Well, I figured out what a discriminant is. It's the formula under the square root in a quadratic equation formula. Whew, I think I'm almost ready for my midterm. Tomorrow, I'm going to take the kids to grandma's, do a little more studying, and then just take it and get it over with!! I haven't been stitching too much lately.. almost finished with my little mania, I had been working on it on my lunch break at work. I went to that LNS in Rome today, got a couple metallic threads, and a cute birdy pattern. It's the fluffy birds in a row, can't remember the designer right now! I also got some beads for a Mirabilia kit I sold on ebay. It was missing one pack! I've been trying to pair down some. I sold 4 UFO's and some other kits I realized I'd probably never stitch. The extra $$ has definitely come in handy! Maybe one day I can take dh out to dinner. Well, with our schedules it would have to be lunch! :) Well, not much else... getting ready for the Red Sox/Yankees game. I think I want the Red Sox to win. I was glad the Marlins won last night, sorry cubs fans! :)

Monday, October 13, 2003

Oh! I almost forgot, I'm studying for my midterm also. I just don't know how I forget something I learned two weeks ago. I mean completely forget, like I'd never seen it before in my life. Now I know why it's best to go to college right after high school!!! :) Can anyone tell me how I find the discriminant in 2x^2+x-3=0? Ahh!! help!! :)
Sorry it's been a while since I posted last! I got hooked on "The Sims" for a day or two. It was actually pretty scary! I didn't do anything but watch these people and tell them to take out their trash. Meanwhile my trash is building up! I figured I'd better stop playing that game, or I'll never get anything done! I even had my 3 year old obssesed with me, yikes!! :) I finally did get the cleaning and laundry done, but somehow it's trashed again! I think I need a maid!! haha!! I started on a UFO from 3 years ago. It's one of the Heart in Hand Monthly Mania's October. I've done them all but Oct., Nov., and Dec. So I figured why not get em finished. Well I'm stitching along and realize I'm all out of Weeks Sweet Potato. So I figure a perfect excuse to visit a LNS! :) I take the kids to grandma's and was going to go to Rome, but wasn't sure if I'd make it before they close. I come back home to get dh, and we go to Marietta. I look at the door and it says 10-6, so I'm happy. I go in and they're out of it, and they've all got their purses out. I usually never leave without buying something, but I was pretty disappointed, and I felt kinda rushed. So I get ready to leave, and the girl says "I'll get the door." Oh, I forgot about the sign on the 3x5 card saying they now close at 5 on Saturdays. Oh well. I ended up finding some leftover Sweet Potato in an old kit I had finished. It didn't match very well, but I figured once the stem and leaves are in hopefully it won't show as much. Well, I have to work at 3 today, and then 10 am tomorrow. I can't complain becaue I made my schedule! :) Well, not much else. Didn't mean for this to be so long!! DS2 is screaming at me to get him out of the playpen, so I'd better go. Bye!! :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I changed my look a little. I started to add some links. Unfortunately, I lost some of my comments. I still have a little headache leftover from my migraine. Fun, fun!! :) I get to see the GYN for even more fun tomorrow. I'm going to tell him about the migraines, and see about some long term BC. :) Sorry if that's a little TMI! I've been getting my WIPs, UFOs and Stash organized. I put a few up for sale on the bb's. I am just feeling a little overwhelmed by what I have going. Also my tastes are starting to change some. I go through phases a lot, and the phase I'm in right now is easy and smaller. Maybe because I've got so much going on right now. I need quicker finishes! Well, it has been nice to kind of be lazy today. I really need to clean. It looks like a tornado has hit my house!!!! DS just fell asleep on the couch... he didn't get a nap, so it's no wonder! DS2 is fast asleep in bed like a good boy, so I guess it's me time! :) Write soon!
Oh man!! I'm on my 5th day of work, just one to go!! I am tired!! What really made me tired was working 3-12 Saturday and then 6-3 on the Sunday. But it's no one's fault but my own. I switched with someone so I could go to the Braves game that night. Unfortunately, they lost. I was so disappointed. The same thing happened last year against the Giants and I was at that game also! I'm such a Braves fan it's ridiculous! I feel so lonely and lost now that the season's over. I just look forward to either watching, listening, or going to the games each year. While we were driving home from the game my favorite player (andruw jones) pulled up next to us. I just wanted to jump in his car and have him take me away! Yeah right!! haha! But he's the only man I'd leave my husband for! (not really, just in my wildest dreams) :) Well, not much else going on. I think I got a little stitching done on Saturday. It's been pretty hectic. I have to catch up on my cleaning and then maybe later I can get a little stitching done.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Ugh, I woke up with a migraine this morning. I know it's hormonal because they always come after my period. Not every one, but often enough. I guess I need to talk to my doctor about it so he can prescribe me something. I took some excedrin, but it was too late. I was so nauseous, I ended up throwing up. Thankfully dh went to the store and got me some saltines and seltzer. I don't feel sick anymore, but I still have the headache. No fun! My mom gets them all the time, so I guess I'm just taking after her. Well, I stitched some on Sophie last night, she's coming right along now. I finished the inner border, and I'm now working on the rose border. It's looking so pretty!! The Braves won for me last night! Woo hoo! I'm still trying to think of ways to get out of working 6 days in row! Well, trying to enjoy my last day off. Just taking it easy! :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Oh forgot to add. I went to a cross stitch shop in Rome today. It's Norwood's Niche and it has grown so much since the last time was there. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I didn't get anything, but can't wait to return (alone). She has stitch-in's and I'd love to go to one. I'll probably have to wait until next week because I'm all booked up this week!! :( Oops, I said I was done whining!! :)
ARGHHHH!!! I checked my schedule for work today, I have to work 6 days in a row!!! Not fun!! I'm going to miss my babies!!! And Bradley already gives me a hard time whenever it's time to go anywhere. Oh well, what can I do? I need the money. I'll just take it one day at a time and spend as much time with kids as I can. Why can't I be a rich stay at home mom?? Why?? :) Ok I'm done whining! I stitched some more on Sophie, I got her done and started on the border. I frogged the border a little bit because it wasn't looking right. I'll be glad to get her done. I'd like to be working on Baby Bug Ball. But not until I finish sophie. Well That's all for now!! Write more later! :)

Monday, September 29, 2003

Ok, it's officially Autumn now! It feels so chilly out! We left our windows open last night and froze!! :) I uploaded a pic of sophie, so I thought I'd post it. Here's she is...

Hoping to get more done after Jake's down for the night. I did get something framed today Egg Basket, a shop exclusive by Shepherd's Bush.

That's all for now! :)
I haven't done any stitching lately! I've been working and cleaning and doing schoolwork and taking care of the kids! And when that's all done I'm too tired to pick up a needle! I was bad again, I stopped at my LNS on Friday and got the last new SB kit I wanted. Oh well, I work hard for my money, I deserve a little treat every now and then! :) That's all for now! I'll post more when I get time! Laundry's calling! fun, fun!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Decided to add some more pictures! Thanks for the comment stacey, I'm glad it works! :) Well, just one more hour before I have to go to start getting for work, the countdown begins. Maybe I can get a little stitching down. Jake is taking a nap. Let me go set the timer! :)

P.S. Today is the first official day of Autumn! Yeah!!
I got out another UFO last night. Queen Mermaid by Mirabilia. She almost finished, except for her hair and body. I just dread all that skin! I don't know why?? Skin phobia?? She's going to be so pretty once finished, I just need the motivation!!

After I stitched a little bit on her, I got sophie back out and finished up the light pink. I got her hands and face done, next I'll do her little hat and the flowers.

And then on to the border. I just love stitching with silk. It's easy to use compared to DMC cotton. I wish everyhing could be silk!! :) Well, not much else. I actually have to work for the next 3 days and I'm not looking forward to it. Wish I could have enough money to be a stay-at-home mom, but then again it is nice to get out and talk to adults! :)

Monday, September 22, 2003

Ok Stacey, this is for you!! LOL :) I have been busy with my ds Jake. He's been sick and it's either from teething or a bug, or both. He's got two molars coming in. Not fun! Here's the latest picture of him...

As you can see his shirt is all drooly and he's got a little rash from the drool on his chin. Poor baby!! :) One thing nice about him being sick is he wants to be held a lot. It was so sweet just snuggling with him yesterday. I love my boys more than anything!! :)

Well, got a little stitching done on a UFO Angel of Winter. I had forgotten how much white and blue is in this design. I think I started it in 98. It would be so nice to get it finished one of these years!! :)

I also got some stitching done on SB's Sophies Roses. At first I stitched the girl with the wrong pink. Frogged it all and used the pink provided, but noticed it looked more like light purple than light pink. I went through my silk stash and realized I have two colors listed for that number (3332) a very light pink and a very light purply-pink. So maybe they changed the dye lot?? I frogged one more time and used the light pink in my stash, which is more like the picture. At least I'm on the right track now! :) Well, that's all for now!

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Is there anything better than a baby's laugh? I just don't think so! And is there anything worse than a baby's cry?? Especially when you are sooo tired?? :)
Decided to title my Blog "Autumn Sway," because I have all the windows open, and although it's not Autumn yet, it's starting to feel like it. I just love the sound of the trees swaying in the breeze. I live in the woods in NW Georgia, so there's plenty of them!!

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My house after we just bought it last year.
My first official post! I am off work today!! Woo hoo! What an emotional week it was for me! Money has been a little tight for us, so I was contemplating working fulltime. I told my boss what I'd like to do and he was ok with it. I got home and spent time with my kids and I realized that I couldn't do it! I was crying the whole day! Once I made that decision I felt so much better! I decided I would sell everything, eat rice everyday. Whatever! I just couldn't leave my babies! I have been working about 30 hours a week now, but it's only temporary until a co-worker gets back to work. She recovering from surgery. Well, that's about all! Got an 83 on a math quiz and got some stitching done. I think I need to work on a small project for some IG (instant gratification). These BAPs are getting me down!! :)

P.S. someone is giving away free puppies down the street! I want one!! I haven't even seen them, and I want one!!!!