Monday, July 31, 2006

We're in Florida!

It's been a crazy few days, but we're here, and slowly getting settled. It turns out Matthew developed a staph infection. When he was seven days old I noticed a little blister on his tummy. I was taking him to the doctor anyway, so I had him check it out. Well, right away he believed it to be staph. They did some tests and sure enough he had a MRSA - a type of staph infection. The doctor had prescribed some antibiotics before we left and before we knew exactly what it was. He called on my cell phone to tell me what he had and asked me to call. I called yesterday and the nurse said I need him to be seen by someone that day. Unfortunately school is getting ready to start and the pediatricians were booked. A pediatrician I talked to recommended that we take him to the children's hospital. We did and four hours later they said don't do anything, but watch him for fever or change in behavior. They took him off the antibiotic and told us to just give him a bath every other day. They said it's superficial - meaning it just on the skin and not deeper. He hasn't been acting out of the ordinary. No fever, no fussiness, and has been eating fine. So I'm trying not to stress or worry, it's just hard when he's so tiny! He's been sleeping longer at night, which is very nice!

No stitching to report. Before we left I worked on "Pear" some, but not really enough to show a progress picture. Today I have to work on getting my six year old registered for school. I can't believe he goes back in one week! I'm not ready! Here's the latest picture of the baby... I need to get some pictures of him not sleeping. I know these all look alike! :)

Matthew - 12 days old - 7/31/06.
Matthew - 12 days old.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Matthew is six days old!

Boy! Time sure does fly when your having fun! I took him for his check up yesterday and the Dr. said he looks good! But he wants us to go back tomorrow because he lost 9 ounces. I think that's pretty normal though. I think he just wants to make sure he's gaining and not losing still, which I'm sure he is. Even though I got the urge to stitch I still haven't done so. Most of my time is taken up nursing Matthew. He eats a lot! I'm not complaining - I love the time we have together - it just doesn't leave much time for anything else! :) Since I have no stitching to show I'll leave you with a few pics I've taken of the baby recently...

Matthew - taking a nap - 4 days old.
4 days old.

My beautiful baby - 5 days.
5 days old.

Hanging out in his bassinet.
Taken today - 6 days old.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but dh definitely got the job in Florida, so we'll be moving in four days!! I'm trying not to get overwhelmed! Wish me luck! :) Write soon!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sleep? What's that??

My mom called today and she asked if I slept any. What kind of question is that?? Of course not! Maybe two, three hours at a time, which I'm grateful for, but I know my nights of sleeping nine to ten hours are long gone for awhile!

I guess while he's content in his swing I'll share his birth story...

Wednesday I went to the Doctor and he checked me. He said I was three centimeters. He then asked how I felt about being induced. I said normally I'd say no, but we are moving and on a time crunch. He said he'd call over to the hospital to see when they could do it.

He came back in and said "Today, Saturday, or Monday." Well obviously I said "Today!" Dh wanted Saturday, but I was able to convince him it would be better to do it that day. I went to the hospital about 12 pm and they hooked me up to the monitor and while I was laying there I actually started having contractions on my own, so it may have been that day anyway!

Between 3 and 4 pm the nurse started me on Pitocin and the Midwife came in around 5:00 pm to check me and break my water. She said I was at four centimeters. Well, after that the contractions started coming right on top of another and very painful! I was having to breathe through them and asked to get my epidural. Right before 7:00 (we were watching Seinfeld) the Midwife came back and asked if I was having any pressure and I said yes. She checked me again and I was completely dialated. She was amazed at how fast I went from 4 to 10 centimeters. I knew those contractions were pretty strong!!

They got the room all set up to deliver and I had him in about three pushes at 7:03 pm. Thankfully it was a very easy delivery. And so far he's been a really good baby! He's so tiny and sweet! My older boys look so big to me now! :) Here's a picture I took today...

Matthew - Three days old.

I'm actually getting the urge to stitch a little something. I got Pear from Little House Needleworks in the mail while I was in the hospital. It looks like a fun, quick stitch. I may just work on that while he's taking a nap! :)

Pear Pear Threads
LHN Pear chart, 28 ct. Summer Khaki fabric, & Crescent Colours threads.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Matthew is here!!

He was born Wednesday night at 7:03 pm! 7 lbs. 9 oz., 20 inches. I'll write more later... he's crying to be held and fed!

Mommy & Matthew

Baby Matthew

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

VoHRH progress...

I got a little stitching done today - none yesterday! I stayed in bed all day. I'm feeling a little better today. Here's my latest progress pic on The Village...


Sorry for the wrinkles! Not much else going on... I go to the doctor tomorrow. He'll let me know if I'm dialated, effaced, etc... Hopefully things will get going soon! :)

Monday, July 17, 2006

A is for Angel, B is for Bird, C is for Cold...

Yep, one week to go until my due date and I've caught a cold. Thank you DH! I didn't sleep at all last night! I did manage to finish Bird this morning...

Angel and Bird - CHS Alphabet

I decided to keep using one strand of thread and decided to keep using the solid bittersweet. When I woke up yesterday morming I decided I liked it afterall. Now I'm just wondering if I should start "Cats," or get back to VoHRH? :) I think I'm just going to lay down for now... too much to think about! :) Write later!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Took a little break from VoHRH today...

I received a few of the CHS alphabet charts in the mail today (SB&B sale). So I thought I'd start on Angel.

Carriage House Samplings Angel

I decided to use one strand of thread on 36 ct. I'm still deciding if I like it. It's definitely a more muted look. Along with my order I got some GAST Bittersweet. It's different than the Bittersweet I had in my stash. The one in my stash is variegated between light and bright orange. Like the one I used in Needle...

Needle by Carriage House Samplings

And the one Karen has been using in her alphabet. Hmmm.... what should I do? Now that I look at my Needle and her WIP I think I should use two strands and try and find some variegated Bittersweet! :)

Only nine more days until my due date. Nothing is happening - just braxton hicks contractions every now and then, which mean nothing. I just don't want to be overdue! I hope something happens by next week sometime. Write more later!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I got a package yesterday...

No, it wasn't more stash! :) My grandma made a quilt for the baby! She's made quilts for both my boys, but it was still a surprise to get in the mail yesterday. I love the border on it!

Quilt - no flash

I also got started on block #2 the other day. I haven't got much done because I spent a good part of the day cleaning out the kid's room. I took out three huge garbage bags worth of junk!! It's just amazing how fast it accumulates! Anyway, here's my progress pic...

VORHR - block 1 and 2

Sorry it's not the greatest pic... feeling lazy today! :) Write more later!

Monday, July 10, 2006

VOHRH - Finished Block #1!

I got block #1 finished today! I'm so happy with how it turned out! I could not get a straight scan to save my life though! So here's my crooked scan pic...

VOHRH - Block #1 finished!!  7/10/06
Block one started 7/6/06 - finished 7/10/06.

Two weeks until my due date! Both the boys came a few days early, so I'm thinking maybe sometime next week?? We'll see! I went to Babies R Us today. A friend gave me a gift card so I put it toward the purchase of a new swing. I like it because it's small and portable. I think it will be good for when we go down to Florida.

Speaking of Florida... my husband said they are 99.9% sure he will get the job in August. The sheriff just has to sign off on it on July 21st, so we'll definitely know by then. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm going to miss Georgia... it's so pretty, especially where we live now - out in the woods. But Florida is beautiful also.. the beaches and palm trees.

I get to drive to Alabama again tomorrow... yeah! And I have to get up at like 5 am to go, so I'm going to bed very soon!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Long Day!

I didn't sleep much last night. I stayed up until 11 something stitching VOHRH. Dh got home from work around 2 something and woke me up. I couldn't get back to sleep until 3 something. I then had to wake up at 5:30 am to take dh to the airport. I decided to book his flight in Birmingham because it was $200 cheaper. Big mistake! I'd gladly pay the $200 to not have to drive five hours in one day. What was I thinking?? I was thinking it's only 2 1/2 hours to get there... but I wasn't thinking it's also 2 1/2 hours back. Oh well, live and learn. Construction traffic made it very slow going on the way back. Hopefully it's not as bad Tuesday when I go to pick him up. Oh and another thing! I decided I would visit a cross stitch shop while there. Anything Stitched sounded like a good shop to check out. Well, I went to a fabric website that had the address and mapped it out. When I got there it was residential and not the correct address at all! I was very upset at myself for not rechecking the address, but I just assumed it was correct. That's what I get for assuming!! Oh well, live and learn once again!!!

I tried to stitch some when I got home but my eyes were so heavy and tired that I only got a little bit done...

Village of Hawk Run Hollow - progress as of 7/8/06

I took a picture with my camera - with flash, without flash, and finally decided to scan it and the colors are the truest with the scan.

I've got the bassinet all ready for baby! I put it in my room and filled the bottom with blankets and diapers and wipes.

Bassinet - all ready! Bassinet... just waiting for baby.
Just need the baby now!

Well, I'm off to bed! Hopefully to get a good, long nights sleep! I won't have many of those left! :) Write later!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Hormones!!! Watch out!!

In the past couple of days I've become a huge ball of crazy hormones. I've been nesting like crazy and god forbid if a kid (or husband) leaves something on the floor they'd better watch out! I can't stand to be around myself right now! Oh and I've been crying over every little thing also! If dh just uses a wrong tone of voice I become a blubbering idiot! I need help - I need to be isolated until I give birth, which is hopefully soon, but not this weekend because dh is going to Florida again until Tuesday!

In other, less crazy news, I started on The Village of Hawk Run Hollow yesterday! I started with block #1 and I have a teeny progress pic to share...

Village of Hawk Run Hollow

Pic is a little more yellow than it actually is. My camera likes to make things yellow (without flash) or gray (with flash) - I give up! :) Well, I'm feeling calmer just writing this. I'm going to stitch now and watch my Braves hopefully win another one! Write later.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Village has arrived!

It came yesterday, but I caught a stomach bug (thanks kids) and stayed in bed pretty much all day. I didn't even open the box until late last night.

Village of Hawk Run Hollow Pattern with fabric. Village of Hawk Run Hallow Threads and Fabric...
Pattern, NPI silks, and 36 ct. Lt. Examplar linen

I also got a few more things...

Blackbird Designs Secret Garden with fabric and threads.
Fabric and Threads for Secret Garden.

36 ct. Examplar by Lakeside for CHS Alphabet
36 ct. Examplar by Lakeside for CHS Alphabet.

And from Stitcher's Closet I received my "A New Beginning" chart and threads. I have two pieces of fabric in my stash that I'm trying to decide from...

Fabric and Threads with A New Beginning pattern. 32 ct. R&R Lt. Cappuccino linen with threads and pattern.
32 ct. R&R Oatmeal or 32 ct. R&R Lt. Cappuccino?

Well, that's all for the stash for now... like I said before - I think I'm set for a pretty long time! :)

I've definitely been in the nesting mood today. I got out all the new onesies, t-shirts, blankets and sheets and put them in the wash. I then got out all the pacifiers, bottles, etc. and got them all sterlized. I still need to get some diapers and a few more things from Target, so I'm making a list. I'm definitely ready to see his little face! Only 18 more days until my due date. Can't wait! :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

And some more progress...

I got a few more motifs and my name stitched. Although my name is not exactly centered. I don't plan on ripping it, at least not anytime soon!

Pomegranate Sampler as of 7/4/06

Next up is the two hearts and start on the Alphabet and then I'll get back to the border. We're planning on going to a friends for the 4th - I personally would rather hang out in the AC, but I'll be a good sport and get out. It won't hurt for a couple of hours... I think?? ;) Write more later! Happy 4th everyone!

Monday, July 03, 2006

A little more Pomegranate progress...

I got a few more motifs finished. It's coming along nice I think.

Pomegranate Sampler progress as of 7/3/06

Still no Village in the mail. I'm pretty disappointed. I didn't order the hard to get linen. I ordered linen that was in stock. Maybe it's something else that's not in? Oh well, I just need to be patient (haha). I'm sure it will be here before I know it! :)

We don't know anything definite yet about dh's job. They said they would call him next week, but it seems like he'll probably get it. I told my mom not to get too excited yet because you just never know. Of course she's so excited! He's going to have to go back down one more time for another physical and drug test. The sheriff has to look over the application and approve it also. And then we'll know for sure - I hope! ;) Well, much else going on here... just hanging out with the kids!

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker
Only 3 more weeks until my due date - he can come a little sooner if he wants though! :)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pomegranate Sampler Progress

The kids and I didn't do anything yesterday. So I pretty much stitched all day while they played their games. Here's a pic. of my progress...

Pomegranate Sampler by Hillside Samplings

Dh has my car because his finked out on him at the last minute, so we really are pretty stuck. I have my mom's old car, but it doesn't have AC, one tail light is out, and the seatbelt doesn't work. It's just not very pleasant to drive in. I don't know why she never got anything fixed in it. Anyway, that's another story for another day.

My husband has one more test to go through tomorrow - if he passes I'm hoping they'll offer him a job! If so, that means we'll be moving probably the first weekend in August! Yikes! Thankfully we won't have to move everything right away. I just don't think I could handle that with the new baby and all. Putting our house on the market after we move out will be easier - we'll just have to find someone to maintain the lawn. Well, that's enough babbling for now. I obviously have a lot on my mind!! :)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Impatiently Waiting.....

...For the mail to come! I seriously doubt my Village will be in the mail today, but it doesn't stop me from hanging out by the window! :) If it doesn't come today I'm going to start Pomegranate Sampler by Hillside Samplings.

Pomegranate Sampler by Hillside Samplings

The fabric is 36 ct. Park City Blend by R&R and the threads Needlepoint Inc. silk. Thank you everyone for your nice comments on Quaker Garden. I woke up this morning and admired it... I wish the picture did it justice - it really turned out pretty! :) I'll do a mail update later!

Update: No Village in the mail - as I expected. :(