Monday, January 29, 2007


I recently got a router, so now I can go online using my laptop anywhere in the house. I think my favorite place is in bed. I can stitch, watch T.V. and read my blogs while lounging on my feather pillows and snuggled under the blankets. It's luxury!

Cross Stitch and Laptop

Just ignore the messy bed! :) After I finished up "A Bit of January" yesterday I decided to get back out the Flip-It Stamps I started over one last October. I counted up and restarted with January, which is what I'm stitching in the above picture. I was thinking about it today and it came to me that I most likely counted wrong, so I recounted and sure enough I was off by one stitch. Argh, how frustrating! Oh well, it will just be off by one stitch... there's no way I'm going to rip it out, especially since it's over one. Here's a close up...

January Flip-It Stamp

I don't know why I love these little monthly designs so much. I guess I just like their cutsyness. My tastes vary so much. Well, not much else going on. Write later! :)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

A bit of January - Finished!

I finished this little design up tonight...

A Bit of January

Now I just need February! :)

I have decided that my next big project (like I don't have enough of those going already) will be Celtic Banner. I actually started this years ago. I sold it to someone and they were very happy to have it and finish it. I have kicked myself so much for letting go of that project. And lately I've really been contemplating it and admiring others that have been stitched. So I ordered the pattern (again) and 32 ct. Lambswool Jobelan to stitch it on. I'm hoping it will look nice on it - I'm now wondering if I should've gone with linen. I don't know?? I was possibly thinking of tea-dyeing it. Anyway, here are the DMC threads the pattern calls for...


Aren't they gorgeous?? I think Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum is a genius when it comes to color and color combinations. I can't wait to get started (again).

P.S. I don't normally post twice in one day, but the kids went bed really early tonight, so I've found myself with a lot of very unusual free time on my hands. I really should get to bed also because since they went to bed early that probably means they'll be waking up early!! :) Write later!

Great Find!

I walked into The Crafty Framer the other day and this caught my eye right away...

Remember Me by Indigo Rose

Remember me

Remember Me Photo Album by Indigo Rose

It's a photo album by Indigo Rose called Remember Me. I got it down off the shelf and saw that is was $29, I thought that was a good deal, and then I turned it around and it was 1/2 off! I couldn't believe my luck! I think it's so pretty! I had forgotten what a cute shop The Crafty Framer is. It's really tiny, but they've got it set up cute. I went in there looking for February for my Lizzie Kate Flip-it Bits banner. Unfortunately they didn't have it, but my great find made up for it! Anyway, here is my progress on January...

A Bit of January progress as of 1/28/07

I like the idea Carrie had about getting a SAL together for this one! Anyone else interested??

Write soon!

Friday, January 26, 2007


A bit of January - Flip it Bits
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I started something else last night. A bit of January, the new Flip-it Bits by Lizzie Kate. I'm doing them on one long piece of fabric (the other half of my 32 ct. natural Glenshee that I'm using for my Sunflower Bellpull). I picked up the pattern yesterday at Silk Road Needlearts. They didn't have February, so I may have to get it Saturday at JoAnne Nantz's. I saw she had one there last weekend. I also got a couple sets of Q-snaps (8x8 & 11x11). I had some, but my oldest ds liked to use them to make shapes and musical instruments and when I went to put them together before we moved I couldn't get any to match, so I ended up throwing them away - don't ask me what happened to the missing pieces!! Well, baby is waking up - write later!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sunflower Bellpull as of 1/24/07

Sunflower Bellpull as of 1/24/07
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I got a couple more bands done. I'm really enjoying this! I have it on a scroll frame and I usually stitch in hand, but I'm love the neatness of doing it on the frame. Tonight I'm hoping to get more done... my show is on tonight (Grey's Anatomy) and it's a new one! I can't wait for 9:00! :) Write later!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My name and date...

Sunflower Bellpull as of 1/22/07
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I couldn't decide what to put in the personalization section of the sampler. I stitched and restitched it about four times. First I was going to do my initials and last name like Cynthia did, but it wouldn't fit and then I was going to do my first name and last initial, but it still wouldn't fit and then I was going to do the date in smaller numbers, but it looked funny. So I think I'm happy with this. I would've had a lot more done if it weren't for my indecision.

I forgot to share my new stash from the Golden Needle. I'm always on the lookout for Goode Huswife patterns because they are out of print. I found a couple of them and I also got a Shepherd's Bush kit - Love Letters. After seeing Karen V's stitched I knew I had to have it! :)

stitching stash from Golden Needle

Love Letters
Close up of Love Letters

Hopefully I get a chance to stitch a little more tonight! Write later! :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Sunflower Bellpull as of 1/21/07

Sunflower Bellpull as of 1/21/07
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I stitched last night - I stitched and stitched until dh came home and I realized I had better get to bed! I don't have much to say, so I thought I'd answer some questions from the comments...

Michelle - they were nicer to me - the one lady even said she was surprised that she hadn't scared me off!

Julianne - I'm using 32 ct. Glenshee linen. I cut it down the middle - I'm thinking of using the other half for Lizzie Kate's new monthly series.

Karen - I will defintely be going back to Golden Needle - I can't wait to take that class! :) I like the shop because the owner and I both love Shepherd's Bush, so I always know where I can get the latest kits! :)

Well, I think that's all for now! Jake needs to be put to bed, so I'll write later! Thank you all for your nice comments! :)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A little bit of stitching this week...

Thursday I went back down to the Golden Needle. I decided to give them one more chance. :) The shop is so cute - even if some people were a little rude. I stitched some on Village of Hawk Run Hollow while I was there...

VOHRH as of 1/17/07

I didn't get a lot done - just filled in some of the black background. While I was there I signed up for a class with Susan Greening Davis making little strawberry pin cushions. They're so cute!! :)

Sunday I dropped off the kids at my MIL's and went stitching at JoAnne Nantz Needlework. I got a little bit done on my Game Board Sampler...

Game Board Sampler as of 1/19/07

I also got a pattern while I was there...

Peaceful Garden
Moira Blackburn's Peaceful Garden

And because I don't have enough going on right now, I've decided to start this...

Drawn Thread's Sunflower Bellpull

And here's my little progress pic...

Drawn Thread Sunflower Bellpull

I'm enjoying it so far! :) Well, I think my life will slowly be getting back to normal. Dh went back to nights today - I can once again stay up late and stitch while watching whatever I want! :) Kinda selfish of me, huh? ;)

I have one last pic to share... I captured this shot early this morning while everyone was still in their p.j.s...

Bradley, Jake and Matthew (who turned 6 months on Friday!)

Well, not much else going on here. I'll write more later!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Sweet Sweet Babe - almost finished!

I got most of the stitching finished on this. Now I just have to wait for the baby to born, so I can add her name and birthdate! I've decided not to do the checkboard background. I haven't updated lately because it's been crazy around here. My brother and SIL are here from Michigan. They got here last Tuesday and it's been pretty whirlwind. They went to Orlando today, so it's been a nice, quiet, normal day. I love them very much, but I also like our routine and I hate to get out of it! Now, I just have to decide what to get back to stitching wise - maybe Winter Wind - I've been ignoring it and I do need to stitch a couple houses on my Gameboard Sampler. I'm trying to get back into the SAL! Well, write later! :)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sweet Sweet Babe Progress

I have a progress pic to show! I went stitching at JoAnn Nantz Needlework in Holiday yesterday. I dropped the kids off at my MIL's house and she told me to go stitch, so I did! :) It was so much fun just to sit and stitch. Everyone was so nice. They usually take a lunch break and get some food next door. Everyone seemed pretty laid back. Except one lady who kept saying funny things to me like "We don't normally talk about people," or "We don't normally share charts, but this one is out of print." Like I'm the chart sharing, talking about people police. I really could care less, but I guess she was just worried that I would think bad of them, or she was telling me that I shouldn't do that? I don't know. Other than that it was a lot of fun. I think I'll probably be taking the kids to my MIL's house every Saturday and go stitching, since dh doesn't have a weekend day off anymore. It works for both of us my MIL gets to see the kids and I get to stitch! :) Anyway, enough rambling here's my pic...

Sweet Sweet Babe progress as of 1/6/06
Sam Sarah Sweet Sweet Babe progress as of 1/6/06.

I decided to use 28 ct. Light Mocha Cashel - I seem to use that fabric a lot, but I like it. It's a good neutral color and a good replacement for hand-dyed fabric. Well, Jake is wanting me to lay by him and watch Spongebob, so I'll write later! :)

edited to add...

I turned around to lay by Jake and this is what I saw...

Jake Sleeping 1/7/06

He was already fast asleep! :)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Cross Stitch Related Post!

I remembered I got this in the mail the other day. It was on sale at Needlecraft Corner.

Sam Sarah Sweet Sweet Babe
Sweet Sweet Babe by Sam Sarah.

Threads for Sweet Sweet Babe
Some threads it called for and the buttons.

I want to stitch it for my SIL who is due next month. She's having a girl, but we have no idea what they are going to name her. I told her there's nothing wrong with not telling anyone. That way no one can say they don't like it and it's too late to say anything once the baby is born. Well, maybe I should find some fabric and get started on this?? Write later! :)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

No Stitching...

I don't know what's wrong with me... Maybe I'm going through a little slump, but I haven't stitched since the stitch in two weeks ago. And that was just a little bit. I have also had a cold and dh has been home more - he's been working days. I'm out of my routine of watching what I want on T.V. at night and then stitching until I get tired. Since dh has to get up early we've been going to bed early. Anyway, that's why there's been no stitching. Jake and Matthew also have colds, and they've both been keeping me up at night.

Matthew is getting so big - he's been saying "ba ba" when he wants his bottle. It's so cute! He started saying it the other day when we were in the car. He's also been sucking on his toes, which is so funny and cute!

Wow! Toes!

He's still a baldy - looks just like me when I was a baby! :)

Well, I promise the next time I post I'll have stitching to show! I've got to get back to it, so I don't go insane! :) Write later!