Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jake and Bradley Halloween

Jake and Bradley right before we were getting ready to go Trick-or-Treating. And yes that is a white pumpkin! My mom had to have it because they are in all the magazines! I had to admit it looked pretty cool all lit up at night! :)

Happy Halloween!

Shepherd's Bush Little Witch

Little Witch is finished! I made a couple of changes. I didn't give her witch hair, and I didn't outline the dress in darker green on the bottom. I also borrowed an idea from Deb (artisticneedle) and put another flower on the top of the vine instead of the button. I just didn't like that button. Anyway, I'm so glad it's done and just in time for Halloween. I loved working on this design. Now I'll probably get back to Pear Tree Inn. I want to try to get some of these WIPs finished up!

Well, not much else - write more later! :)

P.S. Matthew is going to be a duck for Halloween. I'll post pictures tonight or tomorrow! :)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Finally got it figured out!

I thought I knew access... I didn't know anything! I know now how to compact the file, and how not to delete everything entered. Very important things to know! If anyone wants a smaller, better Cross Stitch Organizer for Microsoft Access click here...


It's an annoying website, but they offer free file hosting. Enjoy - after you get past all the crazy ads!


More Little Witch

I got a little more done on Little Witch - although I haven't worked on her in a couple of days. I went down to Port Charlotte to check out another new shop - Golden Needle. I could tell right away that I was going to like it. They had a lot of models on the walls (including Little Witch). :) The owner was so nice. She couldn't believe that I had drove down from just to see her shop. It's really not further than when I would drive up to Chattanooga when Ewe-Nique Stitches was there. Anyway, my mom told me to get something for my birthday next week and she would pay me back. Unfortunately I had the kids with me, so it was easy to look around. I'm definitely going back without the kids soon, so I can stay awhile. Here's what I got... Thanks, mom! :)

Birthday Stash!
O Beautiful by Shepherd's Bush, Trix or Treat by Blackbird Designs, and two new magazines.

They also have stitch-in's every third Thursday, so I may try to get to one of those. Too bad I don't live a little closer, but that's probably a good thing! :) It's also nice that they have a mall right down the street and tons of other shopping like Michaels, Target, etc.

We took the boys to a Halloween thing they were having here on Treasure Island last night. Jake was a Pirate and Bradley was Dash from The Incredibles. We didn't stay long because it seemed like it was going to rain, but the boys had fun!

Bradley and Jake (Pirate and Incredible)
My Little Monsters!

Well, not much else... I've been fixing my program. I actually like it better now because I made the pictures a little bigger. I still have to add a couple more binders of charts. Whenever I go through my stash like that it makes me remember everything I have!! :) Write later!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I just learned an important lesson...

And wanted to pass it on! I'm having a little trouble with this access file - sorry to those who are trying to get it! I just learned that if you make a back up copy you must give it a new name or it will revert to the old file. I made a copy with the same name and erased all the info that I've been entering for over a couple years, so I could try to upload or send and then when I went to restore it - it was all still gone because I didn't change the name of the file. Argh! What a lesson to learn! Oh well, what can you do? Cry, throw things, stomp feet? I'm just too tired. Oh well, I'll start over tomorrow. Hopefully I've stopped someone from making the same mistake!

Monday, October 23, 2006

A gift for my stitching friends!

I created a stitcher's organizer for Microsoft Access. You must have Microsoft Access to use! It takes about 3 minutes to download if you have DSL. File size is 93.5 mb. To use just click on Forms and then you can double click on patterns, fabrics, threads, and start entering your information. To add a picture for patterns you will have to resize them. Max width is about 280 pixels and length is 300 with a resolution of 150 pixels per inch. Then all you have to do is copy and paste your picture into the space. email me if you need further help. I love this program - it's so versitale and you can add as many reports or queries as you like. It's fun and addicting! I kept a few examples, so you could see how I used it.

Enjoy! :)

edited to add: the link is no longer working - email me for a copy (email address is at the top left of my blog)

Little Witch

I couldn't resist starting Little Witch the other day! What a fun stitch! :) Halloween has just come too fast this year. I don't even have costumes yet for the boys! Tomorrow we are going to go to the Disney Store to get a RED Power Ranger costume and I think a Buzz Lightyear costume. I love Disney Store - they make it so easy for mom's. I'm just not creative enough to make costumes! :)

Well, not much else going on ... took
a couple cute pictures of Matthew...
The poor baby! He was not happy with me! He brightened up soon though... he had just woken up and was not ready to have his picture taken! Well, 3 out of 4 of my boys are sleeping, so I'm going to stitch! :) Write later!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Just Nan Flying Colors

Ok, I was bad again - I just can't hide it from you all! I was so happy the other day. I met up with my brother and his accountant to see how we were doing so far with Quickbooks. He was very impressed with everything I had done. It was so nice to get some positive feedback for once! I know my brother cares, he just doesn't say much. So on the way home I decided to treat myself. This is a model stitched at Silk Road Needlearts and I've always admired it. It's a ton of colors for such a little design, but they are so pretty! I also ordered a few things...

Little Witch - by Shepherd's Bush Linen and Silks for Little Witch - so yummy!
Shepherd's Bush Little Witch

New Prairie Schooler and LHN charts
Prairie Schooler & LHN Charts

I didn't make it to that shop last night for the stitch-in. I drove almost there (over an hour) and the traffic was bumper to bumper. I'm not sure why? I don't know if it's always like that, or if something was going on. I may try taking a different way if I decide to go again, but that was just crazy! I even called ahead of time to make sure they had room, the lady must have been wondering what happened to me! :) I was on the road for over two hours (not fun!). I did get a little more stitching done on Pear Tree Inn though...

Pear Tree Inn - Progress as of 10/19/06
LHN Pear Tree Inn

And here's a pic of my other WIP... getting so big!! :)

There's a smile! :)
Matthew - Three Months Old!

Well, not much else going on here. I plan on having a lazy day today with the kids. Hoping to get a little stitching done! :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Harvest Fob Completed!

Harvest Fob - Front
Originally uploaded by nevillen.
I got my Harvest Fob finished up yesterday. I'm not very happy with the cording, but oh well! I'm not going to rip it off and fix it. I'm just too lazy! :)

Thank you all for your kind comments yesterday. I owned a shop way back in 1997 (The Stitcher's Haven). It was only open for 10 months. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was only 22 years old when I opened it. Besides my lack of knowledge it was also not a very good location. It was in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Midtown, Atlanta. Anyway, I always tell myself if I could do it over, I would definitely do it right next time! One of these days I'm definitely going to do it!

Well, not much else going on here. I'm going to get back to my Pear Tree Inn - I got a litte done yesterday, not really much though. I think I'm going to go to that new (to me) shop tomorrow. Hopefully I like it! :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Harvest Fob Finished!

Harvest Fob Front
Originally uploaded by nevillen.
I got all the stitching done on Harvest Fob last night. Now I just have to put it together!

I had a little issue with that shop I was going to for stitch-ins. When I bought the linen and pearl cottons for Reed's Stocking I thought the total seemed kind of high, but I didn't think anything of it at the time. When I got home I realized she charged me $3.25 each for the DMC Pearl Cottons. I looked on the internet and almost everywhere I looked they were $1.25-$1.30. So I emailed her and asked if that was right and she emailed back saying yes, that's the right price. No explanation as to why. And then I realized the linen was about $10 more than other places also. I understand trying to make up for overhead, but that seems like a lot. So I'm not sure if I want to go back there. It just a principal thing with me I guess. I used to own a small cross stitch shop in Atlanta, and I would've never done something like that. And I had to pay rent, etc. I wouldn't take it out on my customers. I just wonder how long she can keep that up without people becoming aware of how much more they're spending.

I found another shop online in Brandon called Roman Tales. They have stitch-ins on Friday nights, so I may check it out. From the picture it looks like a pretty nice shop. It's a little further drive though. Anyway, enough about that! After I do a little work for my brother I'm going to try to get this fob together! Write later!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Little House Needleworks Peaches

LHN Peaches
Originally uploaded by nevillen.
I received my order from Handcrafts Online. Mary Kathryn sent these out so fast! I love the colors in this one and I love the fabric Mary Kathryn picked out! I can't wait to get these all stitched up. I think they would look so pretty all displayed in a basket.

I worked on my Harvest Fob a little bit today...

Harvest fob as of 10/17/06

I'm almost done with the front. I think it's going to be pretty cute once finished. I'm determined to get the finishing done right away too. I still need to get my Happy Day needleroll finished. I've avoided that for too long! Well, not much else going on here. Just kids with a little work and stitching thrown in! :) Write later!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Harvest Fob Kit

Back of Harvest Fob
Originally uploaded by nevillen.
I went to the In-Law's today and on my way out the door I grabbed this kit by Shepherd's Bush. I wanted something quick I could do in the car. I got the back finished up tonight. It seems like it will be a pretty quick stitch.

We took the kids to a carnival after dropping off Matthew to spend time with his Grandma. They had so much fun! Bradley said that "This day sure was something else." My arms are sore from spinning them around in the "Tip Top" and "Berry go Round." :) So I'm pretty much wore out... don't know if I'll get anymore stitching done tonight. Write later!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Silly Boys!!

I shot this with my camera, so it's a little fuzzy! Ignore the messy room!! :)

I had an idea!

Actually Alison gave me the idea of making a stocking into an ornament. I figured if it was done over one it would be perfect (not too big). I've never seen one done that small, it would definitely be an experiment!

Jillian Stocking start

I decided to start because I have nothing else I'm stitching on at the moment! LOL! I just had to see how it would look, I think it's going to look pretty! :)

Some Stitching...

I got a little stitching done while watching Grey's Anatomy last night. My only favorite show right now. I was planning on going to The Pier today, but I really need to get some walking shoes. All I have is sandals, not good for walking. And now Matthew is taking a morning nap, so I'll have to wait to go anywhere until he wakes up. He actually slept through the night last night - 12 hours!! He woke up a little bit last night, and I just covered him up and he slept six more hours after that. I couldn't believe it. I think I may enjoy the quiet now and get a little more stitching done! :)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Shepherd's Bush Reed's Stocking

Shepherd's Bush Reed's Stocking
Originally uploaded by nevillen.
I decided to be a good mother and get a stocking started for one of the boys. I think Reed's Stocking is pretty cute because it's got a sheepie too. Love those sheepies!! I went stitching last night at Lasting Impressions and picked up the threads and fabric to stitch it. I really need to get back to that budget one of these days! :) I also stopped by a new shop (to me) The Crafty Framer in Largo the other day and picked up a few things. It was a cute shop, and the owner was very nice.

Crafty Framer Stash - 10/11/06.

Those little designs in the boxes are called Doodle's for leftovers, they're designed by Hob-Nobb Designs. I couldn't resist them because of the cute little button and the cute little box. :)

I did get a little stitching on Pear Tree Inn done last night. I've almost got the border finished. I'm glad I'm doing the border first because I know by the time I got finished with everything else I would not be looking forward to stitching it. Here's a progress pic...

Pear Tree Inn progress as of 10/12/06
Sorry for the wrinkles!

Not much of a progress pic, hopefully I can get that border done soon, and then I'll be able to use another color besides brown!

I have been going for walks with the boys a lot recently - trying to lose some of this baby weight! I bought a Sit 'N Stand stroller. It's a double stroller where the baby sits in the front (I can also snap on the carseat) and the older child can either sit or stand in the back. Jake loves it becuase he can't sit still, and this enables him to stand and look at everything, but still keep him contained, which is what I like. I'm thinking of taking them for a walk to The Pier today or tomorrow. I think they would really like that. Anyway, I didn't mean for this post to be so long! I guess I had a lot to say! Write later!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

New Charts

New Stash - 10/5/06
Originally uploaded by nevillen.
There should not be a cross stitch shop on the way to my son's school. It's just too tempting! Especially when the owner sends emails - a lot! I just love the new Shepherd's Bush stocking - Jillian's Stocking. I'm very tempted to stitch that for me! I love the design and the colors! Love the sheep! That would be sad if I had a new stocking and none of the boys had one. I'm such a bad mother! LOL! :) One day I will stitch them all one. I also got Praiseworthy Stitches Knots & Flowers and Little House Needleworks Two Blue Houses.

I got all my wips and ufos uploaded into my flickr album. I have about 18 total. I really need to get that number down. There are a few that I just know I'll never stitch on again, but I can't seem to part with. Well, I'd better get back to the laundry! Write later!

Matthew's New Crib

Matthew's New Crib
Originally uploaded by nevillen.
Here's a picture of Matthew's new crib. He sleeps in it every so often. It's in the boy's room, so he doesn't always get the peace and quiet he needs, which is why I still have the bassinet. I found out my SIL is having a girl! We're so excited! We're going with her tomorrow to help her register for her shower. It's going to be a pink explosion! I hope my SIL likes pink! :) I started crocheting a blanket that's mostly white with a pink border. Hopefully it turns out ok! I don't have any stitching pics to share. I've only done a little bit of the border on Pear Tree Inn. Well, the baby and laundry are calling! Write more later.

Matthew 11 Weeks Old - Smiling!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Matthew & Stitching

Originally uploaded by nevillen.
I was feeding Matthew and looking at my stitching. I started Pear Tree Inn last night. I barely got one side of the border finished before I was too tired. The baby and kids definitely keep me busy during the day and by the time I do get some alone time I'm exhausted! I'm sure many of you with kids know what I'm talking about! Maybe I can get a little more done now that Matthew has drank his bottle and is lying silently in his bassinet - dozing off to sleep for his nap. :)

Close up of stitching

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Back from Georgia!

Pear Tree Inn
Originally uploaded by nevillen.
I was thinking of starting Little House Needleworks Pear Tree Inn. There is a SAL going on over at the LHN Yahoo Group. I can never resist a SAL and I'm bored with my other projects. I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been feeling anxious lately for some reason. Maybe because I quit my job working at Publix (grocery store) while I was in Georgia. My maternity leave had ended and I was contemplating working just one or two days a week, but decided to just cut my ties since I'm now working for my brother. I love working for my brother, but I don't always have a lot to do. I'm not complaining... I'm just used to working all the time! I do love staying home with the kids. I wouldn't trade that for anything. Anyway, I guess I was feeling "lazy" like I should be working more... Silly, I know! Especially since the kids keep me very busy! Well, speaking of kids... The baby is crying... I'll write more later!