Monday, March 31, 2008

Ahh... Vacation!

It was so nice to wake up after 8:00 am today and not have to go anywhere! What luxury! This is what I've been doing today while the kids play.

Stitching corner

Stitching, listening to my book and drinking coffee! :) I've been working on Quaker Christmas some. I hope to get at least one motif finished up today.

Quaker Christmas

We found several cute places to rent. We're going to look inside some of them on Friday. Hopefully we find one that we like. I'm getting excited! Thank you to everyone for your kind comments on Sampler Lady! Write later!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Sampler Lady Finished!

Sampler Lady

Sampler lady

Sampler Lady finished!
Little House Needleworks "The Sampler Lady"
Fabric: 32 ct. Vintage Luna by Lakeside Linens
Threads: Crescent Colours and DMC
Started: 3/16/08 - Finished: 3/29/08

Sampler Lady Little House Needleworks "My Needle's Work"
And here are the two girls next to each other! :)

I got her finished up last night while listening to "The Queen's Fool" by Philippa Gregory. I love her books! I finished listening to "The Pillars of the Earth" while driving up here. It was good, but not as good as I thought it would be.

I'm trying to decide what to stitch next... I brought a stack of things to stitch. I should get back to Quaker Christmas. Tanya wants us to update April 1st for the SAL and I haven't done anything on it in awhile. Well, not much else! We're just hanging out. We might go look at some places later on today. There are some cute townhouses that are very reasonable. I would love to get into something like that. Write later! :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Poor Girl Has No Head....

The Sampler Lady as of 3/26/08

I will definitely have to fix that today! :)

My SIL and I are taking a photography class starting April 8. It's every Tues. for five weeks. She just got a new camera kind of like mine, but a canon. Well, we are both pretty clueless on how to use them. Other than using the point and shoot features. I'm looking forward to it. I think it will be fun. It will be good to get out of the house once a week and learn something new at the same time. Well, not much else! Write later! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sweet Treats

I worked on Sweet Treats last night. The new installment is out and I should be getting it in the mail pretty soon from Handcrafts Online, so I thought I'd stitch as much as I could until I got the pattern.

Sweet Treats as of 3/25/08

I also got a new Vera Bradley bag yesterday (which you all know is my other weakness). It's the Laptop Case in Mod Floral Pink. I have been looking at it for a long time. I thought it would make a perfect little cross stitch bag...

Vera Bradley Laptop Case - Mod Floral Pink
Side View

Large zippered pocket in the middle - perfect for holding stitching projects

Zippered side pocket - perfect for keys, glasses, wallet, etc.

I'll probably get back to Sampler Lady today unless Sweet Treats #2 comes in the mail and then I'll work on that. Write later! :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Little More Sampler Lady


I worked on it a little bit last night. I finally got the skirt done! That took me forever it seems. :) I can't wait to see how it looks next to "My Needle's Work."

I'm going up to South Carolina with the kids for a week this Friday. I can't wait! It's going to be a nice escape. And then I'll just have two more months until I move for good - I really can't wait for that! :) Write later!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Memories Finished!


Just Nan "Memories"
Fabric: 28 ct. Silvery Moon Cashel
Threads: DMC
Started: 3/13/08 - Finished 3/24/08

I got "Memories" finished up today! I worked on it all weekend and I was determined to finish it today! :) I really enjoyed stitching it!

We had a nice weekend with my dad and step-mom. The kids had a lot of fun going to the pool and it was so nice to see Deb and her daughter Jessica again! :) I think I've caught the boys cold though. I don't have it too bad, but it's still dragging me down slightly. Write later!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sampler Lady

The Sampler Lady as of 3/20/08

I got a little bit more stitched on her last night. Thank you all for your kind comments on "Memories" and my new look. I'm still tweaking it, but I love the pink! :)

I'll be heading down to Bonita Springs after getting my ds from school. I'd rather be heading up to South Carolina, but my dh has to work this weekend. I will be going up there next weekend for a week, can't wait! :) Write later, which may not be until Monday because I doubt I'll be able to access the internet where I'm staying.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Memories as of 3/19/08

I worked on Memories some more yesterday. I decided to tackle the lettering during the day when I wasn't too tired. I think it turned out ok. I got a couple more bands finished up. I'm more than halfway done now. It's stitching up fairly quick. I'd forgotten how much fun band samplers can be.

Memories as of 3/19/08

I ended up not going stitching last night. I wanted to go, but didn't feel like making the drive because I'm going down that way on Friday to spend the weekend with my dad in Bonita Springs. I'm going to meet Deb down there on Saturday. I'm looking forward to that. I'll leave the kids with my dad and escape! :) Well, not much else. Just hanging out with the kids and filing. I hate filing!! :) Write later!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I went a little crazy....

My brother gave my mom and I some money to go shopping. For no reason other than he said he had a good year and wanted to treat us. He's way too good to us!

Anyway, I decided to stop by my LNS to see what was new. Seems innocent enough right?


Then again this is me we're talking about. I have no willpower, absolutely none. Especially when it comes to the linen drawers! I did find one new pattern (below). I love Primitive Traditions new quaker things. They are so pretty! I'm still thinking about that basket!


I stitched a little bit last night, but not much because I was so tired!. Matthew has been keeping me up at night. Crying and screaming like he's been hurt. It took me almost two hours last night to get him settled down. He's caught a cold from his brother and is not happy about it!


I'm thinking of going stitching tonight at Golden Needle. We'll see how tired I am after I get my ds from school. Although, knowing my lack of willpower being tired probably won't stop me. :) Write later!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Country Cottage Needleworks Design

Another must stitch!!

Picture Copyright Nikki Leeman of Country Cottage Needleworks

Memories as of 3/17/08

I got Memories back out and got a couple more bands finished. I'm up to band seven now. The over one words. I tried stitching a little of it last night and quit because I kept messing up. the threads kept hiding on me under the threads of the linen. Anyway, here's my progress pic...

Memories as of 3/17/08

I also got another little thing in the mail yesterday.

Thread Holder from Studio Twenty

It's a thread holder made by Monique of My Mark Designs. It goes great with my Just Nan project and it makes finding the threads I need so easy! :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Couple New Things...

Green Snowman
Shepherd's Bush "Green Snowman" kit.

Shepherd's Bush "Green Snowman"
Don't those silk threads look yummy?

The Goode Huswife Book
The Goode Huswife Book - I finally bit the bullet and ordered it from Elegant Stitch!

June Morning Threads and Fabric
June Morning, a pattern in the book, with the threads and fabric.

The Sampler Lady

I couldn't help myself. I was going through LHN withdrawals. :) I ended up starting "The Sampler Lady" yesterday. "My Needle's Work" lady needed a friend.

LHN "The Sampler Lady"
Little House Needleworks "The Sampler Lady" stitched on 32 ct. Vintage Luna.

I stitched this while watching "John Adams" on HBO. It's a new mini series based on the book by David McCullough. It was so good. I loved the costumes and the sets. They were so well done. I can't wait until part 3. It's not everyday that you come across something really good on T.V. Well, Jake is needing me! Write later! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Memories

I've been stitching on Memories this weekend. I'm really enjoying it. The colors are so bright, I'm not used to stitching with such bright colors, but I like it. It's fun!

Memories as of 3/15/08


I went to Joann's today and got an organizer for my fabric and stitching tools. I was inspired after seeing Mayte's album. She is so organized! I used my 40% off coupon, so I saved about $15! :)

Fabric Organizer

I have it sorted by count and on top are my stitching tools...

Close up of organizer

stitching tools

I'm trying to get somewhat organized for when we move. I wish I had a cabinet to put everything in. Maybe I'll keep an eye out for one at a second hand store or garage sales. I figure I can always paint it to make it look cute. Well, I think I'm going to get back to stitching and listening to my book, "Pillars of the Earth," which is pretty good so far. Write Later! :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Daisy Sampler Finished!

I got it finished up today! Yeah! :)

Country Cottage Needleworks "Daisy Sampler"

Daisy Sampler
Country Cottage Needleworks "Daisy Sampler"
Fabric: 32 ct. Patina by Lakeside Linens
Threads: DMC and Weeks Dye Works
Started: 3/11/08 - Finished: 3/15/08

My mom found an old sampler I stitched for her. I kept asking her where it was and that I didn't care what she did with, but could I please just have it back. Thankfully she found it and it was not damaged!

Brightneedle "Sonnenberg"

Brightneedle's "Sonnenberg"

It's Brightneedle's Sonnenberg. I plan to frame it again and probably keep it for myself. I don't think it's her taste, which is why it was hidden away. And that's fine because I like it even if she doesn't. :)

Well, I'm in the middle of doing mountains of laundry, so I'd better go! Write later! :)