Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'll be away for a few days....

My dh is graduating from his FLETC academy today. Somehow we made it through the past 5 1/2 months. It was so hard at first, and like you all said it would, it got better. I still miss him being there everyday, but I know in the long run it will be worth it. I'm very proud of him and after today he will officially be an ICE Special Agent. It's a safer job than what he was doing. If you've read my archives, or have been reading my blog for a few years, you'll know that he was shot in the line of duty (Mar. 04). He was shot in the leg and the recent death of the football player Sean Taylor has brought this all so close to home. The wound in my husband's leg was an inch away from hitting the femoral artery. I'm so grateful that he is here. I'm grateful he is here to follow his dream of being a Federal Agent.

I'll be driving up to our house in Georgia with him tonight and we'll start packing everything up and loading the U-Haul to move everything to the apartment in Charleston. It will be a busy few days. I brought my stitching, but if I actually stitch it will probably be a miracle! :) Well, not much else. I'll be back Sunday! Write later!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Two New Starts!

My starts often come in twos. Don't ask why. Maybe because I just can't decide! I want to be working on everything at once. I decided I wanted to start a little bit of "Poinsettias and Pines" to see how it would look on the fabric I chose. I thought the fabric was 40 ct. Elegant Bean, but it is actually 40 ct. Luna. Here's my teeny, tiny start on that...

I think I'm going to like it! :) I also started "Prairie Sampler." I'm loving it so far! I just love stitching with the Belle Soie Silks. Here's my other little wip pic...

The fabric for that one is 32 ct. Vintage Examplar by Lakeside Linens. I also got a bit of stash in the mail the other day. I got "The Busy Needle" by Little House Needleworks. It's an exclusive design for The Busy Needle in Tuscon. After seeing Vonna's stitched I knew I had to have it! I got one for Susan too, for her kindness in sending out all those packages.

Well, I think that's all. I've got to get calling utility companies to have them turned on at the apartment and turned off at the house. Fun, fun! Write later!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gingerbread Cottage Finished!

I got it finished up this morning. It was such a fun stitch! I ended up not putting faces on my gingerbread men. I tried it with one strand and with two and I just didn't like it, so I left them plain. :)

Country Cottage Needleworks "Gingerbread Cottage"
Fabric: 32 ct. Vintage Lentil
Threads: DMC and Crescent Colours
Started: 11/18/07 - Finished: 11/24/07

I was thinking of starting LHN "Prairie Sampler" next. I just love this one! The fabric I was going to stitch it on (32 ct. Examplar) is not big enough though, so I may go with 32 ct. Vintage Examplar. I'm also thinking of starting "Poinsettias and Pines" by Blue Ribbon Designs. Decisions, Decisions! Write later! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Little More Gingerbread....

I stitched for as long as I could keep my eyes open last night. I'm really enjoying this piece. It's so cute and whimsical.

I finally finished listening to "A Breath of Snow and Ashes" by Diana Gabaldon. It was so good, and I can't wait for the next one to come out! I went to the library and picked up a few more. I'm now listening to "Sweetwater Creek" by Anne River Siddons. I'm almost finished. I picked it because it's about a girl who lives on a marshy creek by Charleston. It makes me want to go back to the apartment and sit on the dock with sun in my face and the wind blowing through the marsh listening to the fish jumping out of the creek. It's really is beautiful there. It's beautiful here too, just different.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to the smells of turkey roasting and pies baking. :) I'm always interested in family traditions. Do you do something different or special for Thanksgiving? We don't really - here's our usual menu...

Turkey (of course)
Mashed Potatoes with lots of butter and milk
Sweet Potatoes with marshmallows
Green bean casserole (made from the soup can recipe, which calls for soy sauce - adds a little something to it)
Cranberry sauce (from the can - my husband about gagged when someone brought the real stuff last year)
dinner rolls
Pumpkin Pie (my mom always gets Mrs. Smiths) :)
Apple Pie (for my brother)

Well, that's it and my stomach is growling! Can't wait for tomorrow!

Write later!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Lied

I said I wouldn't start Gingerbread Cottage over even though I didn't like the linen I was stitching it on. Well, I couldn't stand it any longer, so I did start over. I'm now stitching it on 32 ct. Vintage Lentil by Lakeside and I'm liking it so much better!

Well, not much else! Just getting ready for Thanksgiving. We're just having a small family dinner here. Dh is coming home for four days starting tomorrow! :) Write later!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Escaped!!

I escaped up to Georgia this weekend! I went up to help my dh find an apartment in Charleston, SC. He starts work there in a couple weeks, so we had to find something quick. We found him a cute little place right on a beautiful marshy creek (Shem Creek). It even has a little fishing dock, so he can go fishing. The building backs up to the creek and is right by the dock, so all he has to do is walk out the back. It's also about 10 minutes from the beach and downtown Charleston and about 20 minutes from his work. It's definitely bittersweet because I'd love to be going with him, but I just have too many responsibilities in Florida. Working for my Brother, my mom, my in-laws, and Bradley loves his school and his routine. We're going to try it for six months. That's how long his lease is. If it's too hard we will move up there. It will be summer then and the transition would be a little easier on the kids. Well I did get a tiny bit of stitching done. Not as much as I would've liked. I've been working on Gingerbread Cottage and I'm just not sure I like the fabric I'm using. It's kind of loose. I like my fabric to be a little denser, but oh well. I don't think I'm going to start over! :) Here's my little wip pic.

I didn't take any other pictures. I thought about it after we left, but oh well. We'll be back in a couple weeks when we move the furniture. Oh, we do have an offer on our house. If everthing goes ok we'll close on Dec. 14th. Wish us luck! :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thank You

Thank you all for your very kind comments on my finishing. I know I'm my own worst critic! I will get back to the finishing of the box soon because I do want to use it and enjoy it! I went stitching at Golden Needle last night. I decided at the last minute to go and I'm so glad I did. It's always so much fun. I got to see Martha again and I got Frappuccino finished up while there.

Little House Needleworks "Frappucino"
Fabric: 32 ct. Vintage Examplar by Lakeside Linens
Threads: Belle Soie Silk by Crescent Colours
Started: 11/9/07 - Finished: 11/14/07

I know I said no more stash, but I couldn't resist get a couple little things...

I got Cat Whisker's Designs scissor pocket and a My Big Toe Designs Exclusive for Golden Needle "Sisters in Stitching." The link is to one they did for Stitches 'N Things, which by the way is less than a mile from my dad's house in Michigan! Anyway, the design is the same except is is says "Golden Needle Stitchers" instead of "Triangle Stitchers."

I also got a small cut of 32 ct. Pearled Barley for CCN "Gingerbread Cottage." I'm doing a SAL with the Little House/Country Cottage Yahoo Group. I started a little bit of it last night to see how the colors would look on the fabric. I think they're going to be really pretty!

Well, I'd better get some work done! I'll write later! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Please Don't Look Too Close!

Ok, here is some of my class piece. I took the idea from some of the ladies in class to put a piece of felt on the bottom and attach the fabric to the felt. Then attach the scissor holder to the bottom instead of the lid. Well, I did this, but it's not right. It's uneven and I hate that I'm such a perfectionist, which is why I don't finish anything. Which is why I just stitch and stitch because I can get the needle through holes, that is mathematical and structured and ususally comes out ok and if not it's easy to fix. Ok, anyway, I'll stop blathering...

And here's the little pin cushion that I'm still working on. I know the joining stitch isn't right, but I think I'm leaving it. It's joined - it looks ok to me. :)

I know it's so silly, but I have zero confidence in my finishing skills. I guess it just takes practice - lots of it!

Anyway, I decided on a different fabric for my Quaker Christmas. I think I've decided to go with Vintage Meadow Rue by Lakeside Linens. I've got a cut of 36 ct. that I bought for something else and I'm trying to decide if I want to just use that or get a new piece for this in maybe 40 ct.?? Here's a pic with the Vintage Meadow Rue...

Oh I also got a couple patterns yesterday that I had ordered a few weeks ago...

"Poinsettias and Pines" by Blue Ribbon Designs

I already had the silks from before and the fabric, 40 ct. Elegant Bean, was leftover from my abandoned "And They Sinned" - it was a perfect cut for this piece. I was so excited about that!

I also got "Prairie Sampler" by Little House Needleworks. The silk I had too. I'm going to go through my stash for a fabric later...

Speaking of LHN have you all seen this?? It's called "Brave Hearts" and it's a Little House Needlework pattern that's going to be released at the end of November! It's gorgeous! I told Mary Kathryn to put me down for one and a few silks I would be needing for it. After that I'm going on a serious stash diet - well, until Christmas that is! LOL! :) Write later!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It works!!

I shook it really hard and it started working! Don't ask! :)

First up! Susan from Afford Your Passions sent me a box last friday. I, like Vonna, was going to tear into, but then turned it over and saw this....

I was very intrigued and everyone in my class on Friday told me to just open it, but I didn't. I wanted to wait. Susan even said she would've opened it if it were her! :)

So today was the day! After I got the brown paper off there was a beautiful pink box. I love pink and boxes, so that was a treat on it's own!

Here's what was in the box...

A note explaining about November 13th being World Kindness day, which I didn't know, and her birthday. She wanted to give gifts on her birthday. How amazingly kind is that? I am humbled to have received such a wonderful present. Also included a very sweet Little House Needleworks ornament, card, and chocolate! Thank you again Susan! :) I will treasure it always!

And now that my camera is working I can share some other things! I started "Frappucino" by LHN after I finished Curly Q. I decided to try two strands of silk just to see what it would be like and I love it! The fabric I'm using is 32 ct. Vintage Examplar.

I also decided to milk my birthday a little further and placed an order with Elegant Stitch a few days after my birthday (got 20% off!!). I ordered the new "A Quaker Christmas" by ByGone Stitches. After seeing Merumo's stitched with Belle Soie silks in Cranberry, I knew it was a must have! :) I had originally ordered Vintage Basketweave, but Lois thought it was too dark and I trusted her, so she sent something lighter, Light Examplar by Lakeside Linens. When I got it I thought it was too light and ended up getting Mockingbird by R&R at my LNS (Silk Road Needlearts), which is very close to the Basketweave. I figured I can just use the Light Examplar for something else. Anyway, here's a pic...

I'm going to try to work on my class piece a little more. I think I know what I'm going to do now, so I don't have to glue. I'll write more tomorrow! :)

Monday, November 12, 2007


My camera is broken!! I think my ds dropped it! Oh I'm so upset. I loved that little camera so much! :( I keep hoping it will magically fix itself! Write later.....

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Worn Out!

I am worn out from this weekend! You wouldn't think stitching all day would make someone so tired! I'm sure part of it has to do with Matthew waking up at 5:45 am everyday. I don't think he's gotten used to daylight savings yet! Anyway, I had so much fun at my Susan Greening Davis class. The project is beautiful and not extremely hard. I think I may actually get this one finished! Here are some pics...

The view outside our classroom. So pretty!

The main part of the project. A beautiful shaker carrier. This is not mine, but a fellow stitcher's.

The lid of the Shaker box. This is Susan's finished project.

The inside of the box. I'm not sure if I'm going to line my box. I hate to put glue on it!

Needleroll. The linen is linen banding, so no sewing required - how awesome is that?? :) There is a also a little ruler you stitch that rolls up too. I didn't get a picture of that. It's also done on linen banding.

A little bit of what I had done. I've almost got the pin cushion finished too!

Susan Greening Davis

Martha and Anita (I think that's her name). I'm so bad with names!

Watching them glue!

Martha - checking out all the goodies!

More Goodies!

Well, that's all! I had so much fun and was so glad Susan put me by Martha. She's such a great person! :)

Oh, I did finish up Curly Q on Friday. I love it, but I am so glad it's done. I was actually thinking of framing this one! :)

Little House Needleworks "Curly Q Ewe"
Fabric: 32 ct. Patina by Lakeside Linens
Threads: Crescent Colours and DMC
Started: 10/14/07 - Finished: 11/9/07

I think this post is long enough! So I'll write later! :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Beautiful Pinkeep from Vonna!

I received the second part of my birthday present from sweet, sweet Vonna! She is just too kind. I was so excited to see a pinkeep when I opened up the package. My first pinkeep! :) It's just adorable!

She did a beautiful job on the stitching and the finishing! I've never done a pinkeep, but have always wanted to, this inspires me! :) Thank you again Vonna - I really love it!

Coming into the home stretch!

I'm almost finished with Curly Q! I just have to do the bees and the alphabet. Hopefully it won't take too long. The girls skirt seemed to take forever!! It used almost a whole skein of Crescent Colours!

We are finally getting cooler weather here in Florida and I'm loving it! We are about 7 degrees cooler than average and that is fine with me! Unfortunately it's supposed to warm up over the weekened. That's the problem with cool weather in Florida, it doesn't last! Oh well, I'll enjoy it while it's here! :)

Write later - hopefully with a finished Curly Q pic!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

I have some great friends!!

I got some belated birthday gifts in the mail and yesterday! I went stitching at Martha's yesterday and had a blast! The food was so good. Martha did a potato bar and everyone brought toppings. It was wonderful! Deb was there again and she brought her daughter Jessica who is such a sweetie!

Deb was so kind and brought me a birthday present...

I love it all - thank you again Deb!! :)

Here are a couple more pictures from the get together...

We were all excited to have Susan Greening Davis stitch with us! What a treat! She's such a fun lady, I'm looking forward to my class this weekend!

I also received two gifts in the mail today. One was from my very sweet friend Vonna...

A very pretty kit by Cedar Hill. Aren't the colors gorgeous?? I love it so much, thank you again Vonna!!

I also received an order from Mary Kathryn today (a birthday present to myself). I ordered some very luscious Belle Soie silks for a couple of projects.

In the package she included a little something extra for my birthday. That was so sweet of her!!

Thank you again to everyone! This has been one of my best birthdays that I've had in a long time! I appreciate all my stitching friends so much! You mean the world to me! :)

P.S. My sheep now has a head!! :)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Headless Sheep

My poor, neglected sheep is headless. I didn't stitch any yesterday and I don't know how much I'll be able to get done today. I'll definitely be able to stitch tomorrow because I'm going stitching at Martha's! I can't wait - it's going to be a blast! :) I almost didn't go because I thought I was going to have to go up to Charleston to help my dh find an apartment this weekend, but he wanted to go fishing, so he's going to go by himself next weekend. I'm going to take another class with Susan Greening Davis next weekend at the Thunderbird, which is just a few blocks from where I live, so I was able to get the commuter rate. It should be a lot of fun too! Anyway, here's my headless sheepie!

Please excuse the wrinkles! I had to scan it because dh took the camera with him - just in case he caught something huge! LOL! :)

P.S. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I had a great day!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Today I am 33. It's been a good day. The kids gave me a card and Jake picked out a couple things for me at Walgreens. I bought a Halloween cake for myself today. It was only $2.00! LOL! :) Sweet Vonna sent me an e-card this morning and said she was sending me a package. A few months ago I wrote that the LHN contest I won was the first stitched item I had ever received from someone else, so she said she would make me something for my birthday. I thought that was just too sweet of her and knowing Vonna I'm sure it will be fantastic! :)

Trick-or-Treating was fun last night. The kids has a blast and got a ton of candy! Here are a few pics...

Matthew - Buccaneer's Baby!

Bradley the Ninja

And Jake - the Sweaty Red Power Ranger! :)

I did get a little bit of stitching done last night and today on Curly Q.

I started on the sheep while waiting for my ds to get out school, so I'm hoping the kids go to bed early tonight, so I can get more done! Well, Jake is needing me. Write later! ;)