Friday, December 09, 2011


I actually have a few finishes to share! I stitched this little design a few weeks ago...

Pumpkin Blossom Pin Cushion

It's the Pumpkin Blossom Pin Cushion from the Blackbird Designs Autumn Loose Feather chart. I plan to finish it using the fabric and chenille shown with it.

My other two finishes are a couple of stockings from the Blackbird Designs December Stockings leaflet.

December Stockings

I really messed up on one of the stockings, but I wasn't about to rip it all out. It is just an ornament after all - I don't think anyone will notice. Now I just have to get these things finished!! I also plan to stitch the third stocking from the leaflet.

Merry Christmas Stocking

This one is my favorite - I love the colors. I plan to use the same backing fabric as the stocking I stitched earlier in the year.

Well, I'm so glad my slump is gradually leaving. I'm starting to get that little thrill from my stitching again. Hopefully it continues! I've definitely missed it. I think working on a couple of small things was the right thing to do. Thank you all for your encouragement! Write soon!