Monday, September 23, 2013

I got a Job (almost)!

I'm sure you all have noticed that I made my blog private (I have decided to reopen my blog as of 10/29/13).  I made that decision because I was in the process of getting job (which I have now gotten).  I have been stitching and knitting a little bit.

I started Paulette's 1837 Crown Sampler using Katrina's conversion a few weeks ago.

40 ct. Vintage Examplar, GAST and WDW threads (1 over 2)

And I have been slowly working on August Word Play (we'll see if I can finish before October).  

40 ct. Vintage Pecan Butter, GAST threads (1 over 2)

I have also been knitting dishcloths and socks.  Only the socks haven't quite been working out.  I have been mainly ripping.  I did finish one, but it was a little tight.


In other news... I found a knitting and stitching group near me.  It has been so nice to meet up with people nearby!  Well, hopefully, it won't take me so long to update again (I've been saying that a lot lately).