Thursday, April 26, 2012

Elizabeth Sheffield Version 2.0

Some of you may remember that I started Elizabeth Sheffield awhile ago...

Elizabeth Sheffield

I was fairly happy with it, until I saw Jen's finished sampler. I loved the bright colors and the linen she stitched it on. I couldn't believe she stitched it with only one strand of DMC on 35 ct. linen. I thought it was just gorgeous! I couldn't resist... I put Elizabeth 1.0 away and started 2.0. :)


Elizabeth Sheffield
35 ct. Straw Linen by Weeks Dye Works, DMC (1 over 2)

I'm loving it! Thanks for letting me be a copy-cat, Jen! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring's Song Finished!

I just finished it today. I love how it turned out!

Blackbird Designs

Blackbird Designs Spring's Song
Blackbird Designs "Spring's Song"
Fabric: 40 ct. Lt. Examplar
Threads: Crescent Colours and Gentle Art
Started: 4/17/12 - Finished: 4/24/12

Now, I'm going to get back to Elizabeth Mears and hopefully get her finished up soon!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back from Florida!

We had a great time in Florida. It really flew by. Now, I'm just trying to get used to getting up at 6 am every morning again. :)

I worked on Elizabeth Mears a little bit while down there. I finished up the eyelet and rice stitch borders...


40 ct. Vintage Meadow Rue, NPI silks (1 over 2)

I decided to go to the cross stitch shop (Nantz Needlework and Framing) nearest my in-law's last Friday. I walked into the shop and there were a few people in there, but I didn't pay too much attention. I was walking around, looking at patterns, when I hear one of the ladies mention Swan Sampler Guild. I look over and wonder if it's Cari from Simply Fabulous Cari. I know her sister Cathy is in the guild and I know that Cari lives in the area. Sure enough it was her and we recognized each other at almost the exact same time. It was just too funny!! It was so great to finally meet her and two of her friends that were with her. They invited me to lunch with them and then to stitch at Starbucks. It was a wonderful day! I hope to meet up with Cari and her friends again in the summer.

Waiting for me when I got home was the newest Blackbird Loose Feathers. I just love the design "Spring's Song" inside the booklet...


Check out Brenda's beautiful progress!! I'm ready to drop everything and start! :)