Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I changed my look a little. I started to add some links. Unfortunately, I lost some of my comments. I still have a little headache leftover from my migraine. Fun, fun!! :) I get to see the GYN for even more fun tomorrow. I'm going to tell him about the migraines, and see about some long term BC. :) Sorry if that's a little TMI! I've been getting my WIPs, UFOs and Stash organized. I put a few up for sale on the bb's. I am just feeling a little overwhelmed by what I have going. Also my tastes are starting to change some. I go through phases a lot, and the phase I'm in right now is easy and smaller. Maybe because I've got so much going on right now. I need quicker finishes! Well, it has been nice to kind of be lazy today. I really need to clean. It looks like a tornado has hit my house!!!! DS just fell asleep on the couch... he didn't get a nap, so it's no wonder! DS2 is fast asleep in bed like a good boy, so I guess it's me time! :) Write soon!

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