Friday, October 15, 2004

Lara is done!! Well, almost done. The knitting is finished, now I just have to sew it up!

Lara - finished knitting 10/15

I'm so happy to have finished it because I can't wait to start Butterfly!! :)

Well, hopefully the next time I post I have a real finished pic to show!

edited to add...

Lara front view

It's finished!! It took about an hour and a half to seam up. The neck at the back is a little puckery... I think I may take out and redo. It will bug me if I don't! But for now it's staying and I get to start Butterfly later today! :)

Here's a couple more pics, side view....


An ok that's enough pictures view...


That's all for now! Getting ready to go to Strings and Strands (I promise to be good! LOL!). Write more later! :)

edited again to add... I used under 9 (about 8 2/3) balls of the Cashmerino Aran, just in case someone decides to use this!! I have two leftover... maybe I should make a hat or scarf - would be a good christmas present! :)

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