Friday, April 15, 2005

Old Wip, New Wip

Well, I finished the left front of Grace and decided to put her away for a little bit. I got Gloria back out and started working on the back. I realized the back is in medium and one of the fronts I did is in small. DUH! Oh well, the back will be a little wider, but I'll make it the same height. Hopefully it will look ok, it's just 4 extra stitches. Here's a pic of the back....

Gloria Back as of 4/13

I also started a pair of springy socks yesterday. I'm using Knit Picks sock yarn in the Stargazer Lily colorway. I'm so in love with these colors!! They are knitting up so pretty!

Spring Socks

I went to another Braves game Tues. and unfortunately they lost. :( I had great seats though, we were in the 4th row right next to the dugout. I had to take dh because he pouted that he didn't get to go Friday! Well, not much else... going to knit my sock! :)

edited to add another picture of my sock, it's really moving along fast!

Spring Socks Growing!

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