Thursday, March 30, 2006

Baby Shopping!

I'm definitely starting to get into the nesting phase. I'm at the point where I want everything to be ready now, even thought I still have almost four more months! I gave a lot away to a friend who was having a baby. I really thought I was done and now I regret it! Oh well, it was for a good cause. She was very young and newlywed. Here are a few things I've gotten. I just need a stroller/car seat combo and I'll be all set... oh, and diapers too!! Need lots of diapers! :)

Bedding set
Bedding Set

Baby Blankets
Receiving blankets that match bedding

Airplane Mobile

Boppy - I can't live without a boppy!!

Bassinet I got
Bassinet - I love that it's plain white!

Evenflo Stroller I want
And last the stroller/car seat I want to get.

I have the crib, swing, high chair. I don't have a changing table, but I do have Bradley's old one that's now being used as a dresser that I could use. Or I can just use his crib for now, and decide later if I really need one. I'm definitely nesting. I'm getting a little obsessed! :) Well, I'm still stitching on Summer Jubilee. Not much progress... I've been tired! Write more later!! :)

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