Thursday, April 27, 2006


I didn't make it down to any LNS's today. I took Jake to McDonald's for breakfast and then thought I'd look at Hobby Lobby for a few things. Well, of course he threw a temper tantrum in the store and I had to drop everything and take him out. You've gotta love toddlers! So we went home and I finally got him to take a nap. While he was napping I worked some more on H is for Honey.

H is for Honey progress as of 4/27/06

I'm trying to enjoy being bored because I have to work a lot next week. I was so upset. I work part time, yet I have full time hours without the full time benefits. I wrote a note to manager to only schedule me three days a week from now on. I think I can make up the difference in money by eating out less, etc. It's getting harder on me, especially since I work retail (a busy grocery store). My back is hurting more and I've been having more pelvic pressure lately. Anyway, enough complaining. I took care of it. If they don't have enough help they'll just have to find it!! Well, off to enjoy my boredom for the rest of the day... oh, and to do laundry, fun, fun!!

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  1. Your days sound a lot like mine. Chores, car pooling, cooking, cleaning and endless laundary. Do you have Mom's Day Out in your area. It is a Godsend for me...