Friday, November 03, 2006

I miss this!

Autumn Leaves - November 2005
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This is what my backyard in Georgia would like right now if I were there. I miss fall so much. It's (obviously) my favorite season. I want to go back to Georgia! I didn't really want to move, I just did it for my family. I like Florida to visit - not to live. Oh well, the sacrifices we make. One day when I'm rich (ha ha), I plan on having a house in Georgia and Florida. That way I have the best of both worlds. Well, I didn't want another whiny post, guess I'm just feeling whiny lately! :) Thank you by the way to everyone who wish me a happy birthday - you made my day! :)

I worked on Pear Tree Inn last night. I stayed up way too late... hit snooze twice this morning! Here's my progress...


I'm taking a lesson from Diane (the designer for Little House Needleworks) to set little goals. Like finish the house today, or finish the border, etc. So I set a goal to at least get the bottom part of the house done, and I did it! Now today I want to get the roof done.

Speaking of Goals I've never set monthly goals, so I'm going to do so now!

Goals for November...
1.) Finish Pear Tree Inn
2.) Finish October Flip-it Stamp
3.) Start and Finish November Flip-It Stamp
4.) Finish Jillian's Stocking Ornament
5.) Start and try to finish PS Autumn Leaves
7.) Get LHN Pear and Watermelon finished into pillows
9.) Start and Finish LHN Peaches

I think that's enough for now! We'll see how good I do! :) Well, I'm so sleepy today - I think I'm going to take a little rest while the baby is sleeping! Write later! :)


  1. Happy belated birthday! Pear Tree Inn is looking fantastic. Sorry you are missing your autumnal views of home. Big hugs!

  2. Happy belated Birthday!!!! Birthdays have a way of making me "whiny" as well. {{{hugs}}} I live in Las Vegas now from NY and even through I wanted to move I still miss it esp. the season change!

  3. If you get all of those goals done, that would be fabulous! How do you do it with 3 little ones?! I have 4 kids 8 and under and I just couldn't think about doing all of those accomplishments in one month. U GO GIRL!!

  4. Happy belated birthday! And {{{hugs}}} too. I understand what it's like to miss home and the seasons - we don't have a proper autumn here either.

  5. Beautiful progress! Good luck getting it finished:)

  6. Pear Tree Inn looks great!! You're coming along nicely.