Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Little Stash to Share...

I went to Venice, FL the other day and decided to check out the stitching shop they have there. it's called Needlepoint Ivy and it's a pretty cute shop. The owner was very nice. I picked up the "The Littles" by Hands to Work and she asked if I stitched on 40 ct. linen and I said that I had just started stitching on it and added that I thought I might be addicted! She cut me two pieces of linen. Vintage Examplar for "The Littles" and Maple Sugar just because I thought was pretty.

I had Be My Love in my stash and when I saw Mary Kathryn had picked it out on her site to stitch one day I knew I had to kit it up. When I got home I realized that the Maple Sugar would be perfect for that pattern.

The Littles with fabric and threads
"The Littles" with 40 ct. Vintage Examplar Lakeside Linen.

CHS "Be My Love" with 40 ct. Maple Sugar Lakeside Linen.

I also got an order from Wyndham today. I got "And They Sinned" because I want to torure myself with the hugest pattern I've ever seen! I think it's just gorgeous though. I would just love have something like that hanging in my house. I'm planning on SALing along with Becky and Cathy starting in June. Wish us luck! :)



  1. Beautiful stash! I love ATS, and have had it in my stash for is my Jan 1st planned start for 2008! That should give me enough time to finish what I'm stitching now, right?! Hope Matthew's tooth is painfree soon! The Maple Sugar fabric is beautiful and will be great for that piece.

  2. Lots of great purchases! Your quaker project is looking great!