Friday, September 10, 2010

My Kindle 3 arrived today! I'm so happy! It's just perfect. I love the new e-ink Pearl screen (better contrast). I got my mom's Kindle shipped off to her yesterday, so hopefully she gets it soon!

Kindle in cover

I splurged and got the lighted cover for it. I can't wait to try it out tonight. :)

Cover for Kindle 3 w/built in light.

Lighted cover for Kindle 3

I did get a tiny bit more stitching done on Shores...

shores block 6/7 wip

Well, I'm going to get back to reading. I'm trying to finish up this Elizabeth George mystery. Its dragging a little. Write soon! :)

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  1. Ooh; you're making me want to break out my own kindle; just DL'ed a novel yesterday! :D But, I think I'll fall asleep if I curl up to read it now. :P

    Congrats on your new toy!

  2. I love my kindle! Congrats on yours.

  3. I have the Kindle 2 I bought it in June and two weeks later they come out with the 3 and lower the price HaHa Go figure But I LOVE my kindle it is the greatest :)

    I need a light for my kindle I will have to check out the lighted cover.

  4. OMG are too funny with your "gadgets"!

  5. Nice! Did you get the wifi or the 3G? :D

  6. Yay! New Kindle! Elizabeth George's stories can drag some, especially at the beginning.

    I do love your Shores. The colors are so vibrant on your fabric.

  7. I got a Kindle 2 for my birthday last week. It's in the mail and on the way to me now...can't wait!

    Feathers in the Nest

  8. My, you certainly are going wild over those gadgets lately. What fun you'd be having with them though. Enjoy your new toy and happy reading with it.

    Nice progess on Shores. It's such a mammoth project.

    How's your model stitching going?

  9. May I ask why you didn't get the kindle app for your ipad? I am still kicking around how I want to do kindle...
    But your stitching -- coming along. That is a large square with lots of water.
    Smiles- Denise

  10. Nicole has a new toy!! Nicole has a new toy!!! You make me smile girl!! Enjoy all your reading and lookin good on Shores put me to shame!!! Take good care, Faye

  11. You're the gadget queen Nicole, lol! Glad you love your new Kindle :)

    Shores is looking good!! Love watching your progress, very inspiring!

  12. I like Kindle! I want present it (from ebay) to my husband.

  13. Ok you had a Nook then got the Ipad. Now you have Kindle3 and the Ipad. Why the kindle3 when you could read from the Ipad? Do you use the Ipad in place of a regular laptop or desktop? I read alot but I also enjoy rereading some favorites - is it easy to do with Kindle3 or do they get lost in cyberspace? Can you download to a memory stick favorite books? So many questions and no one to answer so I hope you can answer them for me.

    I love the Shores! I am working on Christmas for the 2nd time (had 3 blocks finished and found a hole in the fabric 22ct not repairable).
    Shores is on hold for now.

    Happy Stitching, Susan