Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I made a tiny bit more progress on Elizabeth...

Elizabeth Mears

And today I went to It's a Stitch to get some threads for Hannah Pepper. I just wasn't happy with a couple of the colors I converted. I ended up getting the AVAS for those.

Hannah Pepper threads

So My final color list is...

4116 - 905
3426 - 156
4146 - 587
2533 - 694
945 - 636 - 504 (last minute change)
2242 - Same
2236 - Same
3441 - 671
2914 - Same

Now, I can finally stop obsessing over Hannah! :)

I also decided on the main fabric for Mrs. Waddelow's basket and Huswif...

Mrs. Waddelow

It's from the Bonnie Blue Basics line. I hope to get a few more colors to go with it one of these days.

Well, nothing really going on here. Just made dinner (turkey burgers and sweet potato fries) and now I'm going to stitch! Write soon!

ETA: This post was in my drafts, not sure why I never published it! I decided to go ahead and do it today, which is why it's just now showing up after all this time. :)


  1. Elizabeth is so pretty! I like what you've chosen for Mrs. Waddelow too!

  2. Sounds like you are going to have yet another beautiful piece when your finished.
    I also love the color and fabric that you picked out for Mrs. Waddelow. That will be beautiful as well.
    Happy Stitching.

  3. The decisions you made are fabulous

  4. I like your fabric and colour choice for Mrs Waddelow.