Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Hi Everyone,

I'm so sorry I've been such a bad blogger lately.  My life has gotten so busy since I started working full time last fall.  I also feel like I've lost my blogging mojo.  I still post pictures on Instagram when I can.  I have been doing a lot knitting, crocheting and some stitching when I find the time.  I finished two pairs of socks...

Finished just in time for the big ice storm! I know you all up north are laughing at us down here!! #aniceribbedsock #knitting #socks #mistialpaca

Green socks finished! #ninetofivesock #dreamincolor #smooshywithcashmere #knitting

A wrap...

#wigglewrap finished!! #knitting

I have also started a few crocheted blankets, but I have yet to finish one.

Restarted my ripple afghan. #softwaves #crochet #debbieblissyarn #babycashmerino
"Soft Waves Ripple Afghan"

My #grannystripe so far. #attic24 #crochet
"Granny Stripe" - ripped out and restarted

#Crocheting before work. Using Annie's Place rainbow color sequence. #grannystripe #attic24

Lastly, I started and finished a small Shepherd's Bush kit...

Camera Roll-65

Finally! A stitching finish! #quakerheart #shepherdsbush #crossstitch
Shepherd's Bush "A Quaker Heart" kit

I have started another Shepherd's Bush piece recently - A Full Heart, the Shepherd's Bush 2014 Fold piece. 

Happy early Mother's Day to me. :) #shepherdsbush #crossstitch #afullheart

Camera Roll-85

I'm just doing a lot of filling in right now.  So that's what I've been up to for the last few months!  Hope you all had a great Mother's Day!  Hopefully, my next post won't take so long.  Until then, I can be found on Instagram!


  1. Great getting caught up with you. What fabulous projects!!

  2. Love the socks! You've been very busy with all your knitting and crochet projects loving the colours you've picked for the crochet blankets nice and bright. You've got some lovely stitching projects on the go too.

  3. Glad you are managing to put some stitches into your various projects even with your full time work. Hope work is treating you well and everyone has adjusted well to the change.

  4. Fab-sock-lous! Amazing wrap and afghans. And time to stitch.

  5. ALL of your work is amazing !! I know you like to keep those fingers busy, busy, busy !! Hugs

  6. All of your finishes and WIPs are lovely. Love the crocheting, beautiful colours.

  7. I haven't had a decent blog since I started work full time 2 years ago. I've tried because I love all the bloggers out there and would love to stay in touch but alas, time just gets away from me. I love IG. I just found you and have started following. It's my go-to place for finding other stitchers these days. :o)

  8. Lovely to hear from you :)

    You've had some great finishes and your other projects are looking lovely

  9. Wow, everything is looking so great!! You've been really busy :)

  10. Great balls 'o yarn! All your needles are super flyers! With excellent output, may I add. :-) Nice to see an update. Did you watch the Southern Charm reality show? What a hoot... Never did see you LoL.

  11. Wow Nicole, you have really done some fabulous work on both your knitting, crocheting and stitching as well. I just love seeing your photos this morning! You really make the prettiest socks ever and everything here is so beautiful! I know what you mean about losing your mojo on blogging. I have also lost some of mine but when I have some progress, I will post something, but I don't blog all the time. Sometimes life gets busy and especially when you work. I remember working too and would be so tired and have to fix dinner and do household things too. So glad to see your post. I love the needlework you do too! :)