Friday, March 25, 2016


I decided to go for it yesterday.  I decided to try a podcast of my own.  I was so nervous doing it that I say "um," clear my throat and bump the table a thousand times.  I also had a hard time finding a spot to do this at.  I'm a working mom with three boys and lets face it, my house is a mess. I found a spot in my bedroom with good lighting and then realized after recording that the cord from the smoke detector we took out (and have yet to replace - I'm going to get on my husband for that today) was hanging down. But that's real life, right?  Well, here it is.  It's not perfect, there are some editing mistakes and like I said, a lot of "ums."  I also uploaded an unfinished video earlier, so now here's the whole thing!  Unfortunately, there is also a section missing in the middle (not sure what happened there), so if you feel like you're missing something, you are. I'll do better next time! :)

Show Notes

Oreo and Ginger (we have actually had Oreo for almost four years now)

What I'm Wearing
Pioneer Woman Shawl by Susan B. Anderson
It was a limited edition kit with Little Skein in the Big Wool

Podcasts Mentioned

Stitched in Sweden (Maria Montzka)
Snappy Stitches
Wool and Spinning
Suburban Stitcher

Works in Progress

Wheaten Wrap by Anne Hanson
Hourglass Throw by Anne Hanson
Nordic Wind Shawl by cabinfour
Opal Toe Up Socks
Vildes Meer Shawl by Voolenvine

Finished Objects

Toe Up Sparkle Socks (the segment I filmed for these accidentally got left out - I'll show them next time!)
Toe Up Handspun Socks


Throughly Thwacked "Pastry Bandit"

Future Projects

Manic Pixie Cloudy with a Chance of Rainbows socks for Matthew
Lighthouse Pullover by Carrie Bostick Hoge

Kirby Wirby Afterthought Heel with No Waste Yarn


  1. Loved seeing you and hearing your voice. I'm not a knitter but it was so nice! Keep them coming! Sorry you've not had time for cross-stitching lately. I can't imagine working full time and having 3 kids. Kudos to you sweet Nicole! I work full time and have a hard time managing things with no kids at home. You're just one of my favorite stitch friends. Someday maybe we can meet!! XOXO

  2. Oh my gosh !!!! This is so much fun seeing you and hearing your sweet voice. Your finishes and wips are amazing !! And your first podcast is amazing. I'll be watching ..... Hugs dear friend !!

  3. Hey, Nicole! So good seeing and hearing you! Your work there is really pretty, but I'd expect no less from those magic fingers! It was hard to tell this was your first episode, so don't be so hard on yourself. Look forward to seeing the next one, and hope to see you live and in person again soon!
    🐰 Happy Easter Hugs! 🐣

  4. Great first podcast, Nicole!! I made the same shawl you're wearing in the same color. AND I want to make the Lighthouse pullover too! lol! You did a great job -- looking forward to the next one!

  5. Oh, and I want to make the Vildesmeer too! (No idea how to spell that...)

  6. Your podcast was great! Almost makes me want to become a knitter. Or, to try it, at least! Happy Easte, Nicole!

  7. So awesome Nicole, loved your podcast :-)!!!!! I will take those rubbermaid containers with stitched pieces off your hands, ROFLOL.