Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Episode 20

  • Garden Club Series by Blackbird Designs 

40 ct. Vintage Buttercream by Lakeside Linens and GAST (1 over 2)

  • Love Never Fails by Barbara Ana Designs using 40 ct. Vintage Meadow Rue and DMC (1 over 2).
  • Queen of Harvest by With Thy Needle & Thread using 40 ct. Legacy by Picture this Plus and various cotton hand-dyed threads (1 over 2).  
  • Little Sheep Virtues Joyfulness by Little House Needleworks using 40 ct. Vintage Examplar and DMC (1 over 2).
  • Isabella Fox by Gigi R using 40 ct. Vintage Sand Dune and various hand-dyed silk threads (Attic Needleworks conversion - 1 over 2).  
  • Wheaten Wrap by Anne Hanson using Knit Picks Palette in Huckleberry Heather (size US 4 Nova Platina Interchangeable circular needles). 
  • Blueberry Waffle Socks by Sandy Turner using Hedgehog Fibres Sock in Teacup (Size US 1 Nova Platina circular needles). 


  1. So glad that you posted another video; I have been concerned that you were having life problems. You are one of my favorites so I am so glad to see this post. I love all of your projects; they are so pretty. I attend Heart's Desire stitching camp every spring at the Rock Springs Camp near Junction City, KS. We will be having Blackbird Designs there this year for our teachers. We have had Barb and Alma before and they are such a treat; so fun. Also, I was able to attend a class in November at The Attic Needlework shop and it was such a fun trip. This has been at the top of my bucket list since I retired in 2013. The class was taught by Sherry Jones who was excellent; I went with several of my friends so we had fun. Several of them took two classes but I only took one. The Attic is a wonderful shop to go to in Mesa, Az if you ever get the chance. The owner, Jean, is such a sweetheart and all of her gals are so nice and always ready to assist you. I don't knit but I always love to see what you are working on; always so pretty. Just so glad you posted; you are missed when we don't hear from you. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving with your mom and siblings so I hope your Christmas is just as joyful and blessed. Happy stitching.............

  2. Hi Nicole, I'm brand new to stitching and I'm so happy I found you online! I just love your choices and colors and I'm hoping to take stitching up after being so inspired by your beautiful work! I love your knitting as well! Absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for putting together these amazing podcasts! I'm hooked and I look forward to each and every new one posted! Christmas blessings to you and your's and happy stitching and knitting to you!

  3. Hello Nicole�� I will be receiving Gigi R Isabella Fox chart here soon but wanting to know if you happen to know what threads and colors it takes? I can't find anything on-line that shows them. Any help appreciated please! I'm knew to Flosstube and love all of your patterns you've done. Your my favorite since we stitch similar things. Maybe because my birthday is Nov. 3rd! Hmm.....Anyway, I hope you can help me! Thanks so much! Tam

    1. Hi Tam, I'm so sorry, I no longer have the chart. I sent it on to a friend. Thank you for your kind words! Sorry, I couldn't help you!

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  5. Thanks for sharing your personal experience with this project. It's reassuring to know that even experienced stitchers encounter challenges sometimes, and your tips for overcoming them are invaluable.