Friday, May 24, 2019

Episode 60

Stitch Maynia Continued
  • #10 (May 20th) - Quaker Garden Register by Blackbird Designs (From the "And Blossom as the Rose" book) - 32 ct. Legacy by Picture this Plus, Weeks Dye Works cotton threads (1 over 2). 

  • #11 (May 21st) - Bird's Eye View by Kathy Barrick - 40 ct. Parisian Taupe by Silkweaver, NPI silk threads (1 over 2). 
  • #12 (May 23rd) - Wild and Sweet by Blackbird Designs (from "The Bells on Christmas Day" book) - 36 ct. Oaken by Picture this Plus, Weeks Dye Works cotton threads (1 over 2). 
  • I also worked on my 6th start, Summer in Bloom - Drum Pinkeep by Blackbird Designs (from the "Maria Selby Humphrey - 1831" book) - 36 ct. Wren by Picture this Plus, cotton threads (1 over 2). 

Knitting WIPs


  1. Great choices.
    You can't go wrong with a Blackbird design!
    So many pretty ones.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. You are working on some fabulous stitch projects. Have a peaceful weekend!

  3. I have joined stitch alongs before, but I have a hard time keeping up! I guess I just like to stitch at my own pace and on the project i want to work on at that particular time! You have such lovely new starts and can't wait to see your progress. I remember all the cross stitch shops in Charleston in the 70's before they all closed. Glad to hear that one is opening in the area!

  4. Lovely needlework as usual! I am going to be participating in my first stitch along within the next few weeks.