Sunday, April 10, 2022

Episode 119

Quilt WIPs
  • Flea Market quilt by Lori Holt - Flea Market fabric by Lori Holt.
  • Friendly Neighbor quilt by Corey Yoder - Beautiful Day fabric by Corey Yoder.

Knitting FO
  • Sampler Cowl by Joanna Johnson - Yarnaceous Fibers Autumnal Minis. 

Knitting WIPs
  • Cladonia by Kirsten Kapur - Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light - Fallen Cloud and Farmhouse White. 
Stitching WIPs
  • Seasons of the Heart (Spring) by Brenda Gervais - 40 ct. Country Mocha by Zweigart and cotton threads. 
  • Keeper of the Pins by Brenda Gervais - 40 ct. Country Mocha by Zweigart and cotton threads. 
  • Ann Morison by Hands Across the Sea - 46 ct. Parchment by WDW and Au Ver a Soie 100/3 silk threads. 
  • Elizabeth Furniss by Hands Across the Sea - 40 ct. Vintage Sand Dune and AVAS Soie d’Alger. 
  • Rejoice Evermore by Brenda Gervais - 40 ct. Antique Lace by Seraphim and cotton threads. 
Quilt Stash
Knitting Stash
Stitching Stash
  • The Stitch & Frame Shop - Elizabeth Hunt 1845 and Regina Haible by Brenda Gervais, A Heart Remembers by Blackbird Designs, DMC and 40 ct. Country Mocha and Light Mocha linen by Zweigart. 


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