Thursday, September 18, 2003

My first official post! I am off work today!! Woo hoo! What an emotional week it was for me! Money has been a little tight for us, so I was contemplating working fulltime. I told my boss what I'd like to do and he was ok with it. I got home and spent time with my kids and I realized that I couldn't do it! I was crying the whole day! Once I made that decision I felt so much better! I decided I would sell everything, eat rice everyday. Whatever! I just couldn't leave my babies! I have been working about 30 hours a week now, but it's only temporary until a co-worker gets back to work. She recovering from surgery. Well, that's about all! Got an 83 on a math quiz and got some stitching done. I think I need to work on a small project for some IG (instant gratification). These BAPs are getting me down!! :)

P.S. someone is giving away free puppies down the street! I want one!! I haven't even seen them, and I want one!!!!

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