Monday, September 22, 2003

Ok Stacey, this is for you!! LOL :) I have been busy with my ds Jake. He's been sick and it's either from teething or a bug, or both. He's got two molars coming in. Not fun! Here's the latest picture of him...

As you can see his shirt is all drooly and he's got a little rash from the drool on his chin. Poor baby!! :) One thing nice about him being sick is he wants to be held a lot. It was so sweet just snuggling with him yesterday. I love my boys more than anything!! :)

Well, got a little stitching done on a UFO Angel of Winter. I had forgotten how much white and blue is in this design. I think I started it in 98. It would be so nice to get it finished one of these years!! :)

I also got some stitching done on SB's Sophies Roses. At first I stitched the girl with the wrong pink. Frogged it all and used the pink provided, but noticed it looked more like light purple than light pink. I went through my silk stash and realized I have two colors listed for that number (3332) a very light pink and a very light purply-pink. So maybe they changed the dye lot?? I frogged one more time and used the light pink in my stash, which is more like the picture. At least I'm on the right track now! :) Well, that's all for now!

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