Monday, December 08, 2003

I would've updated sooner, but it wouldn't let me! Anyways, I've just been taking care of the kids, working and studying! I'm not as stressed about my final because I found the answers and formulas to the review on the class webpage. If I would've just looked sooner it would've saved me a little stress. Oh well. I just can't wait for it to be over!!!! And I'm hoping they are giving really hard problems for the review and easy problems for the final! :) Haha!

Now that Sophie's done I decided to get my Shepherd's Bush Harvest Moon back out...

It's only been a WIP since about 1998. So I definitely would like to get it finished. I know once all this final stuff is over I'll be able to stitch more. I'm going to take a semester off and go to a "real" school in the summer or fall. That will give me time to look into a scholarship or grant and get my transcripts in. Online is nice for convenience, but I miss being in a real classroom with a real teacher!

I've got DS running around 1/2 naked. I'm really trying to get him potty trained. He's so smart, he's mastered the computer, so why can't he master the potty??? He's just stubborn. I've tried every bribe, every technique. So now I'm going to try the no pants route and see how that goes. I've got the floor cleaner on standby. Well that's all for now. I've blabbed enough!!

Oh one more thing. As you all know I count money at a grocery store. Well my mom just started today bagging groceries. It will be good for her to make extra money. She teaches art out of her home, but it's so unreliable. It's kind of weird having her work where I do. The good thing is we don't have to work at the same time because she watches the kids. So she will work 8-2 and I will work 3-close. Which is good because it gives pretty much all day with the kids and dh since he works 4pm-12am. Ok now I'm really done!! :) blah, blah, blah!! :)