Wednesday, November 24, 2004

My yarn from Elann came today!! :)
Antique Rose and Raspberry
Antique Rose & Raspberry
They're actually pretty close in color, but I still think it would be cute once it's knit up.

Eggplant and Dried Herb

Eggplant and Dried Herb. Dried herb is not very bright, but the more I look at them together the more it grows on me.

Here's a picture of them togther... don't they look happy? I know I'm insane!!

All the Colors together

I decided to use that Noro Silk Garden I got for the enterlac scarf to do Gloria. I tried the scarf and decided that I needed a lot more practice on yarn that's not so expensive!! I also found some pretty inexpensive Cashmerino Aran on ebay to go with it. Here's what my color combos will look like...


I think it will look pretty... I hope it will look pretty. Ok, so now I'm definitely on a yarn diet!!! This is it for me for awhile. I've got plenty to keep me busy! Well, it's getting late I promised dh a good breakfast tomorrow morning and then we eat Turkey around 2 pm! Yum! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! :)

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