Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Cross Stitch!

I actually cross stitched yesterday for the first time in months. I picked up an old kit I started last year and got a little bit done....

Shepherd's Bush Bloom

It's Bloom by Shepherd's Bush. Hopefully I can stick with it and get it finished up! I'm almost finished with the 2nd sleeve on my green ribby cardi. That's another thing I would love to finish up! I ended up not going to the SnB meeting in Kennesaw. My mom had a migraine and I figured she needed her rest more than I needed to knit! Oh well, maybe next week?? Well, I'd better get ready for work... write more soon!!! :)


  1. I've done a little cross stitching lately...real change of pace from knitting. Sheperd's Bush patterns are lovely, don't you think? All those soft colors...

  2. Nicole said...
    Definitely a change of pace from knitting!! And I have to break out the magnifying glasses, scissors, threader, etc... a lot more things involved! But I am still hoping to get this guy finished... I got his pants done now. :)

    11:35 AM