Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Nothin' but a sleeve....

I started my T-shirt sleeve yesterday. I finished the front the other day. I really like the colors together....

close up of T-Shirt

I had a busy week last week, which is why I haven't posted! Last Monday I went knitting at the Cozzi-cafe in Kennesaw. I actually fell asleep, and was a half hour late, but thankfully they were still there! I then worked all week and had a Friday off... I went to the Braves game. Unfortunately they lost, but we still had fun. I went with two girls from work. I got a picture of Andruw Jones on the huge scoreboard...

Andruw on the scoreboard

And here he is as a tiny dot in the outfield (we were sitting pretty high up)!

Andruw in the outfield

I didn't go knitting last night because of Memorial day. The cozzi-cafe was closed, but I definitely plan on going next week. Well, not much else! Puppy is doing good...

Rex 7 weeks

He is a good dog, hopefully he stays that way! :)


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