Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I got batteries for my camera! I actually stole them out of Bradley's Leapster! :) First is my box from my Secret pal! She was so creative! I wish I had just an ounce of her creativity! :)

Box from Secret Pal
Inside is a card, dark chocolate, needles, and a lilac scented candle.

Handmade needles from secret pal
The needles are handmade and have the cutest little sheepies on top!

close up of the needle tops
Here's a close up of the sheep - I just love them!

Again I just wanted to say how much I loved everything! Thanks Secret Pal!!

I started my Sockpal-2-za socks the other day. I'm doing the Broadripple pattern for Koigu. I'm using the blue green Koigu (P531) from my stash...

Koigu P531

I have two little boo boos. I tried fixing one, but I think I made it worse. So hopefully my sock pal won't mind. Maybe she will think it adds character! :)


broadripple on my arm
This is how it looks on my arm.

I have also been working on Jenny from the Rowan Magazine #37. Only I'm doing the eyelets, instead of beads. I think it's coming out ok so far...

Rowan Jenny
I'm using the Rowan yarn I got from Geez Lweez.

I also placed my first order with Knit Happens to get the Rowan magazine and to get some sock yarn...

Lorna's Laces
Lorna's Laces in the Georgetown colorway.

I can't wait to knit some socks with this yarn! Speaking of socks, I dyed my own sock yarn with Kool-aid! I think it came out pretty cute. I used Grape, Black Cherry, and Orange Kool-aid, and the yarn is from Knit Picks. I used Diana's dyeing method that's on her blog Streets and YO's. I also can't wait to knit these socks! Here's a couple pics of the yarn...

Kool-aid dyed yarn

Kool-aid dyed sock yarn

Well, I think that's all for now. Today is my last day off before I leave for Michigan to visit my dad. I can't wait to scope out all the yarn shops around him! I'll leave you with one last picture...

Rex - 12 weeks old
Rex - he'll be 12 weeks tomorrow.

I'll really be glad when the puppy stage is over, I just know he'll be a great dog one day. He grabbed my Koigu sock today and I about had a heart attack! Thankfully no damage was done. I'll definitely be washing them before I send them off though! Well, I'm doing much better this week. I'm feeling more confident that the judge will see that justice is served. Dh and I were talking and I think even he was shocked with the verdict. Anyway I'm trying not to think about it too much because it really is out of our hands. Write more later!!

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