Sunday, June 19, 2005

Florida - Part 2

Well, I said I would do part two the next day, but it didn't quite work out that way. Work, kids, hubby and puppy have kept me pretty busy. And I still haven't unpacked yet!! Ok... let's see where did I leave off? Oh, it was Bradley's birthday and then the next day we took off for Sanibel Island.

Going to Sanibel Island
Unfortunately it was raining and windy because of Tropical Storm Arlene.

Gulf of Mexico
See the sunny Gulf of Mexico?

Going over sunshine skyway
Here we are crossing the sunny Sunshine Skyway bridge!

one finished sock!
I finished my sock on the way, but realized I wouldn't have enough for another one. :(

Grace in the Car
I worked on Grace some, but kept dropping my cable needle (it was driving dh crazy!), so I put it away. I really need to learn how to cable without a needle!

Hotel at Sanibel
I took this while waiting for dh to check in the hotel, it's one of the rooms, but not the one we stayed in.

The beach at Sanibel
The rain stopped for a moment, so we walked out to see the beach... not very pretty!

We ended up eating at the first Cheeburger Cheeburger, and then went to the local hangout (sports bar) to watch the Braves game (they lost). The next day we woke up to this....

Sanibel Island beach the next day
What a difference! Unfortunately (or fortunately) we woke up at 10:00 am and had to check out at 11:00, so we really didn't get a chance to enjoy the beach.

Amy's over easy cafe
We ate at Amy's Over Easy Cafe for breakfast, the food was great! And it was decorated so cute!!

Yarn shop on Sanibel Island
After breakfast we went to the cutest needlework shop - Geez Lweez.

close up of the sign
They carried many different types of yarn from Rowan to Lion's Brand. It was pretty cool!

Rowan Yarn from Geez Lweez
This is what I ended up getting... 7 skeins of Rowan Handknit Cotton to make Jenny (short sleeve) from Rowan #37.

Leaving Sanibel
And here we are leaving the island. Too bad we couldn't have stayed a week! :)

working on 2nd rainbow sherbet sock
Since I gave up on the other sock I decided to get my 2nd rainbow sherbet sock out!

Well, That was our trip. We did end up staying another night on St. Pete beach, but I don't have any pictures. We drove around a lot exploring different places we'd never been. I can't wait to go again! Well, not much else! Write more later!

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  1. It's so frustrating when the weather won't cooperate with your vacation plans, isn't it? Sounds like you still had fun, though, and came home with yarn to boot! Can't beat that! Hopefully you'll be getting some mail from me today...