Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sockpal-2-za socks received!

I received my socks yesterday and they are so cute! Lu from Maglia knit them for me. She included a post card from the Big Island along with some Hawaiian candies. It really made me miss the time I lived in Hawaii! I loved those candies, probably ate way too many of them!! Here's a couple pics...

socks from my sock pal

Socks from my sock pal

Thank you again Sock Pal! I love them! Now I definitely need to get mine out to my sock pal today. Being sick has really slowed me down! I'm finally starting to feel a little better though. I started some new socks the other day....

Kool-aid socks

This is my Kool-Aid sock. I dyed this yarn a while ago and finally decided to knit it up to see how it would look. It's bright, but cute. They definitely smell good! :)

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  1. I am so happy you liked them - and the candies too ;-)
    I knit them while I was in Hawaii on vacation.