Friday, September 30, 2005

Can't think of a title!

My mind is blank, and instead of just staring at the screen going duhh... I just decided to start typing. I just got back from Chatanooga. I finally got to go the shop there - Genuine Purl. It was a great little shop! They had Rowan yarns and my new favorite RYC Cashsoft dk. Of course I had to get a few things... the new Rowan Mag (#38), RYC Classic Holiday, and a few skeins of Cashsoft to make the Crocheted Swing Bag from the Holiday book. I can't wait to go back! :) I've also been working on a few things....

cutaway sleeve 1
First Cutaway Sleeve finished today!

Hourglass sleeve
The start of my first Hourglass sleeve.

Kool-aid sock
A little more progress on my Kool-aid sock.

And since I had to get some 12" circulars to start my hourglass sleeve I got a couple other things from Knit Happens...

new stash
Lorna's Laces in the Vera colorway, and the new Debbie Bliss book "Simply Soft."

While in Chatanooga I taught my friends how to knit and one picked up on it right away. I was so excited, and so was she. Hopefully she stays with it. It would be great to actually have a knitting friend! Well, not much else. I have to get ready for work soon. Fun, fun!! Write more later!


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