Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I woke up very early yesterday (about 4:15 am) and got ready for work. On the way to work I stopped at walmart and got one of those clear blue digitals. I went to my mom's house and took the test. It read "Pregnant" in about 30 seconds! I was so excited! I showed my mom and she was pretty excited too. She told me she can't stop thinking about it!

Digital readout - It says pregnant - really!
A very blurry pregnant readout.

picture of the box
I took a picture of the box, so dh could match up the blurry words from the test and the box when I emailed him the picture yesterday.

I can't stop thinking about it either! I haven't been able to sleep at all lately. I woke up about 2:00 am, just wide awake. And when I tried to go back to sleep my stomach started growling... Fiercely! So I had to get up and make something to eat. And then I was freezing. I go from hot to cold within seconds. Oh the fun is just beginning! :) I'm so happy though. I can't wait to see what he or she is going to look like and I can't wait to hold the baby in my arms. The estimated due date is July 25th, which is my mom's birthday. That would be a great present for her!

In knitting news... I've been working on my baby blanket, I'm probably a little over a 1/3 done. I want to do another blanket, or shawl actually... It's the one from Debbie Bliss's Special Knits book.

Blanket from Debbie Bliss Special Knits

Debbie Bliss Shawl...
Another view, isn't that baby so sweet??

I may wait until I know what I'm having in four months, or make it in a gender neutral color like white or cream. Well, not much else going on here. Just had breakfast and still hungry. I'm going to be as big as a house before this is over!! :) Write more later!!


  1. Wow--those things are accurate fast! Congrats!

  2. Hey! Congratulations! I'm so pleased for you... being pregnant IS amazing, isn't it? Hope you are feeling well... By the way, I made a version of the Nothin' but a T as a maternity top and I've got my eye on making that Debbie Bliss baby blanket too, for this wee one due to chilly February!

  3. What wonderful news! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations! I hope you have a straightforward 8 months ahead of you! Think of all the baby things you can knit in that time!

  5. Hi there!
    Great blog! I got to it through a google search for the debbie bliss collared sweater. I'm mid way through it now and it seems like no one has made it! So I was just wondering, did you end up finishing it or did you just frog it? And info/tips/your opinion on the pattern would be greatly appriciated. My email is athena404@earthlink.net Thanks!

    ps-congrats on the news!

  6. Congratulations! That's wonderful news! I hope it's a fast, boring nine months with lots of knitting for baby!