Monday, September 04, 2006

More Raspberry Patch

I got a little more done on Raspberry Patch today. It's coming along so cute! :) I just love the colors!

Raspberry Patch as of 9/4/06.
LHN Raspberry Patch - Stitched on 32 ct. R&R Sheep's Straw Linen.

The party went fine - Chuck E. Cheese's was crazy!! I was exhausted when we finally got home. The kids loved it though. They had a blast eating pizza, cake, dancing with Chuck E. and playing a ton of games!

Bradley and Jake eating birthday cake.
Bradley and Jake eating cake.

Jake opening presents on his 4th Birthday!
Jake opening presents (Dora Chutes and Ladders).

Daddy and Matthew 9/2/06.
A quiet moment with Daddy and Matthew.

Matthew was very fussy all day yesterday. I am supplementing formula with nursing during the day. So I switched bottles and formula and he seems to be doing much better today. Hopefully he keeps doing well with the change.

I organized my room a little. It's hard not having my house where I had my china cabinet filled with cross stich and some china, but mostly stitching! :) So I turned some shelves I had with some baskets of stitching stuff so I can see it from the computer or from my bed. I put a basket of my needlerolls and fobs on it and a couple of framed pieces. The others are back in Georgia. Here's a couple of pics...

shelving unit with stitching stuff
Click on the picture so you can see what's in each basket. :)

needlerolls and fobs
A close up of my needlerolls and fobs (mostly Shepherd's Bush).

Well, that's all for tonight! It's past my bedtime! Write more later! :)


  1. Wow, your cabinet with all your stitching stuff looks great!

    You are a supermom. I am sure of it! Such cute kids!

  2. The shelf arrangement looks really attractive, I would love to take a closer look. Glad you are settling in. Photo of Father & Son is gorgeous.

  3. Your arrangement of stitching stuff is lovely

    Great progress on Raspberry Patch and lovely photo's of the party

  4. Your Raspberry Patch looks so pretty! I have that one as well but haven't started it yet. You inspire me! I love your shelves of needlework too. I need to be a bit more organized. I am still working on Watermelon. I didn't get a chance to stitch this weekend, but hopefully today. I love the colors in your Raspberry Patch and you are doing a beautiful job! :) Debby

  5. Your LHN piece is looking great - those are beautiful colors! Thanks for sharing your shelf. I love that you have everything organized into looks so neat and pretty!

  6. Raspberry patch is looking great! It is very cute.

    So how long will your stitching stash stay that organized? It looks fantastic but it would not stay that way long for me! lol