Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Crazy Life!

Ok, I know I signed up for it, but sometimes my life is just crazy!! It's my fault, I woke up late again! Dh tells me it's 7:00 get up... I end up getting up 20 minutes later, and then I have to rush! I'm getting Bradley's clothes, my clothes, throw my hair in a pony tail, brush teeth, baby's crying, make Bradley's lunch, get him cheerios, make bottle, Jake wants to go with me, get him dressed, find shoes, finally pick up poor crying baby, feed baby, while feeding baby put Jake's shoes on, lay baby down to brush Bradley's hair. Whew, makes me tired just reliving all that. Right at that moment my mom comes in and picks up the baby who of course is crying again. She offers to finish feeding him and watch him while I drop Bradley off at school. The moral of this story is - get up on time!! :)

Anyway, enough about that! I knit some more on my sock, but it had ladders, and wasn't pretty. I think it was because I was using 4 needles instead of 5, which is what I'm used to. So I started over...

Sock with ugly ladders
See those ugly lines? Those are ladders, not pretty!

Sock - restarted
My new start - so far no ladders.

I did work on Raspberry Patch a little bit this week. Mostly while in the car on the way to and from the in-law's this weekend.

Raspberry Patch as of 9/11/06.

The picture doesn't do it justice, it's really coming out pretty! Matthew is now eight weeks old! Time is flying! He is sleeping more at night about six hours at a time and then about fours hours after that. That's probably why I'm having trouble waking up in the morning... I'm not used to having so much sleep! :) Here's a couple of the latest pics of him...

Matthew on his boppy - eight weeks old!
Hanging out in his Boppy.

Matthew holding on to his pacifier - 8 weeks.
Holding on to his pacifier.

Well, that's all for now. I've been pretty busy working for my brother. I'm trying to get all his accounts balanced, bills entered, and next is going through his expense receipts... fun, fun! It's coming along though. I love the work, it's just not always easy finding the time to do it. Speaking of work, I'd better stop goofing off and get some done! :) Write later!


  1. Love your sock! What pretty colors! Your stitching is definitely coming along too - beautiful!

  2. Whew! I am tired from just reading that!

    The sock is so pretty, I am obsessed with learning how to knit socks.

    Matthew is really growing!