Friday, April 27, 2007

Couldn't Resist...

I started Simple Little Quaker today while waiting to get my ds from school. I ended up starting it on 40 ct. Navy Bean linen by Lakeside. It's actually my first time using 40 ct. and I have to say I really like it. I think I like it better than 36 because it's a little denser than 36, which is pretty soft. I'm not a big fan of soft fabrics. I like them to to be a little thick. Anyway, the linen out of sunlight has a little green tint to it, so I don't know how happy I am with the color. But I do like the Lotus Flower Silk 'N Colors, it's a such a pretty purply-blue.

Simple Little Quaker

I think it will be a fun project (if I can get over the green tinted linen). :) My dh brought Jake's old crib down from Georgia for Matthew last week and we got it all set up for him. The poor thing has been sleeping in that pack and play all this time, and now he can finally stretch out. I think he's really liking his "new" crib.

Matthew asleep in his crib

I love how he's been sleeping on his back more often, I love to watch him sleep - he's so peaceful. I'm so grateful to have such a sweet baby. Anyway, I'm getting all mushy here. :) It's late and I'm ready to get some sleep!

Write later!

P.S. My man Andruw Jones just got a 3 run homer! Go Braves!!!


  1. Hi Nicole, Lovely to *meet* you! Loved wandering around your blog and your stitching is beautiful. Simple Little Quaker is going to be beautiful! Love that Lotus Flower Silk!

    Yummy new stash... Love those linens and designs! :-)

    Matthew is adorable! :-) Love that piccy of him smiling as well!

  2. Simple little quaker looks gorgeous already!

  3. Looks good Nicole :) I think that blue on the fabric looks very nice!

    Your baby is a sweetie and I bet he's enjoying stretching out!

  4. I love your start, Nicole! Very nice :)

  5. Great to see you starting with 40 ct now - you will be totally hooked in no time :-)

  6. The lotus color is just gorgeous!

  7. I love your color you chose for the little quaker. Matthew is too cute. TFS

  8. Oh that color is divine!!! Your wee one is darling ~ I'm looking forward to when my little guy can sleep on his back.

  9. Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby - how precious!