Friday, June 08, 2007

I have bit off more than I can chew.

It was kind of an impulse thing. I bought "And They Sinned." And I actually thought that I would have the patience right now to stitch such an large (large being an understatement) project. I got it out because Friday is my night to stitch ATS. Actually I avoided stitching it by browsing the web and ebay for out of print patterns. When I finally did get around to stitching it - I started going out of my mind. My heart started pounding. How in the world am I going to finish this border much less stitch anything else on it. I just packed it up and put it away. I'm not getting rid of it - I think I would regret it. So it's just going away for now. I may in the future cut some of the sides down to put it in a smaller scroll frame. But that future may be when all the kids are out of the house. LOL! :)

Well, I'm so sorry to ladies I was going to be SALing with - Becky and Cathy. I will be cheering you both on when you do start! In it's place I'm going to try to finish up Shepherd's Bush My Earth. A much more manageable project. I feel better already. Write later! :)


  1. Nicole,

    You've got so many beautiful projects that you're working on right now. No sense in making yourself nuts over one - right? I think your decision is a good one.

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  3. Dear need for you to feel anything other than GOOD about your decision :) We as sticher's should stitch what makes us feel good and if it's a chore to work on a project then it's not what our love of needlework is about :)

    I am in no hurry to restart myself and do not know when I will :)

    You stitch what you love :) and ENJOY doing so :)


  4. Well I frankly haven't figured out yet how you do all you do as it is, much less the thought of adding ATS to your life. I mean, three active boys, a crazy cat, a job, keeping up with everything that comes to the needlework marketplace as you do and adding to your stash often, and then add that move to another state, selling the house, and living with your mom, hell that one alone would land me in jail. All my kids are grown and gone, my parents have become my kids and they need more care than my one year old grandson at times. I started ATS, and now when I take it out, I find it just freaks me out. Perhaps in a year or so, or when I'm in "the home". We'll miss you, but we'll so enjoy all the other stitching eye candy you provide us with.

  5. Aw Nicole, you are not the first to feel that way about And They Sinned... I bet if anyone will ever get it done, it will be you :-)

  6. I agree with Becky, Nicole! Stitching should be enjoyable no matter what- that is the whole point! Don't torture yourself, for pete's sake. :) After all, you have so many other projects that bring you pleasure, so just stick with those.

  7. Nicole! i feel your pain. I 'started" ATS about three years ago. I managed the topmost part of the vine border and stoppped for a year --- then I stitched a Cherub and the two staffs... and stopped for a year.
    Now, after about 6 months of off-and-on stitching, I'm at the bottom of page one and the Tree of Life is almost done.
    I've found, that if you take it one motif at a time, it really helps.
    Don't get discouraged -- if you want to try again, you can.
    I know. It happened to me!