Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just Nan "Bellemeade"

I Stopped by my LNS today (Silk Road Needlearts) after I dropped off my niece. They had the new Just Nan in. I think it's so pretty. The owner said that he should be getting the silks and fabric soon. When I got home I looked on the Silver Needle website and the thread pack is $117.50 and the fabric is about $13! I was thinking I could save over $130 if I just used the DMC and fabric I have at home. My problem is I'm a silk addict! Must resist the silk! :) Well, I'm doing much better today - no tears! Thank you all again for all your support!

Write later! :)


  1. Oh My...that is beautiful! I may have to add that to my wishlist! Thanks for sharing...glad that you had a better day today :)
    Keep your chin up and a stiff upper lip :)

  2. Hey, Nicole - I just had to tell ya - that DMC, according to Trish Burr, needlepainter extraordinaire, Is... the best quality; made from the finest long staple cottons, double mercerization gives the cottons a high sheen... fade resistant, ensuring your work can be passed from generation to generation. Thought that might help! (quotes from "Long and Short Stitch Embroidery")

  3. That is a gorgeous design, you enabler you. I will be on the lookout for that one.


  4. I think I would have went with the DMC, too! Stay strong and resist the temptation:)

  5. It's so gorgeous isn't it. Finally not a Whimzi in sight :-). Just curious, is there a DMC conversion on the chart or did you have to come up with your own?

  6. That is very pretty...Oh! don't resist the silks. You only live once. Ok, I know bad influence. DMC is pretty too-LOL