Sunday, June 01, 2008

I've been Stitching!

It's amazing what you can accomplish when there's no internet to distract you!

I finished my Lizzie Kate design for Habitat for Humanity...

Lizzie Kate Home is Where our Story Begins

I got Sweet Treats up to date...

Sweet Treats - four blocks finished!

Ice Cream - Sweet Treats block #4 finished.

And I decided to work on "Moire" the freebie by Pelin Tezer (using my hand-dyed pink fabric)...

Moire Again

I've actually got a lot more stitched on it now because I worked on it all day yesterday. I will try to post a new picture tomorrow.

I also got an order from Shepherd's Bush yesterday! I was so surprised to get it so fast. I ordered it just a few days ago.

My Shepherd's Bush order

I ordered their 2008 Fob kit and a Snap Wrap! I don't use Q-Snaps that often, but I think these are so cute. I thought I would give it a try!

My Snap Wrap around my Q-Snap

I'm sitting outside the library again. I tried Dunkin Donuts, but I couldn't pick up their signal. Well, I'd better go. I have to pick my boys from my mom's new house. I let them stay the night there last night. Write later!


  1. Oh, how cool, I just ordered the 2008 fob kit too. Can't wait to see mine. Your Lizzie Kate is adorable and Moire is simply stunning.
    Glad to hear that your Mother got moved into her new house--its your turn next!

  2. You have been busy! I love the pictures of your WIPs - they really come alive with the different angles that you use.

    When's the permanent move?

  3. Those Q-Snap covers are great I love the one I have.

    Your sweet treats is really coming along nicley. You do some lovely stitching Nicole.

    Have a wonderful day

  4. WOW, your needle has really been smoking. All of your stitching looks wonderful! I know you've got to be excited about the move. You and the kids must be ecstatic.

  5. Great work Nicole! I love your sweet treats. Love seeing the pictures as always.

  6. I love your finish.
    I started Sweet Treats yesterday and I really enjoy seeing yours. Now I just need to keep stitching on my piece.
    I love that fob and the Snap Wrap.
    And now I wanna start Moire.
    You really inspire me and I LOVE your blog.

  7. Oh I have to get some of those Snap Wraps! I have a couple LARGE projects with excess fabric on the edges that could benefit from being contained in a Snap Wrap. If I were more proficient with the sewing machine, I could probably make them for myself...but I'm afraid of what I might come up with! LOL

  8. Beautiful stitching. Sweet Treats looks good enough to eat!

    Nice stash too!

  9. Sweet Treats is gorgeous! Isn't it surprising how much stitching can be done if we stay off the computer?

  10. How do you get so much stitching done so fast? And in the middle of a move?!

    What fun new goodies you got!

  11. You have done a lot of stitching. Sweat treats look delicious :-)

  12. You have had flying needles!! Great progress on everything.

  13. You're a wonderful enabler!! :) I see your work and think "I want to stitch that and that and that....) :) I just love all the pieces you're working on - I'll definately be following your progress ---

  14. Beautiful works! Congrat! Szecsi

  15. Love all the stitching you've been doing lately! It still amazes me how much you get done with everything else happening in your life. Sweet Treats is a fave of mine, the ice cream looks good enough to eat! That SB stash is good too. I like seeing what new stash other people get - you know how much I love a bit of stash.;)

  16. Your stitching is always so beautiful and neat!
    They fests for my eyes, everytime I see your works!
    Q-snap covering is very lovely!

  17. Thanks so much for showing the snap wraps...I just placed my order!! I really enjoy your blog.

  18. You do such a beautiful job of stitching on everything. YOur "Sweet Treats" is gorgeous.

    Got my order from Elegant Needle yesterday with my thread drops. Can't wait to use them. After seeing yours on your blog, made me want some.

  19. Love your new stash and your stitching. I've never looked at those fob kits, but that one looks cute! I'll have to check them out!