Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Fabric Dyeing and Kitting

I'm still in a kitting mood. It must be like a moving/nesting thing. I'm getting ready for a new life and this how I prepare? Who knows what I'm thinking.

I went to my photoshop class and had a ton of fun. I learned more last night than any of the previous nights. I decided to upload a new template and I was playing with the header - trying different colors and fonts and shadows. I'll have to fix my sidebar items, but I'll have time to do that tonight or tomorrow. My citiwifi service has been touch and go. To upload any files I have to go out on the dock where I get the best service. My neighbors must think I'm nuts! :)

I was looking for some fabric to use for America (a pattern I just got from Amy at Down Sunshine Lane). Amy is going to be my neighbor soon! Well not really since she's about an hour and a half away, but it's better than not knowing anyone! I'm going to her house for a stitch-in later in June. I can't wait for that! I'm even thinking about going to the retreat they have at Myrtle Beach. We'll have to see how our financial situation is after we move though. It's going to be tight! I really want to go because Jane Timmers is going to be teaching this class, which I love!! Anyway, back to the fabric. I decided to dye some natural belfast using some tan rit dye. I really like how it turned out and I think it will be perfect for America.


This picture is a little light. But you get the idea...

DMC and Hand-Dyed Natural Belfast for America by LHN

I also kitted a couple Barbara Ana designs. I have yet to make a biscornu, but I'm determined to do so in the near future!

DMC and Water Cress Jobelan for Spring Biscornu by Barbara Ana
Spring Biscornu

I used the bunny thread drops for this one since there are bunnies in the pattern. :)

bunny thread drops

Well, that's all for now. I'm still working on "Moire." I hope to have it finished soon! Write later!


  1. I love your changes! Very cute.

  2. I love your new layout! And I'm excited to see your new projects come along too :)

  3. Your new layout looks great.
    After seeing all your fabric dyeing I am wanting to try it out myself. The bad thing is that I haven't been able to find any suitable dyes here. I am going to keep looking though!

    Love the fabrics you have kitted up. And when you meet Amy, say hi from me! LOL! I love doing business with her!

  4. Nicole. I love the new oage Very fun!

    I have America knitted up also. I am using a color fabric simalir to your's But it is so far down on my list of things to stitch. Maybe in a few months once I move and get settled

  5. Love the new layout :) very fun and colorful :)

    Ohhhh it would be great if you came to Myrtle Beach in October for the Fall Fling .. we have soooo much fun!! and it would be great to meet you :)

  6. Hi your new look! Where do you find those templates?? I'm sick of mine already...and I've only been blogging since December.

    Your kitting is fabulous! You are simply amazing...and oh save some $$ for a SB Retreat so we can meet!

  7. What gorgeous color combinations for everything!

  8. Your kits look great, Nicole. A biscornu is something I would like to try in the future also. Loving the new layout too!

  9. Love all your new projects that you have lined up!

  10. I like the new layout a lot.

    Your new fabric colour looks great as do your newly kitted projects. Looking forward to seeing those progress.

  11. gorgeous! and love all you new projects!

    I have a question to ask....I just won Beloved off of Ebay...Do you happen to know how many black skeins I will need to do it?????

  12. I keep promising myself that i will try my hand at dying fabric, yours is lovely.

  13. WONDERFUL Nicole! Looking forward to having you as a neighbor. And it's only about an hour... don't pay any attention to mapquest! lol Looking forward to the stitch-in as well! :-)