Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Acorn Hill and an Ornament Finished!

Little House Needleworks "Acorn Hill"
Fabric: 32 ct. Vintage Luna by Lakeside Linens
Threads: Crescent Colours and GAST
Started: 10/14/08 - Finished: 10/27/08

I ended up getting Acorn Hill finished pretty early last night, so I decided to also finish an ornament - using what I call the Ruth Technique! :) She finishes her ornaments so pretty and so simple. She just sews them on to felt and frays them a little. The only difference on mine was I used pinking shears on the edge of my felt.

LHN Pine Tree Hill finished into an ornament.

I also received some early birthday stash yesterday from DSL! I ordered it on Friday and it was here Monday! Talk about instant gratification!! :)


I got the two new "Sea to Shining Sea" thread packs along with "Peppermint Lane" and Lizzie Kate's "Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle." I love that chart, I plan to finish it into an ornament like the one above. Oh and I also got the "Dragonfly" thread pack from CCN. I forgot to include it in the picture.

Here are the "Sea to Shining Sea" silks on the recommended Natural Belfast Linen...


And here they are on the linen that I think would be perfect for it, which is Sea Storm by Lakeside Linens...


Only I don't have enough. I'm hoping when I go down to Florida this weekend that my LNS down there will have it. I think I remember seeing it last time I was there.

Well, I think this post is long enough now! Write later! :)


  1. Beautiful finish as always, Nicole!
    Your ornament is SO pretty, I love how you finished it!
    I might try this style, too. :D

  2. I just love Acorn Hill...that is so pretty...

    I love your Stash that you received in the mail too...

    What is your next stitching project?

    Take care & Happy Stitching

  3. Nicole, Congratulations on your Acorn Hill finish!! Happy Dance~~~
    Your ornament finish turned out beautiful too! and I love your new stash!
    Cindy F./TX

  4. Your Acorn Hill is sooo pretty~~~
    I love the way you finished the ornament, too!!

  5. Beautiful finish as always Nicole! Love your PALS things too. Lovely ornament.


  6. Great finish and ornament. Great stash also. Happy birthday.

  7. Awesome finish on Acorn Hill! Congrats on the lovely ornie too! I like that finishing style and may give it a try too! Enjoy your new bday stash!!

  8. Oh my gosh, the colors in this are simply amazing! GREAT finish, once again!

  9. You know between your stitching, finishing and photgraphy you are definitely succeed at everything you attempt! Your finishes are awesome and again your photos are beautiful.

  10. Acorn Hill is beautiful.

    And those floss colours for Sea to Shining Sea really pop on the Lakesides Linen. If you can get more, I think the whole thing would look just wonderful on that.

  11. Beautiful finishes and great stashing!

  12. Acorn Hill is beautiful!! I love your ornament as well

  13. Congratulations on your Acorn Hill finish, Nicole - it's beautiful.

    The ornament is lovely, too, and it looks like a really fast and easy way of finishing!

    Your stash haul looks great! I love the Peppermint Lane chart!

  14. Wonderful finish, as always, Nicole! Both Acorn Hill and your ornament look gorgeous!
    I love also your new stash! :)

  15. Beautiful!!! I'm going to try that ornament-finishing, too!
    Congrats on your stash, you lucky thing!

  16. Nice stash and beautiful finishes!

  17. congrats on the finish Speedy! *grin*

    love the ornament and perfect birthday stash! When's your bday??

  18. Autumn Hill is beautiful. Congratulations. Love your Pine Tree Hill finishing too.

    I'm drooling over your new stash. Still waiting for my Sea to Shining Sea order to arrive!

  19. Acorn Hill is lovely.

    I have one of Ruth's ornaments with a felt backing - it's gorgeous, as is yours - I love the pinked edges on the felt.

    A great stash haul - it looks as though you are going to be very busy!

    Enjoy your trip to Florida and say hi to Cathy from me!

  20. Such adorable finishes, Nicole! You always pick the most perfect fabric. I wasn't interested in From Sea To Shining Sea till I saw this post! Love the way you finished the ornament, too; thanks for the tip.

  21. They're both lovely Nicole, congratualtions

  22. I LOVE both your finishes! So lovely :) Congratulations! And great new stash too :)

  23. Great finishes! Good choices on the statsh. Look forward to seeing them stitched.

  24. I just love your ornament and the way it's finished! Acorn Hill looks fabulous too. New stash is always a bit of a thrill - great choices. The blue fabric for Sea to Shining Sea looks great for it. Hope you have a fun time in Florida on the weekend (and find some more stash goodies at the LNS there).

  25. amazing finishes! the autumn next to the winter:)

  26. Your finishes are beautiful!

  27. Beautiful finishes, Nicole! Pine Tree Hill has turned out wonderfully and thank you for reminding me that it was Ruth's blog that I'd seen that fringed pillow finish - I've used it a couple of times now and I really like it :)

    Enjoy your new stash!

  28. Ooo, I'm famous! I have a technique named after me. Secretly I call it the sluggish stitcher finish. :)

    Speed demon. :)

    You are right, definitely perfect on storm. You know I'll want to see them done by mid November at the latest.

  29. I like the autumn.
    I adore it Acorn Hill.
    Very much like your new samples what you bought. I envy you a little bit for them... towards us it is not possible to receive beauties like this.

    Lilang from Hungary