Sunday, July 19, 2009

Busy Weekend

I went up to Amy's yesterday to hang out for a little bit and stitch. It was very last minute and she was very sweet to let me intrude on her for a few hours. She even got me lunch (Zaxby's, my very favorite)! While I was there I got a few of the new Shepherd's Bush kits from her online shop Down Sunshine Lane. SB kits are my absolute weakness, next to Lakeside Linen. :)

The first is my favorite - I've been waiting for this one ever since I saw it after their retreat last year.

Shepherd's Bush "Finch Song" kit
Finch Song

I'm actually thinking of using a different linen. Maybe Light Examplar (pictured underneath) instead of the R&R French Vanilla.

The next is a very sweet kit that comes with beautiful fabric, ric rac, and a very sweet pin (DMC threads and linen too).

Shepherd's Bush "My Pins" kit

My Pins - close up
My Pins

And the last is another sweet and simple kit. I just love these tall pudgies. They are so cute.

Thanks A Lot

While at Amy's I worked on The Riddle a little bit. I'm getting very close to finishing! I'm also getting close to running out of the dark green thread. I may have to put it on hold until I can get some more.

The Drawn Thread "The Riddle"

I got this section finished up yesterday...

The Riddle

In other news.... Paulette the designer of Plum Street Samplers is having a great giveaway at her blog for her three year blogiversary. There is also a very nice freebie she designed for the occasion. Be sure to leave a comment! She is such a sweet person and a terrific designer!

And today is my baby Matthew's birthday. He's three today! I can't believe my baby is three! It seems like just yesterday that I was in the hospital with him. And now he's my little monster!


But he's a sweet monster! We're going to have a quiet party at home for him. I'm going to make him a cake with "Wow Wow Wubbzy" figurines on top (his favorite cartoon). Well, hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. Write soon! :)


  1. What a cutie. They do grow up so fast...
    I love all the Shepherd's Bush designs you got. They are one of my favorite designers. I love the riddle...your stitching is lovely.

  2. Your son is adorable - 3 is such a great age! I can't believe how much you have completed on The Riddle - it's beautiful.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

    Cari in VA

  3. Happy birthday to your son~~~ He is adorable!!
    Great stash you got there!! Those pins are so cute!!!!
    I love your Riddle!!!!! You are such a great stitcher!! And fast, too~~

  4. Happy Birthday to Matthew.
    Love your stash, I just recently finished my first SB (Red Snowman) it won't be my last.
    Can't wait to see more of riddle.

  5. Happy Birthday to Matthew!

    The Riddle is coming along famously! Never been a DT fan but this one is speaking to me...wants to be added to my stash!

    Also, great stash...SB kits are fun!

  6. Aren't samplers the best to work on, all the little happy dances you get when a section is finished. Sorry for the thread shortage, hope you can get it worked out. Very cute and I am sure as you say a very sweet monster you have there. Have fun with the party. CJ ok;-)

  7. Those Shepherd Bush designs are too cute.

    I can't believe Matthew is 3@! Seems as if you were just posting pictures of him as a baby.

    I sooo miss having a Zaxby's nearby. I used to eat there for lunch once a week. They just closed down the Whataburger near work.. I'm hoping they turn it into a Zaxby's. I just looked at the website and the closest one to me is in Valrico... I think I may have to go there soon.. Really soon. :) Being pregnant can be my excuse to drive so far.

  8. Three already? What a cutie pie :) I remmeber when you were posting pics of him just crawling all over the place. LOL Zack LOVES that show too - it's yo gaba gaba that drives us all bonkers. LOL

    Enjoy and happy birthday to your monster :)

  9. Happy Birthday to Matt! I can't believe that he is 3! I still think he's a baby! Your "Riddle" is just fantabulous!

  10. A very Happy 3rd Birthday Matthew!

    Yummy new stash...looking forward to seeing My Pins ;) And you are really making fast progress on The Riddle, it looks wonderful!

  11. The Riddle is almost finished! It looks lovely. I hope you get your thread soon so you can finish it.

    Love your new SB stash.

    Your little guy is cute. He looks "full of beans" and older than 3!
    They do grow up fast!

  12. Happy B-day to Matthew. What a big guy!

    Your new SB kits look like loads of fun.

    And your progress on the Riddle ... amazingly, almost finished!

  13. Happy Birthday Matthew! He's such a cutie! Love your new stash. The Riddle looks fantastic! I am always amazed at how quickly you stitch! What takes you a week would take me months. :)
    Have a great week!

  14. We share the same weakness, Nicole. As you know I just adore SB kits too! These ones you've got are all gorgeous. Thanks A Lot really appeals.

    You're breezing through The Riddle! It's looking so good.

    Happy bday to your little one too. :) They grow up so fast.

  15. Oh I love all your stash! I'm thinking of using a different fabric for Finch Song as well. I love your Riddle! That's awful that you're running out of green thread! I want to see your finish -- it's just so beautiful! And Matthew -- happy birthday to him! You know, he has your eyes! :D

  16. Happy Birthday Matthew! What a cutie:-)

    I love how your Riddle is coming along - the white in the design is so pretty.

  17. The Riddle is coming out so wonderful. I have this in my stash and I sure hope to get to it soon. Your Matthew is a total cutie. Happy Birthday Matthew.

  18. Felicidades para su precioso bebé y sí ,los niños crecen tan rápido que apenas nos damos cuenta.
    Sus labores como siempre son magníficas!!!!
    Adelina.Islas Canarias.
    Congratulations for your marvelouse baby and yes, our babies grow up so quick we hardly notice.
    Your stiching works are brilliant as always!!
    Adelina.ISlas Canarias

  19. Happy Birthday to Matthew :D Hope he has an awesome day! oooo I have just recently developed an addiction to SB! And CCN and LHN! LOL

  20. Happy birthday to your sweet little Matthew! Wow, I can't believe he's three already!

    Your progress on The Riddle--WOW! YGG!! You'll be happy dancing in no time. Love the new stash, too!

  21. Oh,Nicole, those SBs are the very same I've ordered. I love the Finch so much. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
    Matthew looks so big!! I can't believe how much he's grown in 6-8 months since I've seen him. His hair has gotten so thick! What an adorable guy he is. I just love your Riddle. It's awesome. Miss you! Hugs, Deb

  22. Great stash haul, Nicole! I love the charm of Shepherd's Bush designs.

    Lovely, lovely stitching on The Riddle. Sure hope that green thread holds out!

  23. Your Riddle looks fantastic, Nicole! I like the colors and the humor in the piece!

    Finch Song is really pretty. I think it would look beautiful on either linen.

    And Happy Birthday to your Matthew! He has grown so much!

  24. Nicole,
    Your Riddle is gorgeous - love it! Congrats on your DS' BD - he's a cutie!

  25. Nicole, your progress on the Riddle is wonderful. I love seeing your progress every time you post. And Finch Song - I can't wait to see your start on that - I love the kit and know I'll break down at some point.

  26. Happy Birthday Matthew!!! They do grow so very fast! Love the stitching and great new stash!!

    Please stop by my blog and see the July 17th post as there is something there for you!!

  27. What a cutie, belated happy birthday to him :-).

    Love all your bits and pieces, I got my Finch Song on Sunday. I hate to admit it, I haven't even pulled it out of the package yet. I may copy and change my linen like you.

    Love your DT piece!

  28. Happy Birthday to Matthew! I think 3 is a fun age :)

    The Riddle looks great!

  29. Love the Shepherds Bushs' you've gotten...the My Pins is really out, they grow up REALLY quick. Don't blink too'll miss it all.

  30. I love your new SB kits. And certainly the old ones too.
    You've got a sweetie son.

  31. Holy cow! I can't believe Matthew is three, either! Happy belated birthday to your dear, sweet baby!