Friday, January 22, 2010

A Gift and Progress

I received a surprise in the mail the other day.  I had loaned a chart to Berit and she included this adorable fob when she sent it back to me.


She made a small cube with different motifs from the chart I loaned her and our initials.  I just love it!!  Thank you again Berit!

I have been working on CaHRH quite a bit since my last post.  I decided to to go up to block three.


I also started Ann Grimshaw today for my first Quaker Friday.

Ann Grimshaw start

I hate to say it, but I'm not quite happy with the silk.  It seems to be a little too thick for the linen.  I may just end up going with DMC, or maybe I'll try a different silk??  I don't know - I hate it when I get wishy-washy!  :)

Edited to add: I decided to go with Vikki Clayton Basic Black silk.  I think it's going to be perfect! :)


  1. Hi Nicole: I love your progress on CaHRH. I love the berry basket and red is my favorite color. The little gift is soooooooo cute! I have no idea how to do the cubes, but finishing is my weakness. If you don't like the way the thread is going in, I would definitely change to something else. Hope things are going well for you!!

  2. What a sweet gift! I love it! And your CaHRH progress -- so beautiful! Sorry you had a waffly moment with the silks for Ann. Glad you found something you like though!

  3. Nicole - your CaHRH is coming along beautifully!

    I love your new WIP - is this part of the Quaker Friday?

    What a sweet thing to include a gift, something handmade!

  4. What a fantastic gift! And your CaHRH looks amazing!

  5. gorgeous colors on the CaHRH
    wonderful little fob too
    lovely stitches all around

  6. Your progress is amazing!! I love the fob she made for you!! How nice!! Keep up the great work Nicole!! Faye

  7. What a lovely scissor fob! Is that your newest and most favourite pair of scissors that you got recently? (You see, I'm scissor obsessed at the moment!)

    Lovely progress on CaHRH!

  8. Wow, what a gorgeous gift from Berit! Clever idea with the finishing. Your CaHRH looks great--I love that basket! Kathy always uses such fabulous colors in her designs. I'm glad you decided early on which thread to go with on Ann.

  9. What a thoughtful gift!

    Your progress is looking good on your HRH piece.

    Definitely change the thread if you aren't happy - otherwise you won't enjoy stitching the piece!

  10. I just love watching your progress on CHRH! Every time I see if I keep getting closer to the edge of ordering the supplies for this piece. And I'm going to love watching your progress on the Quaker (I completely ignored that whole conversation and ran the other way - LOL). I think it's going be beautiful all black. Glad that you found a thread that is more to your suiting.

    Oh, and that is such a wonderful gift from Berit!!

  11. What a great fob! Your CaHRH is looking so pretty! And, I'm glad you found a silk you like for your Ann!

  12. What a sweet little fob and so thoughtful!

    Great progress on CaHRH!

    We got a new cut of fabby in at the shop yesterday and I am eyeballing it for a quaker chart I have. Won't be starting it any time soon though.

    Have a good weekend!

  13. Lovely gift... what a nice surprise.
    Your CaHRH is awesome...YGG. I think AG will look wonderful stitched in the VC basic black.

  14. What a nice gift from Berit! And what a cool idea to use motifs from the chart she borrowed.

    Your CaHRH is looking very pretty. It does look like it would be fun to stitch.

    Glad your pleased with your change of silks for Ann. That would be too much stitching if you didn't like the thread!@

  15. Great start on block 3 - lovely rich colours! That's a great little fob, and I look forward to following your progress on the quaker too.

  16. Aww, what a sweet gift.

    As always, your Christmas is looking wonderful. Your stitching is beautiful, Nicole.

    Love Ann Grimshaw and cannot wait to start. Love your black silk.

  17. What a cute fob and a nice gesture as well. And your CAHRH looks wonderful. I'm closing in on finishing the first block!

  18. Lovely lovely work on CaHRH! And that little fob is really sweet. Also love your simple black Quaker.

  19. CAHRH looks amazing! Those colors are so bright and beautiful. What a sweet fob!! I've never seen a little cube fob before. Sorry about the AVAS silks not working out - hope the VC are better! I hope to have my fabric soon so I can start on Friday!